Monday, June 30, 2008

Breaking News: Minutemen Planning "Operation Secure America Now!" July 3 - 6

Border Residents Beware and Be Careful next weekend! The Minuteman Civil Defense Corp (MCDC) is planning a four day event at their Border Camp near Campo, California starting on July 3, 2008 and running through July 6, 2008. Special Guests to the event include MCDC Leader, Chris Simcox who recently called for "Operation Open Season" (as I reported, the next weekend, 3 Mexicans shot and 1 murdered on the Mexican side of the Border). Also due to attend: San Diego MM Leader, Jeff Schwilk who was the 1st to report those shootings. We are waiting to see if Hal Turner will be attending. He was the 1st to acknowledge responsibility for the shootings. It is expected that members from Save our State and the heinous Mountain Minutemen (who posted shootings of Mexicans on You Tube) will also be in attendance.
The event is being held at the MCDC Camp near Campo they call "Camp Vigilance."

Here is their agenda:
July 3: Set up Camp, Border Tours & Training for Border Watchers
July 4: Full day event of speakers. (many ANTI political candidates including Duncan Hunter)
July 5, 6: Operation TBS (Turn Back South) Around the Clock Border Watch and Lockdown of the Border.
All of us need to be aware of this event and watch for any random shootings and murders in the Campo area. This means BOTH SIDES of the Border! BE ON ALERT!!!!


patriot said...

Dee, why do you continue to do this? Chris Simcox said that OUR GOVERNMENT IS CALLING OPEN SEASON ON AMERICANS by not securing the border and taking the National Guard off the border. He DIDN'T declare open season on illegal aliens by the MM organization. Please explain why you purposely misquoted him yet again.

The fact that three Mexicans got shot on their side of the border has nothing to do with it and no MM have been arrested for that. Why do you do this, dee?

Dee said...

You might trust Simcox, Schwilk, Turner, SOS and the Mountain MMs, but I do not. I believe Gilchrist when he talked about the MMs being infiltrated with violent angry crooks. I beleive Hal Turner when he took credit for the border murders in Mexico and said, ""Got 3 more! At Least Three Shot Trying To Cross U.S. - Mexico Border: Our People are now actively shooting illegal aliens and we will continue to do so."

I am doing my duty and alerting ALL of America and ALL Border residence. BE ON ALERT!!! BE CAREFUL!! Get your Cameras Ready and get the Murderers on Tape! Then WE can take them to Justice!!

I invite all Border Residence to send me the tapes of ANY MM Violence!! I will post it here!! I will alert the police! I will keep your names Confidential so you will be SAFE!!!

Dee said...

my email is

Anonymous said...

Border residents don't read this blog as far as I have seen. Perhaps, you should go there, film the event yourself and if there is any violence, give the tape to the authorities and post it on your blog.

patriot said...

It isn't about whom I trust and don't trust, dee. It is about you twisting what Simcox actually said and that is just plain dishonest and you keep repeating that same lie over and over in here. Have you no shame or conscience about that?

Anonymous said...

Gilchrist IS the violent greedy Minuteman in the movement.

Dee said...

Dont worry Anon. We PROs have plenty of people on the Borders watching and taping this weekend.

Dee said...

Anon, You sound like you know Gilchrist. Do you? Are you affiliated to Schwilk?

Anonymous said...

2nd cousin once removed. lol

ultima said...

The SPLC polemical issomewhat related to this topic so I will add my comments here related to that video.

I note that the SPLC speaker in the video failed abjectly to address the real issues other than to mention them in passing. Where are her substantive answers to the questions regarding the flood of illegals and immigrants and what this portends for our country and Western civilization?

In other words she didn't contest the facts of the matter and instead merely tried to paint all the organizations opposed to illegal aliens and excessive legal immigration with the same broad brush. This is a tactic which tends to undermine her basic argument that these organizations are racist top to bottom, allowing no room for those who use them as vehicles to express their heartfelt concerns about the future of our country. The fact that some of those involved are racist does not justify labeling the organizations or everyone involved in them as racist. Some will recall the so-called witch hunts for communists in government, entertainment industries, and other areas in the mid 1950s. It turned out that those accusations were largely true but that did not justify painting everyone in government and the entertainment industry as communists.

Perhaps the SPLC could identify some right wing conservative organizations that oppose illegal aliens and excessive legal immigration that it would not consider racist. I thought not!

One point here is that the Center for Immigration Research has produced a variety of scholarly research papers which bear on this problem. If there is any issue to be taken with those papers, it should be on the basis of their individual merits and the facts and analysis on which they are based rather than the source of funding, if any, that is tainted by a few racist elements that happen to be part of the organization network and which cannot be readily excluded from participation. The dialog is enhanced by the presence of disparate points of view just as it is on this website.

Again we have run up against ad hominem arguments in which the emotional terms of "behind the veil" and "America's Anti-Immigration Network" are substituted for rational discourse or any attempt to disprove the facts presented by the pro-legal, immigration limitation supporters.

I am a supporter and contributor to NumbersUSA and am thankful to have the services it offers that permit me to stay on top of developments in Washington and elsewhere regarding topics of great importance to me, as they should be to all Americans.

As regards research into these matters, must we limit ourselves to the constant barrage of ultra left wing propaganda unsupported by thorough, peer-reviewed commentary?

In the end, it doesn't really make any difference whether John Tanton is a racist or that his initial organization spawned a number of other related organizations in an American pro-legal, pro-immigration limitation network. What matters is that this network has enabled ordinary citizens to express themselves on these vital issues, something they would not have been able to do in the absence of this network. Taking advantage of the network does not require anyone to share the racist views of any of the founders or other members of the network. They are free to study and develop their own ideas and to accept or reject any effort to influence congress one way or another. It should be obvious to all concerned, however, that there is a clear and present danger to our country, its language, its culture, and the best tenets of Western civilization and the inventiveness it represents. Let's see what was that count again of the number of Nobel prizes in science, engineering and medicine won by Latin Americans? Is that where we are headed? A new period like the Dark Ages?

All I can say to our friends among the pro-illegals is--think! Think outside the ethnic origin box!

ultima said...

"Get your Cameras Ready and get the Murderers on Tape! Then WE can take them to Justice!!"

If this quote had said "get the illegals on tape", we could perhaps have excused your obvious biases. Obviously, plenty of illegals have been caught on tape with little effect.

ultima said...

What is the appropriate punishment for illegals caught on tape? Should they simply be returned across the border for their next try within a matter of hours? This is a measure of how committed you are to border security>

ultima said...

"Anti Hate Groups" is just hyperbole. Little of the opposition to illegal immigration has any relationship to "hate". "Hate" is a vastly overused ad hominem term intended only for fearmongering. I suspect that the vast majority of the opposition to illegal immigration has nothing to do with hate. It has everything to do with the real threat to everything we all hold dear about America

Dee said...

Your issue re SPLC video reminds me of the Chicken and Egg argument.

What CAME first. John Tanton, touting his racist views? Or Big Business and the various administrations exploiting workers, bringing them into the US to do the work Americans won’t do?

Your side does not like SPLC exposing the truth. That is clear.
It is time Tanton and all of the groups he formed are outed. FAIR, NumbersUSA, ProAM PAC..and their history is known to the public.

You cannot refute a word the speaker says. Instead, you look to the alternate argument, which is:
Yes, we did bring in all the workers from Latin America to do the work Americans wont do. We exploited them and underpaid them.´
What makes your side mad?

You are not angry that the workers were brought here.
But how dare they propagate. How dare they have children and decide they actually want to live here. How dare they have the audacity to want to be Americans.

That is the whole issue here.
Your motives are easy to read!

Dee said...

I visited family last year in Eagle Pass which is on the US-MX border. We went to a cemetery to visit my sister in laws father´s grave. We found his grave, but we also saw that a full third of the cemetery was devoted to white crosses, full with the unknown, dead border crossers, the paupers cemetery. They were found dead in the desert, shot by those seeking target practice, or those who died, so desperate, they risked their lives to seek a better life for their children. It was the saddest site I ever saw.

There is no such thing as Reconquista. Those that die to come here are in search of a dream.
Those that shoot those that try to come here are filled with hate. I know they will reap what they sew times 10 when their own judgement day comes to pass.

I love America. I love our country and all the freedoms we have. I am a proud America, living in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

I dedicate my blog to my Dad. He sought to better his life, his family´s life and those he helped finding jobs in Michigan.

Dee said...

I would ask you Ulty.
What is the appropriate punishment for those who shoot and murder the migrants crossing the desert?

When we catch them on tape, what should their penalty be?

patriot said...

Questons posed by John Tanton that the pro-illegals need to answer honestly without pulling the race card:

Reconquista videos for those still in denial no matter how many times I have posted these (they must have aldheimers or are just bald faced liars):

Phoenician said...

So you're calling for a group to be monitored while trying to help Federal employees in their duties to enforce federal law because.....

You believe that some bad elements within an organization might be breaking the law themselves? Well,I'll admit it's plausible, but how likely? Many murders happen along the border everyday. Just because one group of people whom you disagree with might be their doesn't constitute guilt.

Oh, on a side note.....
If I read Federal Law correctly, it is permissible to shoot someone entering the country ILLEGALLY in a spot other then a Port of Entry. BTW, it is a Federal crime to enter the country in a spot other than a Port of Entry.

But this might have changed.

Personally, I would be down there filming BOTH sides. It would only be fair.

Dee said...

Filming captures the actual events, no sides taken. The guilty will be identified and will have their day in court.

Regarding Federal Law, I believe you are incorrect when you say someone entering the country illegally can be shot at any location other than a port of entry, but if you believe you are correct, please provide the link and we will share it with the readers.

Da Tiger said...

I would like to thank Ultima for turning my attention to the number of Nobel prizes in science, engineering and medicine won by Latin Americans. I looked this up in Wikipedia. I found out the following:

Argentina 5
Mexico 3
Chile 3
Guatemala 2
Brazil 1
Colombia 1
Costa Rica 1
Venezuela 1

Plus, I found an additional 3 more Hispanics living in the USA and 2 living in the UK. So there was a total of 22 Latin Americans. Plus there was an additional 7 from Spain that I did not count as Latin Americans. The USA had the highest number of Nobel prizes (304) and the UK came in second (114). The really interesting thing here is that a large number of these recipients did not already live here, but immigrated here. This means that the best and brightest from ALL countries migrate to these two countries ( and perhaps Germany too).
Something else caught my eye in the raw statistics. The following list illustrates that of the total of 918 Nobel prizes awarded since 1901, there has been a disproportional amount of prizes awarded to people living very close to Sweden, home of the Nobel prize.

United Kingdom 114
Germany 100
France 54
Sweden 28
Switzerland 25
Russia 22
Italy 20
Austria 19
The Netherlands 18
Denmark 13
Belgium 11
Norway 11

In conclusion, I think that counting the number of Nobel prizes for each country is not a fair representation of the aptitude of ANY country. Rather, the Nobel prize is a reflection of certain migration patterns and the proximity to Sweden.
Again, I thank Ultima for this interesting excursion into something new for me. It was very educational.

Dee said...

Da Tiger,
Thank you for a very interesting and thorough analysis. Your conclusion is accurate. Counting the number of Nobel prizes for each country is not a fair representation of the aptitude of ANY country.

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