Friday, June 20, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Soap Opera Politics Vol 1, Issue 11: McCain Woos Latino Voters Like his Last Secret Mistress!!

McCain is secretly wooing Latino Voters, after dark, hidden from the news media, like an ashamed mistress!! If he is so ashamed, why does he bother to make the effort?

WASHINGTON, June 19 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- John McCain held a town hall meeting with Latinos in Chicago, Illinois (late) last night, but unlike all of his other town hall meetings, this one took place behind closed doors. One hundred pre-screened Latinos were bused in to Chicago for the meeting, but community leaders like Eluid Medina, who heads a neighborhood networking group, were kept out according to a news report. Medina told Diario Hoy that a conversation on the challenges Latinos face, "can't be partisan, the problems affect us all as a community and the meeting should have been open."
McCain´s closed-door town hall meeting with a pre-screened audience comes as recent polls show John McCain has a problem with Latino voters. A recent NBC/WSJ poll "showed Hispanics breaking for Obama 62%-28%" and "a new survey of 800 Latino voters from 21 states finds that 60% of them plan to vote for Obama versus 23% for McCain."


Liquidmicro said...

You really have to listen to what each politician is saying, or rather, what they aren't saying. It's all in how it's said, after all, there telling people what they want to hear just so that they can get into the cushy job and receive all the benefits for doing virtually nothing.

Dee said...

I agree Liquid, but also, actions speak louder than words.

To bring in all these so called Latino political leaders, under cover of night, smacks of political pandering.

I dont like it. (My side)
You dont like it. (Your side)

Neither side likes it!!!
Except those whose pockets are being filled!

patriot said...

According to a Latina conservative on Dobbs today, it wasn't a secret meeting but a private one. My guess is that McCain wanted to address the issue of illegal immigration with a few influential Latinos whom he felt would probably pass the word to their constituents as to what he "promised" to do about illegal immigration. It is my understanding that they heard what they wanted to hear and McCain has flipped-flopped all over again (a typical politician pandering for votes).

I wouldn't hold my breath over anything that McCain or Obama promises pre-election. Once in the White House, those promises won't be kept. They rarely are.

ultima said...

Everyone knows what the Latinos want. They want our country to be like the one they left. By the end of this century they will get their wish. Unfortunately most of those who support CIR, amnesty, birthright citizenship, a bilingual country until Spanish supplants English entirely, an exploding population against a backdrop of finite resources, etc. will not be alive to witness the harm they have done and the demise of the America we all know and love.

We know what McCain is up to but he is our SOB so many of us will support him in November. Meanwhile Obama will have bought the election with the hundreds of millions of dollars he has received in contributions -- and don't be fooled into thinking these are all $5 donations from college students who should know better but don't. A bunch of his money comes from his Hollywood friends who contribute the maximum of $4600 each plus whatever they choose to contribute to 527s like Move On, originally funded by billionaire Sorry George Soros.

The Obama strategy is to make McCain defend the red turf using up much of his contributions, thereby leaving Obama to freely exploit the purple states and the blue states.

Here's one vote and few bucks he won't get.

anon 1 said...

Pat, when you start a sentence with, "According to a Latina conservative on **Dobbs today**," I stop reading. That man is a racist/conservative jerk who has no business being on TV.

patriot said...

anon, well that is your baseless opinion of Dobbs. I don't agree with you. But according to the pro-illegals anyone who is opposed to illegal immigration and wants our immmigraton laws enforced is a racist anyway.

My point was that a Latina conservative said the meeting that McCain held with some Hispanics was not a secret it was just a private meeting.

Dee said...

What´s the difference? Secret or Private? Here is what says. Looks the same to me!! The rest of us are still EXCLUDED!!

. Secret: done, made, or conducted without the knowledge of others

. Private: confined to or intended only for the persons immediately concerned; confidential: a private meeting.

patriot said...

As I said, I believe that McCain wanted to address some influential Latinos who would pass the word down to their constituents rather than dealing with a big crowd all wanting to ask the same questions. They heard what they and their constituents wanted to hear and McCain reach his objective of pandering for votes with his empty promises. It is what it is. That's politics.

patriot said...

Perhaps there should have been some communication between these elite Latinos invited to the private meeting and regular Latino citizens on this matter before they agreed to attend. They could have refused to attend the meeting if they thought that regular Latino citizens would feel slighted by it. Evidently they didn't think so.

disnne said...

McCain is a jerk you can't trust. He will not get my vote and neither will Obama, the liar who pretends he doesn't know his racist, criminal cronies.

patriot said...

I agree dianne. I don't trust either McCain or Obama. Neither will get my vote either. I would have voted for Hillary if she had gotten the nomination even though I am a Republican but it was only because she was a bit more tolerable than the other two.

scottynx said...

Anon1 writes: "Pat, when you start a sentence with, "According to a Latina conservative on **Dobbs today**," I stop reading. That man is a racist/conservative jerk who has no business being on TV."

Anon1's comment shows that being for legal immigration, as Lou Dobbs is, isn't a shield from being called a racist. Lou Dobbs has come out in favor of "doubling or tripling" legal immigration. For pro-immigration types, you have to be pro-legalization of illegals *and* be for expanding legal immigration. If you are against one or the other, you can still be called a racist by those without arguments.

patriot said...

scotty, you nailed it! Also if you want the borders secured FIRST before anything is done about the illegals already here (even if you are in favor of legalizing some of them afterwards) you are called a racist. It is their way or the highway!

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