Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hate Crime Murder Victim's Mother Feels Sadness for Mothers of the Accused!

Last November, Marcelo Lucero was murdered by the "Caucasian Crew," a group of frenzied teenagers in search of a Mexican to beat up in Patchogue, NY.
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Today, Marcelo's mother Rosario Lucero sat in the courtroom as two of the young Caucasian Crew faced justice. With her surviving son Joselo and daughter Isabel, Rosario Lucero sat three rows behind defendants Nicholas Hausch and Jordan Dasch, who were both sitting with their parents. Hausch's mother was holding her son's arm. The atmosphere was somber and quiet and there were no exchanges between the families.

When asked how she felt about the court proceedings, Mrs. Lucero responded, "I feel sadness for the mothers of those kids, because they're going through a lot of pain, however we are all human beings and we don't have a right to take a life."

The judge adjourned the case until April 1, 2009.



Vicente Duque said...

This is the result of many years of Impunity, Leniency, Indifference to the suffering of others, Lack of Empathy, Lack of Sympathy, Lack of Compassion, etc ..

And from the part of the Authorities a lot of Complicit Complacency. Many Black Leaders had complained for many years in New York City of the lack of communication with the Authorities and of Horrible Crimes against Minorities.

I am astonished at the Hate and Anger against Black Leaders like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. They have always fought in a peaceful manner.

Tom Duane, Senator of New York, and Christine Quinn, councilor of New York have led the charge for more respect for Human Dignity.

Tom Duane says that he was beaten miserably by a gang of cowards for being gay, and the police and the authorities laughed at him, even if he had to go to a Hospital.

And the police said to the complaining Latinos that were beaten by the Gang of "Beaner Jumpers" before the Big Murder of Marcelo Lucero :

Aren't you men ?? ... They are boys. Defend yourself !

There is no doubt that the authorities of New York are to blame for complicit complacency.

The Big Apple is now a Clockwork Orange.

Thank the Useless Authorities.

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

Dear Dee and friends :

I keep a "Watch and Patrol" on videos that have something to do with the victims of Racial Murder.

I admire and applaud the behaviour of Marcelo Lucero's family, and I have found new Videos of the Mother Rosario, the sister Isabel, and the other brothers that are very active organizing resistance to Hate, Murder and Brutality.

They know that their brother and son can not be returned to life. But they want to avoid new murders and aggressions.

This is a beautiful and wonderful spirit of family and community of these people. Not only the family and town, but several communities, schools, children, etc ... have been active studying Human Dignity, Civil Rights, Understanding between different peoples, etc ... .In Ecuador and in New York City, the scenario of the tragic events.

Some of the Videos show Very Good Taste, Visual Art and Beautiful Music. They are not aggressive, but only show that the victim Marcelo Lucero was a Human Being, a wonderful son and brother. And an excellent friend, much beloved but all that got in touch with him.

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

The racism of white people, this is why the minority's will strike back, for those who say its not going to happen, the US is only an empire and EVERY empire falls. Rome fell to barbarians and now the US will fall to minority's. They have stolen our rightful land by making a false war on Mexico's land and for that I will make them pay

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