Thursday, December 24, 2009

Geraldo - Dobbs FaceOff: Will Geraldo Quit If Dobbs Joins Fox?

ThinkProgress reports:
The New York Daily News reports that a “well-placed source” claims that Geraldo Rivera has told Fox News president Roger Ailes that he’ll quit if former CNN anchor Lou Dobbs is hired by the network. Rivera has denied by the rumor, but has also made clear that Dobbs would not be welcomed with open arms:

Rivera, who has blasted the nativist Dobbs for his “slander” against Latinos,
tells us [New York Daily News], “I never threatened to quit.” But he did let
Ailes know he wouldn’t welcome working with the man who has called him a
“cowardly liar.” Says Geraldo: “The last time I checked, no one here was
talking to the a——.”
Still, Ailes is said to be considering Dobbs for the Fox Business Channel. “The trouble is Dobbs wants too much money – like $8 million a year,” says an insider. “But Dobbs doesn’t have much leverage.
Since he quit CNN, he can’t go to CNBC.” Hiring him at Fox Business is bound to irk that
channel’s Dobbs-phobes, John Stossel and Stuart Varney. But a rep for Ailes insists he isn’t eyeing Dobbs for anything.

Chances are Rivera’s spat with Dobbs has become deeply personal. In October, Rivera credited Dobbs for being “almost single-handedly responsible for creating, for being the architect of the young-Latino-as-scapegoat for everything that ails this country.” Dobbs responded by describing Rivera as “annoying” and full of “vile stupidity and ignorance that he spews everywhere he goes.”
Curiously, Rivera doesn’t seem to have a big problem working with other Latino- and immigrant-bashers at his network. The blame doesn’t just rest on Dobbs’ shoulders when it comes to generating an atmosphere of hate, misinformation, and fear that surrounds the immigration issue. Fox News anchors
Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and many others have all served up a daily dose of slander. While Rivera has heatedly challenged his colleagues’ views, he certainly hasn’t put his job on the line over such differences.


Vicente Duque said...

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Hitler was a genius of Evil : a genius of manipulating foolish masses, a genius at exciting people with incendiary speeches. Some of his immediate entourage like Herman Goering, Heinrich Himmler, or Joseph Goebbels had high Intelligence for Charm, Manipulation, Lies, Sycophancy, Fawning over the Fuehrer, etc ....

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Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

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