Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Potential Jurors Cannot Get Past Their Racism Against Latinos to Serve on Murder Trial

Marcelo Lucero was a hard working, legal Immigrant from Ecuador. In November, 2008, while returning to his home in Patchogue, NY, he was brutally murdered. Marcelo was attacked by seven teenagers who named themselves "the Caucasian Crew." This group of wild, angry, unruly teenagers had a habit of going to Latino neighborhoods to assault Latinos each week. They called this violent spree "Beaner Stomping."

Jeffrey Conroy (19) is the first defendant of the Caucasian Crew to go to trial. Members of his Crew have said he is the person who brutally stabbed Marcelo in this vicious HATE CRIME. Conroy even initially confessed to this.

The jury selection for the trial is underway. Last week, after three days of jury selection, about 130 men and women were questioned by the judge, the prosecutor and Mr. Conroy’s defense lawyer in State Supreme Court. Only five were selected; the rest were excused. On Monday, jury selection continued as another roughly 130 were brought in, and more than a dozen were excused by the end of the day. Many jurors have been dismissed due to their views on Illegal Immigration. It is obvious that those consumed with HATE because of their views on Illegal Immigration, allow this HATE to infringe on their ability to serve on a jury about the brutal murder of a LEGAL IMMIGRANT who was murdered because he was LATINO.
n Jury Selection for Hate Crime, a Struggle to Find Tolerance


Vicente Duque said...

Thanks to Dee for Extremely Important Information. We can not forget those that have been killed in the most gruesome form by the most Coward Terrorists.

In the movie "Clockwork Orange" the gang of thugs ( the "Droogs" ) beat and torture an old man, a bum and drunkard, they do that for sadistic pleasure.

And while being beaten the Old Man says "Coward Bastards" ...

The Clockwork Orange was prophetic, it told us about a generation of despicable scoundrels and bastards.

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

So all these prospective jurors who obviously were opposed to illegal immigration equates to hate? How do you know this? Can't anyone just be for the rule of law, object to illegal immigration and not be a hater? Apparently not in your book!

MMPete said...

How do you know what questions were asked of these potential jurors? They just might have said they oppose illegal immigration. This victim was not an illegal anyway so what does illegal immigration have to to do with it?

Why do you assume that hate has anything to do with it why they were disqualified? Can't you ever give anyone the benefit of the doubt? It is not hate to oppose illegal immigration or even too much legal immigraton.

Dee said...

Read what the jurors themselves said. They said their views about illegal immigration prevented them from having impartial views and sitting on a jury. Don't you see? They cannot see beyond Brown! To them, brown = "illeeegal". And to them, that means killing/stabbing an innocent brown person walking home is NOT a crime! Horrible!!! That means ALL brown people are potential victims of the Caucasian Crew!

"A young woman said that her father, a mechanic, has a “huge opinion about illegal immigration,” and that his views on the subject have “become my opinions as well.” A man told Justice Doyle that his house was broken into by illegal immigrants while he was sleeping, a fact that he said would affect his ability to be fair and impartial."

MMPete said...

But the victim wasn't an illegal alien so why was that question even posed to the potential jurors?

What does "brown" have to do with it? All illegals or legals are not brown.

MMPete said...

Wait a minute here. I had not read the article yet. I surmise from the article that the victim was not a legal immigrant but indeed an illegal alien. Not that it matters because murder is murder but now I can at least see why some potential jurors felt they couldn't be biased and were not chosen for the trial.

You also failed to mention the number of potential jurors who were hispanic or had hispanic family members that were also declined because they admitted that THEY also would be biased for the victim and his family.

It would help if you told the entire story rather than just the part of it that supported your agenda in your own summation of the article.

Anonymous said...

They can't get pass their racism? What has racism to do with it? They said they had a problem with illegal immigraton. Illegal aliens aren't just Latinos. Objecting to illegal immigration is not a race issue.

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