Tuesday, February 3, 2009

ICE Raids - Detention Centers Not About Immigration, All About Money!

What did Deep Throat Say? "Follow the Money!"
In 2007/2008, ICE stepped up their raids across the country. Ask yourself WHY!!

Let's start with three of the largest, most recent ICE raids. In New Bedford, MA., 300+ Seamstress Workers making backpacks were swept away to Texas Detention Centers. In Postville, IA, 500+ Meatpackers were swept off to Texas Detention Centers. In Laurel, MS, 600+ technical workers were swept off to a GEO Detention Center in Jena, LA. As I previously reported, GEO's Jena facility was newly opened in late 2007, projecting they would fill to capacity in 2008. The 2008 Laurel raid filled them to capacity.
How do these privately run prisons profit? They are paid per diem (per head/per day). Maximum profit is made if the centers are filled to capacity.
GEO Group has a long history of prisoner abuse. Records show these prisons have been cited for feces on walls, on sheets, on beds, vermin - rats, roaches, prisoners dying in custody due to no healthcare, prisoners sexually abused. The lawsuits detail the abuses. Contracts have been rescinded across the country due to the abuse. Last weekend, the second prison riot occurred within 2 months in the RCDC in Pecos Texas due to charges of inhumane treatment and death.
Ask yourself why GEO Group now focuses their lobbying to receive Detention Center contracts? Does anyone listen to the complaints of those in Detention Centers? Does anyone care about their abuse? Is the media reporting the conditions or the reason for rioting in the RCDC in Pecos, TX? Does anyone question why the GEO Detention Centers continue to be filled to capacity with detainees? The detainees should NOT be incarcerated for long periods of time, yet they are, many for months and years on end. Our nation is spending billions of dollars to detain hundreds of thousands of uncharged detainees. In some locations, entire families are incarcerated. Why? Per diem $$ paid per head/per day.
The Lobbyists:
The GEO Group spends millions of dollars lobbying and filling the pockets of Republican Texas State Congressmen and National Politicians, including their friends, George W. Bush and Tom Delay.
This article shows the following examples:
First, Ray Allen, the former Texas representative from Grand Prarie who chaired the House Committee on Corrections, and his former chief of staff, Scott Gilmore, are two of the biggest private prison lobbyists in the state. Gilmore and Allen took heat several years ago for working as lobbyists even while Allen was still a state representative. Allen was a major privatization advocate while a state representative and both he and Gilmore lobbied, while in office, for the National Correctional Industries Association - a group that advocates for prison labor and includes private prison corporations amongst its members.
Second, the troubled GEO Group spent the most on private prison lobbying in 2007 and actually upped its lobbying expenditures after scandals forced state hearings into private prison oversight. According to the report:
With its starring role in the scandal, Geo Group increased its Texas lobby spending tenfold, accounting for more than half of the lobby money that the industry spent in 2007.
(click here for details)
It is imperative that Janet Napolitano and her teams investigate the GEO Group, the abuse in their centers and report back why GEO continues to abuse detainees or any prisoners. Ask why detainees are held for such long periods of time. Determine if it is the best use of ICE Funds to incarcerate seamstresses, meatpackers and technical workers for such long periods of time. Ask why these raids and suppression sweeps are not used for felonious criminals, gangs and stopping guns from going back into Mexico.


I Travel for JOOLS said...

Have you seen this Homeland Security website?

I believe the facility where the riots are going on is listed. Regarding medical care at the facility, it is administered by personnel from Homeland Security, not the contract organization.

There is contact information should you wish to provide your complaints.

Dee said...

Follow the Money! It is clear! The uncharged detainees are held for long periods of time. The detainees are being abused. WE as taxpayers are paying millions each day.

Why isnt the media reporting this? Why arent the ANTIs complaining about the costs?

Dee said...

Where is the outcry? All the tax dollars being spent! Wasted! on Seamstresses, Meatpackers and Technkical Workers!

We see the TRUE Agenda of the ANTIs and of the profiteers!


Dee said...

The RCDC is not on their list. The RCDS is managed by the GEO Group. Please see my previous post. This is so far beyond listing complaints on line. Several lawsuits against GEO are pending or in progress.
Their treatment of detainees and prisoners is abominable. Read the links to these articles.

Dee said...

This is an ALL OUT CALL for Janet Napolitano and her team to complete a thorough Investigation!!

Anonymous said...

The anti's aren't complaining about the money because incarcerating illegal aliens or just plain old citizen criminals in this country is a necessary evil. The costs of allowing illegal aliens to run rampant in our country while stealing I.D.'s and SS numbers, jobs and taking advantage of our education and healthcare system ia a whole lot more than detaining them and then deporting them. Don't forget the serious criminal element of the illegal alien populaton also that costs taxpayer dollars. They aren't all hinding in the shadows just picking fruit and veggies.

Anonymous said...

If they aren't receiving humane treatment, I don't know of a single anti who would approve of that. Just because we don't go into a frenzy over "accusations" of the treatment of those who are in our country illegally doesn't mean that we want them treated inhumanely. Lets see a thorough investigation of these alleged accusations before flipping out over it.

Dee said...

To Janet Napolitano:

It is imperative that you and your teams investigate the GEO Group, the abuse in their centers and report back why GEO continues to abuse detainees or any prisoners. Ask why detainees are held for such long periods of time. Determine if it is the best use of ICE Funds to incarcerate seamstresses, meatpackers and technical workers for such long periods of time. Ask why these raids and suppression sweeps are not used for felonious criminals, gangs and stopping guns from going back into Mexico.

ultima said...

It is a given that we all want abuse to stop. Because of two factors: (1) the kind of people employed in these facilities and (2)the more or less absolute control they exercise over the detainees, there is ample reason to expect that there will be abuse just as there is in regular prisons.

So what is the answer? It is two fold: (1) each facility must have an independent inspector general charged with investigating any evidence of abuse or unsanitary conditions, and (2) expeditious processing of all detainees. It seems to me that a failure to be able to provide proof of citizenship within a relatively short time is prima facie evidence that a person is illegal and should be so judged within 24 hours. Then allowing one week for the presentation of proof of citizenship and any extenuating circumstances. Generally speaking anyone who cannot prove that they have been here long enough to even have extenuating circumstances should be given summary judgment of their appeal and be on their way to their homeland within a week. Those who have been here 5 or more years and can prove it with nonfraudulent documents, should also be able to marshal those documents and any evidence in support of an appeal based on
criteria that are limited,rigid, and simple. Family separation cannot be one these criteria because that would be too easy to game with quick pregnancies and abuse of the 14th amendment. Justice delayed is justice denied should be the motto of the detention facilities. Immigration judges must be assigned to these facilities to assure that decisions are made immediately if not sooner. The criteria must be revised with the goal of quick decsions in mind. Problem solved.

ultima said...

I would add that instead of a per diem approach let's substitute a throughput measure that rewards the company based on how fast they move the detainees out of their facilities and back to their homelands in accordance with the law.

Anonymous said...

These groups do such things because they are receiving also "pork" monies and federal grants to run these facilities. The government is privatizing areas where it is Constitutionally and governmentally responsible so that they can use the extra monies gained without accountability for their campaign contributors. It's a vicious circle. What should be occurring is that the illegals should be immediately turned over the U.S. Marshall's office, and if they can't prove by visa or otherwise they are in the country legally, simply given one call for their pickup at the border and transported "home," and that is the way it was done until the immigration attorneys then also got a statute that gets them taxpayer monies now to defend the actual criminals, the drug dealers, so they can get a cut of all that drug money.

It's ALL about money and political corruption at this point. Not American safety and security....since in Arizona even a great many of the hardworking illegals, due to the low wages, are supplementing their incomes by stealing from the citizens at the car washes, restaurants, and retail establishments - that's why it has the highest identity theft rate in the nation.....and auto theft rate.

Anonymous said...

Napolitano will do nothing, just as she did in Arizona, but throw money at the problem, or create agencies to "study" the problem without doing anything to look like she's doing something. She was in Mexico more than in Arizona her last six years in office, mostly for vacations and a few PR stunts with Mexican officials to again look like she was doing something.

Vicente Duque said...

Immigration and Commerce :

This Post has to do with Immigration and Immigrants because Lou Dobbs is the Greatest Enemy of Latinos. Also Bill O'Reilly every evening.

I am saddened and entertained by the TV Stations that are Ranting and Railing against Mr Obama and the appointment of Judd Gregg as Commerce Secretary.

I have in my sites the videos of Lou Dobbs and other Anchors criticizing these two Great Statesmen Mr Obama and Mr Gregg for the appointment to Commerce.

It is amazing that Intelligence is criticized by Ignorance. So I brought up famous quotations of Schiller, Victor Hugo, the Bible and others.

The Financial Times warns us of Impending World Protectionism to further the Economic Depression.

I am glad that Mr Obama is President and that he appoints the Best ( at least for Commerce ! )

Lots of Information about Judd Gregg, Trade, Commerce, Foreign Policy ( with many videos ) :


and the Future of Obama and The Democratic Party :


Vicente Duque

ultima said...

Duque wrote, "...these two Great Statesmen Mr Obama and Mr Gregg for the appointment to Commerce."

You are too free with your accolades and criticisms. It remains to be seen whether either Obama or Gregg have the stature of statesmen on the international scene. This is something that has to be earned not just awarded by the uninformed.

ultima said...

Duque wrote, "...these two Great Statesmen Mr Obama and Mr Gregg for the appointment to Commerce."

Pray tell what this has to do with the subject of this post "ICE Raids - Detention Centers Not About Immigration, All about Money!"

Please delete your post.

Vicente Duque said...

Dear Dee :

The Legal Proceeding of the Murder Trial of victim Luis Ramirez, Killed in Shenandoah Pennsylvania in July 2008, in the most brutal form by a Gang of Teens.

Let's see how things develop, because the defense lawyer is alleging that Luis Ramirez was a bad guy that attacked the Gang of Six Youngsters with Racial Slurs.

This is almost self-defense for the Terrorists.

And that this was a common fight that ended in an accident.

This contradicts all the witnesses, even a White Retired Police officer that saw the attack from a window.

I am trying to understand all this violence, hatred and Gangs of Murderers by studying the past.

The Secret Societies of Murder :
The Crypteia in Ancient Greece, The Thugs of Goddess Kali in India, The Leopard Men in West Africa, even the Head Hunters offer clues at aggressive behaviour.

The more you study the Crypteia ( from Kryptos = secret ) the more you find analogies with the Ku Klux Klan, the Nazi Skinheads, etc...

And the authorities that protect crime are also of great interest. Remember that in the mentioned case the Department of Justice had to intevene against the most flagrant injustice.

Because the Shenandoah Authorities had fallen in the most Repugnant Complacency with the criminals and did not bother even to jail them in the first days of the aftermath.

I continue using my sites to do research on this case and these historic and anthropological studies of evil and murder.



Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

I think the point that gets lost in these sites is this....illegal means illegal...if i beat my wife i go to jail..if i smoke weed i go to jail....if i drink and drive..i go to jail....but we americans are supposed to set back and watch as MILLIONS of people who dont have our culture and language come into our country and break our laws at will....if Hispanics are so great why are all the Latin countries nothing but a bunch of cesspools....you want to see what they want to do to our country go to mexico city and look around...these are the kind of folks who are loose in our cities...when i was sixteen i had a friend of mine raped by three illegal aliens...they got away from justice by going across to mexico for six months and then coming back and stealing someone elses identity....see the thing is that if i break the law i cant go to mexico and become someone else..if i was rich maybe..but not as an average guy....the latinas on tv act like the only folks coming across are hard working folks....that is crap....in any population there is criminals..the point is we have enough without half of the thugs in Mexico coming here and raping..stealing..murdering....drunk driving...committing fraud on our welfare system...i have seen with my own eyes here in texas women go into the welfare office and say they need food stamps...say their man is in Mexico..but the reality is they are working for cash and so are their men...so they are stealing jobs and they are stealing benefits...not to mention that they bring drugs into the country and live 30 to a house...not being racist just saying what i have seen with my own eyes.....anybody want to debate me my email is chris0007@netzero.com

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