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From Minuteman X: Gilchrist Calls Schwilk and Gheen Racists! Schwilk, Gheen Retaliate

Over the last week or so, I have been receiving numerous emails from Minuteman X. As my long time readers know, Minuteman X is my Minuteman informer that provides me insider emails which detail the ANTI/Minuteman infighting and backstabbing. The recent escalation in emails that I (and others) are receiving is a clear sign the infighting is escalating.

The Fight:
Since last year, there has been an all out war between Jim Gilchrist vs Jeff Schwilk, SDMM Leader and William Gheen, head of They all are fighting over who is the leader of the ANTIs, who is legitimate, who is a racist. In this YouTube, Gilchrist publicly declares Schwilk and Gheen are RACISTS.

In the emails I received from Minuteman X:
Subject: Re: American War Hero Jim Gilchrist?
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2009 21:46:41 -0800
From: Jeff Schwilk

Still get your gay jollies from photoshop pictures, eh Gilly? Does your wife know?
Why does this feel like a gay edition of "Fatal Attraction"?? Does he hate me or is he obsessed with me, or both??? You decide. Fuckin psychopath. His Vietnam buddies would be horrified by what this man has slipped into - a mental coma for sure.

Subject: Re: Schwilky's pics
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2009 21:51:39 -0800
Another JGMMP fag boy - no wonder they hate us straight Patriots. I wouldn't go near your fag frat house if you paid me. How long have you and Jimmy been gay lovers? You both seem so proud of your open gayness. Sorry about Prop 8 passing, that must have been devastating for you two "love birds". I've never beat a woman in my life but I'd smack the shit out of Jason and his boy-lover in a heatbeat!
I'm not the only person receiving these emails, although I think I have been receiving them the longest. Gustavo Arellano has been receiving them also. Here is the
article he wrote about them:

"I think we all have had enough of the counter-productive antics of
grifters posing as patriots," Gilchrist wrote. "In my opinion, the
aforementioned charlatans of patriotism are incurable racists who limit activist
participation to only white persons, bigots who hate you if you do not
unequivocally support Ron Paul for president, fascists whose shortsightedness
limits their association only to those who will goose-step according to their

Gheen and Schwilk respond:

"Is there anyone close enough to Jim Gilchrist to stick a needle full of Thorazine in his arm?" Gheen shot back, before threatening, "If any harm does come to ALIPAC because of it, even one donor departs due to false
statements by Gilchrist or a pro amnesty blogger then we have what we need to file a lawsuit."

"Desperate words from a sad, fallen hero," Schwilk responded. "Looks like the pressure is getting to him. Considering his documented mental instability/illness and PTSD, let's hope and pray he does not resort to murder like his Border Directors did."

Ridiculing a Purple Heart veteran's war scars and insinuating he might snap? CLASSY--but what does one expect from Schwilk?

Here is FB's Blog about the infighting.

Readers: I leave it to you decide. Are they racist? Are they crazy? Why are they infighting? Why are they sending me (and others) their insider emails?


Vicente Duque said...

Dee :

Thanks for your wonderful Informations about the Minutement. This is an important issue that the Mainstream Media keeps in Total Silence.

The Death of Brisenia Flores and her Father Raul in a Home Invasion by the Minutemen has been completely hushed by the TV Networks.

And the Hate Merchants of TV are mute about these important events.

I wrote about your blog "Immigration Talk with a Mexican American", here in :

Very Weird : Infighting inside the Minutemen, and they write to "Dee from Texas", their enemy, as an arbiter or referee in their fights. They accuse each other of "Racist"

Racial Relations and Conflicts :

Vicente Duque

MMPete said...

Possibly two former MM were involved in those shootings Vicente, so stop implying that the whole MM organization are violent or are racists.

Most of us are not involved in any infighting among the FEW. We continue to be patriots watching our borders and helping the Border Patrol with only the safety and welfare of our nation in mind.

Vicente Duque said...

Ku Klux Klan and Minutemen - Tim McVeigh never repented of having killed many children and he said that they were "Collateral Damage" of a necessary patriotic War to save America

Ku Klux Klan, Minutemen and other Right Wing Scoundrels :

These Organizations overloaded with Hate attract the Worst Elements of Society. Like the SA ( Sturm Abteilung ), the priveate army of Hitler :

People that come from Dysfunctional Families : Lovers of their Mother kicked the woman's children, the Child sometimes will become a scoundrel in later life ( not always ! ). Children learn hate, cruelty, sadism and bastardy from early life, Children that learn to torture animals. Excellent Material for Criminals, KKK, Nazi Skinheads or Minutemen.

Boys that begin to exert criminal behaviour, the bullies of schools that have failed in their studies. Tim McVeigh was bullied at school, later he wanted to be a Super Hero saving America.

Like the Minutemen that believe to be the Greatest Patriots and saviours of America.

"Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel" - Samuel Johnson

Enter Shawna Forde, the executive director of the Minutemen Defense of America ( MAD ) :

MAD is the most correct and appropriate name for that Organization.

Shawna Forde came from prostitution and giving Blowjobs to Latinos for $50 dollars per session, as the police Records in Washington State say. She had many delinquent activities. Gunny Bush had already killed Latinos as other Police Records show.

The Minutemen are suspects in many killings in the deserts of the Border. Special High Caliber bullets. They blame the "coyotes", but it is the Minutemen that are fanatical lovers of Weapons and Adorers of Assault Weapons and Arsenals at Home. That is part of their fantasy of Manhood, a substitute for Real Value in Life.

People with Inferiority Complexes, Failed Lives, Losers, The constant unemployed and almost beggars, those are excellent elements to recruit for the Minutemen Vigilantes.

George W. Bush rejected the Minutemen as dangerous "Vigilante" elements and turned down their support.

The leaders of the Minutemen are shrewd people exploiting the most naive fools.

The Minutemen attract the worst elements of the extreme right, crazy and mad people like Tim McVeigh, that think that they are Great Patriots, when in fact they are Great Scoundrels.

I am not saying that all Minutemen are scoundrels, criminals, delinquents or Super Racist Murderers. Some of them may be just naive young men with a little imflammation. They may be people that feel alone and need to belong to some organization.

Remember the lady that was killed by the Ku Klux Klan in Lousiana during and initiation ??? .... She probably had some Psychological trouble and the need to belong .... I am not saying that she was a criminal or bad person.

Some people say that MAD was a splinter group. But the Ku Klux Klan also has many splinter groups and they are not better.

Tim McVeigh never repented of having killed many children and he said that they were "Collateral Damage" of a necessary patriotic War to save America.

More Information about the Minutemen Infamy here :

Dee from Texas has the best blog against the Minutemen Scoundrels-

And we are inside "Immigration Talk with a Mexican American"

Vicente Duque

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