Monday, March 29, 2010

Breaking News: FBI Raids 3 Extremist, Gun-Toting, Birther, Teaparty, Christian Hutaree Militias (Domestic Terrorists)

Update: FoxNews: U.S. federal prosecutors say nine members of a Christian militia have been charged with plotting to kill a police officer and then bomb a funeral to kill more law enforcement personnel.The announcement Monday follows the arrest of eight of the nine people in raids in the U.S. states of Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. Authorities are searching for the ninth suspect. Court documents unsealed Monday say the charges against the nine include seditious conspiracy and attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction.The indictment says the group was anti-government and wanted to wage war against the United States. U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade says the group, known as Hutaree, planned the attack for April. She says action was taken since the public and law enforcement were at risk.The head of the FBI's office in Detroit says the case is an example of radical and extremist fringe groups that can be found throughout society. He says the FBI takes such extremist groups seriously, especially those who target innocent citizens and law enforcement officers.Those charged include the group's alleged ringleader, David Brian Stone (aka Capt. Hutaree), and his wife and two sons.

Nine suspects tied to a Midwest Christian militia that was preparing for the Antichrist have been arrested in raids by a FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Force in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana as part of an investigation into an Adrian-based Christian militia group (Domestic Terrorists). Sources said the FBI was in the second day of raids around the southeastern Michigan city of Adrian that are connected to a militia group, known as the Hutaree, an Adrian-based group whose members describe themselves as Christian soldiers preparing for the arrival and battle with the anti-Christ. The idea of attacking a police funeral was one of numerous scenarios discussed as ways to go after law enforcement officers, the indictment said. Other scenarios included a fake 911 call to lure an officer to his or her death, or an attack on the family of a police officer. Once other officers gathered for a slain officer's funeral, the group planned to detonate homemade bombs at the funeral, killing more, according to the indictment. After such attacks, the group allegedly planned to retreat to "rally points" protected by trip-wired improvised explosive devices, or IEDs, for what they expected would become a violent standoff with law enforcement personnel. "It is believed by the Hutaree that this engagement would then serve as a catalyst for a more wide-spread uprising against the government," the indictment charges.
According to investigators, the Hutaree view local, state, and federal law enforcement personnel as a "brotherhood" and an enemy, and planned to attack them as part of an armed struggle against the U.S. government. The indictment charges members of the group conspired "to levy war against the United States, (and) to oppose by force the authority of the government of the United States."

On their website, the "Tea Party Patriots" are aligning themselves to these violent militias. The above youtube is an actual Hutaree Militia home-made video which they posted on their myspace website. Their motto "HUTAREE FOR JESUS CHRIST, ALL THE WAY TO THE END." Their Friends include: Michigan Militia Corps Wolverines, Lenawee Volunteer Michigan Militia, Ohio Militia, Jackson County Volunteers, Ohio Defense Corps, SA-RNEM (Confederate Chapter), Kentucky State Milita, Ohio Valley Command, Central Texas Militia, Black Brigade Citizen Militia, Yuma Militia, WV Militia, Ghosts of the Republic, Constitutional Republic of America, Lee County Armed Volunteers, Sons of freedom Militia Texas, Washington State Militia, Mountain Man 6, Christians Against the New World, Mobile County Survivalists, 135th Illinois volunteer cavalry, Florida Free Allinace, 1st TN Rifles, 105th Blue Guard, 55th Idaho Lightfoot, Yorktown Militia, and RIP America July 4, 1776 - July 20, 2010. I've listed only a few of their 367 friends.

Update 2: One of those arrested was Kristopher “Pale Horse” Sickles who posted a risible YouTube video beseeching a MILLION of his fellow militia members to descend on Washington, fully armed, for a “Million Militia Man March.”

Update 3: The Indictment


Anon-az said...

Tom is also their friend, the founder of Myspace.

That would mean that Robert Murdoch, owner on Newscorp, is also their friend.

Wait, if he is their friend, that would mean that:

James Cameron
Simon Cowell
Ellen DeGeneres
Glen Beck
NY Post
Wall Street Journal
Dow Jones
Jeff Foxworthy
Howie Mandell
Etc, Etc.....

Personally, I'm going to do what no one else seems capable of doing:

Wait for the conviction before the Demonization.

ultima said...

The most important aspect of this is the level of discontent it shows with our government. They are a little demented when they go off on this "Anti-Christ" tangent. They should focusing on the real issues facing our country and try to have a more positive and legal impact.

Dee said...

Anon-az said: "Wait for the conviction before the Demonization"


Wouldn't it be nice if the ANTIs would do the same for all the Latinos they believe are "illeeegals".

Instead they go on and on (ad naseum) DEMONIZING ALL Latinos who support CIR and those they suspect are "illeegals" for so called identity theft, drug use, education $, stealing jobs, drunk driving, ethnocentric behavior, speaking spanish/14th ammendment, anchor babies, etc. etc. etc.

Dee said...

The FBI has found enough credible evidence to ARREST the Teaparty, Gun Toting Hutaree Militia members. Their charged crimes are Domestic Terrorism. You've seen the videos. They are practicing their war tactics, against AMERICAN CITIZENS!!!

Dee said...

Here's what Capt. Hutaree's exwife said:

"Stone's ex-wife, Donna Stone, told The Associated Press before the arraignments that her former husband was to blame for pulling her son into the Hutaree movement. She said David Brian Stone legally adopted her son, David Brian Stone Jr., who is among those indicted. She said the marriage lasted about 10 years.

"It started out as a Christian thing," said Donna Stone, 44. "You go to church. You pray. You take care of your family. I think David started to take it a little too far. He dragged a lot of people with him."

Another son of David Brian Stone, Joshua Matthew Stone, also was indicted and is a fugitive, said Detroit FBI spokeswoman Sandra Berchtold.

On its Web site, Hutaree quotes several Bible passages and states: "We believe that one day, as prophecy says, there will be an Anti-Christ (President Obama). ... Jesus wanted us to be ready to defend ourselves using the sword and stay alive using equipment." There's also a picture on the site of 17 camouflaged men, all holding large guns."

Anonymous said...

"Wouldn't it be nice if the ANTIs would do the same for all the Latinos they believe are "illeeegals".

"Instead they go on and on (ad naseum) DEMONIZING ALL Latinos who support CIR and those they suspect are "illeegals" for so called identity theft, drug use, education $, stealing jobs, drunk driving, ethnocentric behavior, speaking spanish/14th ammendment, anchor babies, etc. etc. etc."

No one that I know of thinks that all Latinos are illegals and you know that isn't true.

"Some" illegals are guilty of all of the above. Are you denying this?

Your link to the tea party is a "page not found". Please show proof that these individuals were birthers or legitamate members of the tea party movement or...well you know what that will mean.

MMPete said...

Where is your proof that these people were birthers or legititmate members of the tea party movement? Your link to the tea party movement said "page not found." Please provide proof that these people were tea partiers, birthers and condoned this behavior.

No one thinks that all Latinos are illegals. You are exagggerating again. "Some" illegals have committed the crimes and behavior that you mentioned. Are you denying that?

Speaking of demonizations, when will your side stop demonizing the anti side with words like racist, xenophobe, haters, etc.?

By the way, what does this article have to do with illegal immigration or immigration, period?

Dee said...

Anon, Pete,
Does it SURPRISE you that the Tea Party patriots took down the links to support the Hutaree? That is why you are sent to the "page not found" on their website. Look at the url.

It's a good thing I took a screen shot! Which I have posted on this blog!

Dee said...

The Teapartiers do not have the COURAGE to stand up for their OWN SUPPORTERS!!! Shame on them! I'm sure they would disown you too if you followed their "revolution" instructions!

Dee said...

I found Pale Horse's youtube website and a number of other interesting videos. He sure liked to tape himself. I posted his jihad video. There is another very popular one where he dresses in disguise, as militia, with distorted voice. I am sure the prosecutors have so much evidence this guy will be put away for good. And yes, plenty of info with his hate for the Prez (black president) and the need for revolution. Go Google them or do a youtube video search. But you better hurry. My guess is, once the family/militia members realize what he posted on the web, they will pull those videos down soon.

Dee said...

I see myspace took down the hutaree website too.

Anon-az said...

"The FBI has found enough credible evidence to ARREST the Teaparty, Gun Toting Hutaree Militia members."

And yet you slam other law enforcement agencies for doing the same thing.....

Anon-az said...

I'm also waiting for the next terrorism story to be released later today or possibly tomorrow.

Osama tape on Thurs/Friday....
Religious morons in the Midwest over the weekend....
Russian subway bombing today.....

Coincidence? Are people just trying to remind us that there is some 'impending threat' and that they need more funding?

Again, maybe I'm just weird....

Anon-az said...

"You've seen the videos."

I wish I could have before Youtube/Google censored it out.

Now I'm left with hearsay and propaganda.....

Now, how am I (or anyone else) are to make a rational decision without any evidence? Just because the government has arrested/detained someone doesn't prove guilt, but rather that they have rustled some feathers or was reported by someone that may have their own motives.

The only video I did get to see was a bunch of guys wearing camo walking through the woods set to some crappy music and shootings at targets. Pretty much the same crap I've seen connected to Airsoft groups and zombie videos on youtube.

Anonymous said...

That was a faked website put up. The topic never appeared on the real one. So get your facts staight before you attach some radical militia group to the real Tea Party Movement.

Dee said...

Anon, Pete,

Thank you GOOGLE!!

I found the cached version of the Tea Party Patriots connection to Hutaree!!! Voila the Evidence!!

Yeah! Found Teaparty Patriots cached version:

Tea Party Patriots cached version

Dee said...

No. Not weird. Just a cynic.

BTW, are you the "Arizonian?" If so, just say so.

Dee said...

I did find another youtube which provides a video of the hutaree in training and if you look at the comments, of their hatred of Obama.. calling him the antichrist:

hutaree member youtube site

Dee said...

I have found the youtube Hutaree website. VIEW IT QUICKLY before youtube takes it down!!

Hutaree Youtube Website

Dee said...

More sites/blogs referencing the Tea Party connection:

Dee said...

As usual Bad Anonymous (and also Liquid) are going on and on defending the Hutarees and also denying the Tea Party link to this group. (The Hutaree were avid members) I'm not bothering to post their name calling diatribes. (Yes...their arguments are so lame they wind up calling me names, etc. their usual clueless arguments)

This is so typical of them.

Question to Readers: Why is it the ANTIs like Bad Anonymous and Liquid continue to support groups like the Hutaree/Militias by saying things like "Innocent until proven guilty" and even though countless sites link them to Tea Parties/Tea Party Members.

One other thing: if a Muslim or a Latino or Black militia were arrested under the same circumstances, Bad Anon & Liquid would be hollering to send the minorities to Guantamo Bay with NO Trial. Then they would be clamoring to close down EVERY Muslim Church or Latino Group they were associated with! They would be blaming EVERY Muslim or Latino or Black in America for the crimes of the one, AS THEY DO TODAY!! Remember the Witchhunt for ACORN? Going to Congress to stop funding? All over a highly editted and phony tape made by a couple of elite and spoiled college students?

People like Bad Anon and Liquid are RIDICULOUS!

MMPete said...

Let's be clear here. I do not blame every Latino for the crimes of one or even a few. Since you think that is unfair (and I agree with you) then why are you doing the same here with this militia group vs the Tea Party Movement? There isn't any real proof they were membmers of the Tea party Movement or that they condoned this behavior anyway, just biased rhetoric. Even the media isn't claiming that. Think about it. If you want us to follow a certain set of rules of unjustly accusing a whole group then shouldn't you be following those same rules?

Dee said...

I didn't see anyone saying "innocent until proven guilty" when 2 uppity spoiled Harvard grads published their highly editted videos against ACORN. Why is that?

And check out the WARRANT for these domestic terrorists in the Hutaree. These guys were going to murder a policeman and then start a war against the government at the policeman's funeral. The FBI had an infiltrator. They have plentyof evidence. When Jose Padilla was suspected of a shadow of these type of activities, he was rushed off to a military prison. Why aren't these guys?

Dee said...

I'll tell you why. The answer is based on the color of their skin.

I still do not understand why you are defending them to have their day in court. These are DOMESTIC TERRORISTS! Out to OVERTHROW THE COUNTRY. They should be send to Military Prison!!

I would bet you a million dollars if they were Muslim, you would be demanding they were in Military Prison... NOW!!!

Dee said...

I agree with the Washington Post:

"there has been explosive growth among far-right, militia-type groups that identify themselves as white supremacists, "constitutionalists," tax protesters and religious soldiers determined to kill people to uphold "Christian" values. Most of the groups that posed a real danger, as the Hutaree allegedly did, have been infiltrated and dismantled by authorities before they could do any damage. But we should never forget that the worst act of domestic terrorism ever committed in this country was authored by a member of the government-hating right wing: Timothy McVeigh's bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City.

It is dishonest for right-wing commentators to insist on an equivalence that does not exist. The danger of political violence in this country comes overwhelmingly from one direction -- the right, not the left. The vitriolic, anti-government hate speech that is SPEWED on talk radio every day -- and, quite regularly, at TEA PARTY RALLIES-- is calibrated not to inform but to INCITE.

Demagogues scream at people that their government is illegitimate, that their country has been "taken away," that their elected officials are "traitors" and that their freedom is at risk. They have a right to free speech, which I will always defend. But they shouldn't be surprised if some listeners take them literally."

MMPete said...

"I didn't see anyone saying "innocent until proven guilty" when 2 uppity spoiled Harvard grads published their highly editted videos against ACORN. Why is that"?

I don't know I am not them! I wouldn't have done that myself. Only two people did this and you act like half of America did it. There are idiots all over the place. Why do you dwell on a small fraction of our society rather than our society as a whole?

Why do you keep saying that I am defending this militia group when I have not???? I have only said innocent till proven guilty that isn't the same thing as defending them. It looks likey that they are guilty of what they were planning to do but what has that to do with the Tea Party Movement which is what you called them?

By saying they should have their day in court is just another way of saying let justice be served. They can't just be swept off to a military prison without our criminal justice system being allowed to work first which is a thorough investigation and a conviction first.

I believe that Joe Padilla killed some people didn't he? I can't quite recall for sure but that was murder and this group hadn't done that yet. There is a difference between murder and a planned murder which hadn't occured yet. Do you not know how our criminal justice system work?

It has nothing to do with skin color. Many whites are in prison for murder and other heinous crimes. Look at Timothy McVeigh he was white and he was executed for his crime.

Why do you continue to dwell on ring wing radical groups when they don't represent the majority of conservatives anymore than the reconquistas represent the entire pro-illegal movement or that all illegals are murderers and rapist? Think about it, Dee.

Dee said...

Padilla did not kill anyone. He was was an american citizen charged with conspiring to building a dirty bomb. But he was never charged for that.

George W. Bush designated him an illegal enemy combatant and transferred him to a military prison without no formal charges against him nor a trial. Guilty until proven innocent.

The domestic terrorists of hutaree committed much more terror than padilla.

MMPete said...

Thanks for telling me about Padilla. I knew his name sounded familiar but I couldn't remember the case.

The militia group had done nothing yet but are being charged with various intended crimes. I expect that all necessary steps will be taken to convict them of attempted murder and other un-American crimes. What else can you ask for?

I just don't get why you are making this a race issue. Many white people have been convicted of crimes and imprisoned and even sentenced to death. McViegh, Manson and his followers were all white. I am sure there have been whites convicted of military crimes also.

The thing is to not convict others yourself until law enforcement has had time to do their jobs and not to attach the crimes of some to an entire group who may or may not even be associated with the criminals. I know you wouldn't like it if it were to happen to Latinos (legal or otherwise) so I would think you would want to play by your own set of rules for others also.

Dee said...

That's what you are not getting Pete. It IS happening to Latinos like Padilla and to so many people being racially profiled in Maricopa county by Arpaio and his masked goons; and Muslims are being profiled. Why is it ok to rush to judgement and jail brown people? Yet these ole boys; these militia types who HAVE committed terroristic plans/crimes are not treated as harshly as the innocent mom racially profiled at McDonald's last week.

The issue is, we live in America. No one should be racially profiled. Everyone should be innocent until proven guilty. No one should be chastised because someone else of their same race/color commits a crime. But the problem is, it doesn't happen that way. The poor mom is racially profiled. All Latinos are demonized when 1 brown drunk driver gets into an accident.

I will tell you what. I will wait for these guys to go to court and the jury determines guilt/innocence if:
. none of you ANTIs ever again demonize a whole group for the crimes of the one.

. no brown person is ever racially profiled again

. no brown/minority person is rushed to judgement; we treat them as innocent until proven guilty.

I am going to wait to post another article about this militia until one of these things happens. My guess is, I won't be waiting long.

Anon-az said...

I hate being right:

Suicide blasts in southern Russia kill 9

The Associated Press
Wednesday, March 31, 2010; 3:33 AM

MAKHACHKALA, Russia -- Two suicide bombers including one impersonating a police officer killed at least nine people and injured 18 others in the southern Russian province of Dagestan on Wednesday, officials said.

The blasts in the North Caucasus region came two days after a twin suicide bombing tore through the Moscow subway, killing 39 and wounding scores.

In Wednesday's attacks, a suicide bomber detonated explosives in the town of Kizlyar near Dagestan's border with Chechnya, when police tried to stop the bomber's car, Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev said in televised comments....

Still coincidence?

MMPete said...

You have to get passed this persecution complex that you have about Latinos but I suspect in your case it is just that you don't want illegals to be caught rather than a real persecution complex if you really want to be honest about this. I know, I have read enough of your posts to know this.

A tip was given that there were illegals working at that McDonalds. What is ICE to do but to follow that tip and question everybody? It is only those who have something to hide that would have a problem with it.

I remember a road block set up once where LE were looking for a white male that had escaped from jail and I got stopped along with every car with white males in them were questioned. I am sure that any cars with latinos or blacks in them were waved on and not questioned.

We will just have to agree to disagree then because you are consumed by race but moreso you use it as an excuse to allow illegal aliens to remain free in our country. These are just the facts. Sometimes one has to point out the facts no matter how hard it is to admit to them.

MMPete said...

"No one should be chastised because someone else of their same race/color commits a crime. But the problem is, it doesn't happen that way. The poor mom is racially profiled. All Latinos are demonized when 1 brown drunk driver gets into an accident."

Of course they shouldn't but isn't that exactly what you are doing with this "white" militia group by attributing them to the "white" tea party movement, "white" conservatives, "white" ring wingers, etc.?

So are the majority of Americans demonizing all Latinos because of one drunk driver? No, they aren't. Again, you constantly focus on the few rather than the majority. Why?

Anon-az said...

Actually, Padilla DID kill someone.....
Plus, he was no 'innocent' person:

Life before imprisonment

Jose Padilla was born in Brooklyn, New York, but later moved to Chicago, Illinois, where he joined the Maniac Latin Disciples street gang and was arrested several times. During his gang years, he maintained several aliases, such as José Rivera, José Alicea, José Hernandez, and José Ortiz. He was convicted of aggravated assault and manslaughter as a juvenile when a gang member he kicked in the head died
(sound familiar?).

Dee said...

Maybe there are just a high number of terrorist activities happening all over the world and the papers are reporting them.

The internet is the tree of knowledge that we were never supposed to partake from. (Eve ate that apple, remember?)

Dee said...

What you are NOT understanding is the point of my Blogging.

I write to bring the latest Immigration / Political headlines to my readers. I write from a PRO perspective. I mirror the style the ANTIs use on their websites, only from a PRO perspective. (e.g. Breitbart, Drudge, Malkin, etc.) Like them, I am a provocateur. I equal things out. I am in your face. Regardless of what ANTIs (especially Bad Anon or Liquid) do to try and stop me, they cannot shut me up. I am the supporter of those too shy or afraid to speak for themselves. My mission is to bring to light all injustices against Latinos, including Hate Crimes and Racial Profiling and by writing about them, STOP THEM!!

I believe in Truth, Justice, the American Way!! God Bless America!!

Dee said...

Many people have rough childhoods like Padilla did. He served his time for his childhood crimes.

However, as I said, he DID NOT harm anyone when he was sent to military prison without a trial. So much for Innocent until proven guilty as the ANTI commenters are advocating for the Hutaree. I say these domestic terrorists have much more evidence against them than Padilla and should be given the same treatment.

Dee said...

Remember, the Hutaree were planning an overthrow of the government by killing / murdering the Police.

MMPete said...

I don't think anyone is trying to stop you from blogging your point of view. From what I surmise, their objection is that you are constantly making false accusations of those you don't agree with as in the militia group vs the tea party movement. It is hypocritical to object to others lumping all Latinos together as criminals when you do the same thing as in the above. I don't know of many people who lump all Latinos together anyway. Why don't you just ignore those who do since they don't represent the majority of Americans?

Blog if you will but without dishonesty, false accusations and exaggerations.

MMPete said...

Just to be clear here again. I think everyone no matter what their race or ethnicity is innocent till proven guilty. I don't know where you get that the anti movement disagrees with this.

Please post some proof where any anti's said that Padilla shouldn't have been given the same consideration or it won't be believable.

Anti means anti-illegal immigration. Was Padilla an illegal alien? If not, then what does this case have to do with "anti's"?

MMPete said...

At any rate Padilla's actions after reading more about him (and yes he was a U.S. citizen) were un-American. This militia group should suffer the same fate. May ALL terrorists burn in hell.

"According to the text of the ensuing decision from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, Padilla's detention as an "enemy combatant" (pursuant to the President's order) was based on the following reasons:

Padilla was "closely associated with al Qaeda," a designation for loosely knit insurgent groups sharing common ideals and tactics, "with which the United States is at war";
He had engaged in "war-like acts, including conduct in preparation for acts of international terrorism";
He had intelligence that could assist the United States in warding off future terrorist attacks; and
He was a continuing threat to American security".

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