Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Racist, Murderer Keith Luke Attacks Psychiatrist in Prison. Now in Solitary Confinement and held on $1M Bond

Keith Luke hates minorities. Luke was arrested Jan. 21, 2009, on the murder, rape and other charges of Cape Verdean Immigrants. Prosecutors say he forced his way into a Brockton apartment where he brutally raped and shot a Cape Verdean woman who survived, then fatally shot two other immigrants from Cape Verdean before leading police on a chase through the city. He told police he shot the three victims as part of a plot to kill as many “non-whites” and Jews as possible and planned that night to open fire on bingo players at a local synagogue, according to prosecutors and paperwork filed in court.

Luke is being held in the Plymouth County jail’s Unit G, the section where some of the most dangerous prisoners are held. He is locked in his cell 23 hours a day. When he is let out to shower or go to an enclosed exercise area, he is shackled and under guard. There are no weights in the exercise area and he does not mingle with other prisoners. Since his arrest, Luke has shaved his head, grown a beard and etched a swastika on his forehead.

Security for the 23-year-old Luke is now tighter than ever after his jailhouse attack on a defense psychiatrist hired to examine the murder suspect. Seven court officers and deputy sheriffs flanked Luke when he was arraigned Thursday at Brockton Superior Court on charges stemming from the Jan. 7 attack on Dr. Keith Ablow, a psychiatrist and television personality who was at the jail to begin a mental evaluation of the murder suspect. He was hired to help with Luke's insanity defense. Luke said he attacked him because he didn't agree with his religion. Dr. Ablow is Jewish.

Superior Court Judge Carol Ball made note Thursday of the extra security measures and asked whether Luke needed to return for the next court date on May 6. “Does your client need to be here? Can we not bring him in, given the production that is necessary when you do bring him in?” the judge asked. Luke’s attorney, Joseph Krowski Jr., said he will bring his client in only when necessary. Luke was arraigned on charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, civil rights violation with injury and assault and battery with intent to intimidate. He pleaded innocent to the charges. Ball ordered him held in lieu of $1 million surety or $100,000 cash. Luke is being held without bail, pending trial, in the murder case.

Keith Luke is an admitted White Supremist and an active member of Podblanc.


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Racist Murderer and Raper Keith Luke Attacks his Defense Psychiatrist in Prison for being Jewish - Killing the non-Whites to save the White Race from extinction

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