Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Congressional Hispanic Caucus -- PLEASE ASK HER THESE QUESTIONS:
1. Why are the ICE Raids continuing?
2. What Happened to your drive to arrest Felonious Criminals vs Workers?
3. Why are workers being sent to deplorable Detention Centers with history of Abuses?
4. What happened to your plan to have the Detention Centers investigated?
Immigration officers today raided an engine remanufacturing plant in Bellingham, arrested 28 illegal immigrant workers and began processing them for deportation. The arrests are part of an ongoing investigation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials at Yamato Engine Specialists in Bellingham. ICE officials say the 25 men and three women — most of them from Mexico — may have gained employment at Yamato using phony social security numbers and other counterfeit identity documents.
Yamato officials, who said they had been cooperating with ICE since last fall when investigators began looking at employment documents, were shocked by today's raid.
In fact, three of the workers arrested today had been cleared as having legitimate documents during an employment records audit by ICE in 2005, said Yamato spokeswoman Shirin Dhanani Makalai.
We have been audited before so we do due diligence to get the proper paperwork," Makalai said. "People bring you paperwork that by law you are required to accept. You can't always tell if it's not correct."
With about 100 workers, Yamato specializes in rebuilding Japanese car engines and transmissions.
ICE investigators began looking into its employment records following the arrest of a criminal illegal immigrant who had previously worked there.
After being processed earlier today, officials released three of the immigrants on humanitarian grounds. The others are being held at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma.
"The lure of jobs in the United States continues to be one of the primary factors fueling illegal immigration," said Leigh Winchell, special agent in charge of the ICE Office of Investigations in Seattle. "ICE remains committed to investigating cases where the evidence shows employment laws are being violated."
1. Food illnesses at GEO detention facility.
Hundreds of detainees fell sick from apparent food poisoning at the Northwest Detention Center near Tacoma, Washington. Northwest is a 1,000 bed immigrant detention center owned by GEO, a private corporation that holds contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for facilities across the country.
2. Public document showdown averted
Posted by Scott Fontaine @ 03:18:06 pm
A court battle over open records and the company that operates the Northwest Detention Center has been avoided. The GEO Group, which has operated the 1,030-bed Northwest Detention Center since 2004, filed a petition in Pierce County Superior Court last week to block the release of several documents requested through public-disclosure laws.
The quarantine of more than 900 of the 1,000 immigrants held at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma ends Wednesday, six days after a detainee fell ill with chickenpox and federal officials locked down the facility. Court cases for immune detainees resumed Tuesday, and deportations start again as early as Wednesday, said Lorie Dankers, a spokeswoman with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
4. Report: Conditions at the NW Detention Center are inhumane and violate international law and the U.S. Constitution A Report on Human Rights Violations at the Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) confirm human rights abuses are taking place at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility on the tide flats of Tacoma.
The GEO Group is an international corporation that operates prisons around the country and is frequently in the news for its abuse of prisoners in its care resulting in many preventable deaths.


Lateeno Wayz said...

It could very well of been one of those business as usual situations that wasnt anticipating publicity but of course there was. So now the embarrassment is causing all those in charge to scramble and find out how exactly this came to be. Janet needs to be very careful because she is treading on thin ice. I really hope the immigration reform is on the near agenda.

Dee said...

The more I study, the more I agree with you. This raid occurred without Napolitano's knowledge. Some cowboy, and I am suspecting it is Leigh Winchell,special agent in charge of the ICE regional office in Seattle. He decided to proceed with the raid. He was pushing the envelope, making a statement. He is challenging Napolitano.

I question his motives. Proceeding without authority. He has a history of sending detainees to GEO's NW Detention Center.

He is a good ole boy.

I think Napolitano should conduct a complete investigation, especially in light of the fact the NW detention center has SO MANY ABUSES and is owned/operated by the heinous GEO Group.

I am not saying Winchell has any affiliation with GEO, but it does bear investigation.

In 2007, Wincell sent MASSIVE numbers of detainees to the NW detention center.

Read this link:

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