Thursday, June 26, 2008

Denver Politics: ANTI supporters Cheer Racism on House Floor meanwhile Congresswoman Receives Death Threats for Keeping Rules of Order!

Members of Colorado Congress are on a Rocky Mountain Low! First, a radical member makes a racist statement from the floor. Then, the Congresswoman who admonishes him for his heinous remark reports she is receiving death threats for doing her job in keeping order and ANTI Rusty Woolridge cheers on the Racist! What is happening in Colorado??
DenverPost reports:
Disparaging remarks aimed at migrant workers got resident House rabble-rouser Douglas Bruce banned from speaking on a temporary-worker bill today. "We don't need 5,000 more illiterate peasants in the state of Colorado," Bruce, R-Colorado Springs, told the chamber to an audible gasp. Rep. Kathleen Curry, leading the House at the time, immediately barred Bruce from speaking at the podium, an uncommon maneuver.
"How dare you?" she asked Bruce, before House members moved back to discussion of a bill aimed at helping seasonal farm workers from other countries enter the state legally on a temporary basis. The pilot program, which sets up liaisons in Mexico to assist foreign workers, would allow up to 5,000 laborers into Colorado over five years.
Other Denver Post Headlines about Racist Bruce:
Colorado Lawmaker Reports Threats After Chastising Colleague Over Immigration Remark
Gunnison Democrat Kathleen Curry said she has been bombarded with threatening e-mails and telephone messages since bringing down the gavel Monday. She was responding to a comment made by Colorado Springs Republican Rep. Douglas Bruce, who referred to Mexican immigrants as "illiterate peasants." Curry gaveled down and said "How dare you!" after Bruce's remark, then told him he was no longer recognized to speak at the podium. 7NEWS has learned she's not the only lawmaker receiving threats. Republicans and Democrats who have spoken out about Bruce's remarks have also received hate mail. Bruce also told 7NEWS he has received more than 900 e-mails, and many of them were threatening in nature.
Meanwhile, ANTI Zealot, Rusty Woolridge Cheers Racist Bruce, calling his peer a "Crusader" and Condones Death Threats by making Fun of the honorable Congresswoman for keeping the Rule of Order: State legislator Curry slipped sideways in her chair with indignation when Representative Douglas Bruce said, “We don’t need 5,000 more illiterate peasants in Colorado.” Her wig twisted into a twit; her lipstick blushed; her dignity fell away; and her courage slammed down with the gavel. “You’re finished at the podium,” Curry snarled. “How dare you!” Once again, Crusader Rabbit Bruce struck a nerve, said it like it is, and dumped a load of reality right into the Colorado legislatures’ laps. He slapped them upside the head! He said what is on every Coloradan’s mind! What’s that, you drawl as you spit another mouthful of chew to the pavement? “Splat!” .. You gotta’ thank gutsy Crusader Rabbit Bruce for his awesome ability to stand up to the single most destructive force in Colorado: politically correct horse manure! Peter Boyles may be the only other man not afflicted by the PC disease. Yippee ki yea!


patriot said...

Don't use what terms? Everything I posted were quotes from the link that YOU provided, none of them were MY words! Where is the link to Woolbridge condoning death threats of Congressman Curry?

Anonymous said...

Pro illegals cheer 500,000 illegals sucking Colorado dry!

Liquidmicro said...

Why the posting of something that happened over 5 months ago? The article you link to is over a month old. This is old news, nobody cares anymore about this. Waste of time and effort on your behalf.

Liquidmicro said...

I find it interesting that, Dee is chastising Pat for printing what was stated by Bruce, yet in another topic it is OK for her to do the very same thing by calling Arpaio 'Nicklebag', don't you just love the hypocrisy, you be the judge.

patriot said...

Not only that liquid but dee herself used that term in her summation of the article. Weird, huh?

Symsess said...

Frosty Wooldridge is the guy who advocated the rhetoric. He's from the camp that believes in ending immigration because of the environment. He also believes we should legalize drugs so the drug enforcement officers can start fighting the terrosits that will, as he says, begin using boats to infiltrate our every border. Essentially he tries to play on people's fear.

Dee said...

Pat, I did not post those quotes on my page. If one wants to go read Frosty´s rabid opinions, they are free to do so. Shameful!!
I do not want them on my blog. I only provide link to the entire article as valid reference.

Dee said...

Bruce was wrong for making those racist comments. Woolridge supporting Bruce does not surprise me. This just proves how wrong his opinion is and always is!

patriot said...

Go back and read what YOU yourself quoted under your topic heading after your link to the Denver Post and also you used that term twice more after that.

What bothers you is that I posted Bruce's very compelling explanation why he used that term in the first place ( I am not saying that he should have used that term, however). It is the facts and statistics that bothered you the most.

Dee said...

Liquid, Yes it happened in March but this guy is up for re election and it is important people know what a nutcase he is!

Dee said...

The one line heinous quote was used, then Curry´admonishment of him. That was all that was needed to state the case for his wrong-doings.

dianne said...

I don't visit any other blogs that "specialize" in illegal immigration matters so maybe I'm not an expert in who says what or who does what on the blogs, BUT I do know that what Dee calls heinous or racist in relation to what someone says or things like detention centers have equally abominable or worse real life examples of things committed by illegal immigrants all over this country. Just this week in my county which is fast becoming home to many illegals, we had an illegal cock fighting ring broken up with roosters found chained to barrels and large sums of money confiscated suggesting gambling in the operation. Two people, one illegal, have already been arrested. It is reported that hundreds of people attended these "heinous" events on a regular basis. We've also had cases of identity theft, hit and run is becoming uncomfortably common and lots of drunk driving and driving without licenses or insurance. Most frightening, however, are Hispanic gangs which have primarily been in the inner city now relocating to the burbs and rural areas where I live. I, myself, have seen the tattoo signatures and heard my little town buzzing about drug deals, etc.

That's my real world. That's what I'm afraid of in addition to all the other problems such as employers knowingly hiring illegals as I've mentioned before on this blog.

We carry on and on in this blog about what somebody says or how it's interpreted. What I want to see solved are the things that are happening in my own community. Maybe they're not new to Texas or Arizona or California, but they're just getting a foothold here and I don't like it and neither do any other people living here.

How come I don't hear anything from the pro side on these kinds of matters? Surely we all want to eliminate crime. Surely we all want nice, safe places to live don't we?

Dee said...

I know you live in Kansas in a rural area. A few years ago, I lived in a suburb in KC myself. I dont remember any cock fights in town. I do remember inner city crime, street people walking the streets, especially at night. People begging for change. I also recall the parking ramps closing downtown KC at 7pm and all the business people hurrying out of town before then.
KC wasn´t too different from other metro areas I worked in, like Chicago or Detroit. Poverty is all over. I dont blame it on any one ethnic group. Perhaps some blame can go on greed, business and government. Some on the individuals. Maybe some on all of us.

Obama talks about having discussions on race and poverty in America. Maybe it is needed.

Dee said...

Part of the problem is the Meth and Drug crisis we are facing in our country. I understand it is hitting the rural areas as strongly as the urban areas. None of us live in Mayberry anymore. Meth is the one drug users can make in their own kitchens. Its cheap and I understand the ingredients can be purchased at your neighborhood grocery store. We have guns and violence everywhere. Columbine and other atrocities happening everywhere. How do we stop any of these heinous activies? Who do we blame??

patriot said...

dianne said "most" of the problems were related to illegal aliens not citizens of which you failed to address or acknowledge. Surprise, suprise!

The Mayberry concept of which you hate so much because it was a time when we weren't flooded with illegal aliens and the white majority was even larger was a time when Americans would not have tolerated what is going on today. It was a time when PCism wasn't heard of yet and the kind of patriotism there was back then is something you would never have understood or never will.

Anonymous said...

Interesting picture you show with your post. Appears to be "hillbillies". First, you are mocking some of your fellow Americans, but in actuality not who you would think live in Colorado. Are you prejudice aginst people who live in the south? It is my understandings that there are millions of illegals living in the south as they are living in just about every state in the U.S.

Dee said...

Actually Anon, the cartoon is of Bruce and Woolridge. I did put their names on their shirts in case you didnt notice.
Based on history, Bruce has a few screws loose. Many say the same about Woolridge!

Why, do you think this is a cartoon is about a group in a particular area? Makes me wonder about your agenda!

Dee said...

Sorry Pat. No she didnt.
I like Dianne, but to be clear, she made several references.
1. Her county is fast becoming home to illegals.
2. An illegal cock fighting ring was "broken up" and two of the people running it were "illegal."
3. Hundreds of people attended these events.
4. There are cases of identity theft in her area.
5. Some hit and runs and drunk driving.
6. There are Hispanic gangs moving to her suburb and she can tell who they are by their tattoos.

Except for the two people arrested (I am guessing she confirmed this in the paper), how does she know any of the people in 1 - 6 are illegal? All she knows is they are Hispanic.

Second, wasnt there a big time football player recently arrested for dog fighting with many people attending? Isnt this similar? How do we know any of the people in any of the events are illegal?

Third, I know the suburbs she is referencing. She probably saw a Latino citizen kid with a rub on tattoo and just assumed he was "illeegal".

I cited real examples. I worked in downtown KC. There were hundreds of street people. They did lock the parking ramps up after 7pm.

We also have a huge meth crisis in our country, innercity and suburbs and most of the addicts are citizens. Go to the meth websites. They talk about it extensively.

Dont try to blame all of the problems in the world on Latinos. It is just plain wrong.

Dee said...

Just as an fyi and this is just a side subject but a little related to what Dianne is saying.

I have visited San Antonio every year since I was a little girl. I have family there and many live on the South side. SA is a majority minority city and the southside is primarily Latino.

In all the times I have visited, anywhere in the city, I have never seen a Latino begging for money. Never. I do see street vendors. I see little old ladies or men with little vendor carts selling homemade flowers or trinkets. I see thousands of little restaurants where they work from desk to dawn making tortillas, tamales, menudo and barbacoa. But I never see any Latinos begging for money.

Anon4 said...

I believe that Dee’s reference to a big time football player that had dog fighting on his property was Michael Vick of the Atlanta Falcons. Here is the Wikipedia link.

Anon4 said...

Can't seem to make a correction to the link name. After the


it should read as follows:


patriot said...

Where did I blame Latinos for all of our woes? Are you blurring the line between the illegal and the legal ones again? When you accuse me of blaming Latinos for anything you had better differentiate between those two groups because there is a whole heck of a lot of difference even though you hate to admit it!

patriot said...

And just who said that they saw Latinos begging for money? No one that I know of in this blog so what is your point?

patriot said...

Uh, dog and cock fighting are not part of Anglo or Black culture and you rarely here of it in regards to them. One case doesn't mean squat. It is wrong though in my opinion no matter who you are.

Dee said...

You are right. It was Vick. Thank you for the Vick link

Here is another link. The reports say illegal, violent dog fighting is thriving in the US:

Anonymous said...

Just got back from 3 days out of town and can't believe this thread is still going.

Dee, I like you too. But, please, I may be from Kansas but I'm not naive. I know the diff tween temp tattoos and real ones. My usual information comes from the daily Johnson County sheriff's report. I can show you some tattoo mug shots from people arrested in my town, illegal immigrants. Scarey, gang tattoos.

I can also show you KC Star articles of illegal immigrants arrested at that damn plant in De Soto where illegals have been arrested for identity theft multiple times but let go because ICE doesn't pick them up.

As for the cock fight, they are (according to the news) calling it an international operation. Two have been arrested so far, one of them illegal. Investigation is still on-going.

My point is illegal immigration, cock fighting, crime, they are all rather new to my little town and I fear it is going to get worse.

You talk about Mayberry all the time and how there is no Mayberry anymore. Well, we're not Mayberry, never have been, and don't have to accept crime in our community, especially crime committed by non-citizens.

I am not some hayseed because I live in a small town. I was Director of Regulatory Affairs for an international corporation you and everybody else have heard of.

patriot said...

anon, to dee Mayberry is just a concept that represents a majority white America of which we have always been and she can't stand that! She can't wait for Hispanics to become the majority in this country (even though they are already the majority in 22 other countries). Filling it up with mostly Hispanic illegals will help accomplish her agenda and that is why she is pro-illegal.

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