Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tens of Thousands attend 2010 Immigration March on Washington! President Obama Promises to Fix "Broken Immigration System!"

Tens of Thousands of Immigration Reform supporters marched in Washington DC today. In a very peaceful march. They requested the broken Immigration processes be fixed.
President Barack Obama reassured immigration reform advocates that he is committed to working with Congress on a comprehensive bill to fix the "broken immigration system."

In a videotaped message presented on giant screens to the tens of thousands marching on the National Mall, Obama warned of the cost of inaction. He said problems with today's immigration system include families being torn apart, employers gaming the system and police officers struggling to keep communities safe. Obama said he would do everything in his power to forge a bipartisan consensus on immigration reform this year.

Many Immigration Activists are strongly in support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Demonstrators gathered at the National Mall during an immigration rally in Washington D.C. Tens of thousands of demonstrators staged a rally "March For America" on Sunday advocating immigration reform and support for America.


ultima said...

What kind of immigration reform do they propose? They also want to provide " for America". Past versions of CIR and the current Gutierrez bill are the antithesis of "support for America". You cannot support America by weakening our border security; by ignoring the need for internal enforcement as an inherent part of border security. So what are they talking about when they advocate CIR and support for America. Sounds like an oxymoron.

Our immigration system is broken only to the extent that it allows far more legal immigrants to come here and that it fails to enforce our borders against illegal entry. The backlog is not a symptom of a broken system. Rather it is a simple confirmation of the fact that more people (most of the third world and others) want to come here but if we allow it we will have destroyed the goose that laid the golden egg and assure a future America that is a shadow of itself. Why is this so hard to understand? What do these marchers think the ideal population of the United States should be? Where do they think the natural resources will come from for millions of new immigrants? Why do they equate immigration reform with support for America?

In the end, it is not a question of whether we need immigration reform. The question is what kind of CIR, mine, your Gutierrez's, the kind illegals and potential immigrants want, or the kind that will save America from the abyss?

ultima said...

Families are being torn apart only because those who are under a removal order refuse to take their minor children with them and their adult children choose to stay. The solution is entirely in their hands. No government intervention is needed.

Family separation is just a code term for open borders and excessive legal immigration.

Liquid Reigns said...

At least your not spouting the 500,000 or the 200,000 that Causa de Maryland, Causa Oregon and have claimed. All in all maybe 40,000 would be considered a reasonable attendance number, but I would expect that to also be on the high side.

Anonymous said...

how about those who came here legally via H-1b visa. why it is hard for them to have permanent residency and their dependents (H-4) are not allowed to work.... maybe because these illegal can support a big vote. while H-1B or highly skilled workers especially from asia has less right compared to this illegals??? something wrong america

ultima said...

Okay, we agree. Reform our immigration laws along these lines

ultima said...

Some folks who tried to talk with the protesters in Washington experienced two things: either they could not speak English or, those who could, said their objective was to take over the Southwest and either create a new nation under their control or turn the area over to Mexico.

ultima said...

Are these the folks you really want to support?

ultima said...

Sound like folks who appreciate the U.S. and who would make really good citizens. The ICE should have rounded them all up and let them sit in detention until they could prove their bona fides and their loyalty.

ultima said...

Supporting American apparently means supporting the Atzlanistas who want to carve out the Southwest for their own use. These are no loyal Americans. Neither are they those whom we should want to give a pathway to citizenship.

Both of the responses from the marchers show why so many have no sympathy for them. They will destroy the America we know and love. That is plain to see for those who do not have their blinders on.

Dee said...

Ultima, you say "some folks tried to talk to the protesters...." and you said they either couldn't speak English or were Reconquista.

That is so much BS. I saw videos and pictures of the event. We had people there. They were primarily English speakers advocating Immigration Reform. Read their signs/posters. It's all there!

Dee said...

Ultima, The vast majority of those there were citizens. Please do not assume they are illeeeegals just because they are brown.

Dee said...

I suspect your "ole boys" who negatively approached the marchers were "punked" with those silly comments. I know I sometimes pretend not to speak English when one of those pushy salespeople come at me.

Anonymous said...

Oh so NOW they're waving American flags. Now, after they realize that foreign flags, especially Mexican flags, are very offensive to Americans?

What's next, broken English? These people speak Spanish right in front of me. It's RUDE. i can't understand them and suddenly I'M the bad guy if I ask them to speak English?

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Don't buy into the liberal healthcare reform at all. Am a Conservative. Came by to visit your site after seeing your post at Big Government.

While I myself am an American by birth, I have three relatives (married into the family) who are immigrants from Mexico (all in the last 13 years). They support Conservatism.

I want to know more before I make up my mind on the subject.


Dee said...

Why does it offend you if someone speaks Spanish in front of you????
If someone spoke French would you be offended? In Europe, most people speak 3 - 5 languages. I took French and Russian in High School. Would you be offended with those languages? Everyone has a right to speak other languages in our country. You shouldn't be offended by it.

Dee said...

Welcome. I am glad you visited. Please share your feedback. I go over and comment on Big Government every now and then. Now that Andrew is opening up a BigTolerance website, I've promised I will visit more often.

Anon-az said...

"Everyone has a right to speak other languages in our country."

In most cases.

But in some cases it is illegal.

Take for example ham radio. Yes, you can have a conversation in another language, but you are required by Federal law to say your call sign in English.

I mention this only because I have recorded some 30 or so conversations (2-meter 147mhz) here where the entire conversation was in Spanish. The part I find troubling is that I never heard a call sign uttered.

So, so other hams and I opened an investigation to determine if they are they even licensed operators.

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