Thursday, July 3, 2008

Campo Border Towns, Be SAFE! Keep Videos Rolling!

I ask all Campo, CA and Rancho/Tecate, MX residents to be careful and be safe this long holiday weekend. Please keep your cameras rolling.
Please do not go near the Border area, particularly near the Campo Indian Reservation. The minutemen will be out en masse, training new minutemen to "guard the border."


Anonymous said...

Can we have all the people who live in the border area AND post on this blog please step forward and make a comment here? I like to see how many of you actually post on this blog?

Dee said...

Most viewers do not post comments. When I review my eBlogger analytics, I range from 6000 - 10000 viewers a month. My viewers read my homepage. After that, they 1st go in and read my Soap Opera politics blogs. (that surprised me too)

I generally have about a dozen people who post frequently. You are probably aware of LiquidMicro, Ultima, Pat, Anon1, Anon4, a number of anonymous, Dianne, George and a few others from the Pro Blogosphere including symsess. I am linked on several Pro Blogosphere websites.

This past month I have had Jim Gilchrist post, a few "anonymous" minutemen too. Last month, Christie C posted. A few months ago, Barack Obama posted.

Last month, 95% of my readers were from the USA. 20 from Mexico, 78 from Canada, about a dozen from Central and South America. 9 from Africa, 18 from Australia, 7 from Russia, 11 Japan, 3 China, 6 from the Middle East, 40 England, 63 Germany and about 50 from the rest of Europe.

Dee said...

I also get a number of emails from my readers. In fact, I just received a few from the MMs that I am still thinking about posting in a blog. I may later today.

The ANTIs on my blog that debate with me are intelligent, civil and non violent. They have broadened my view point. They also help me rationalize and improve my argument. I love my frequent Commenters!

I frequently receive emails from PRO viewers that choose not to debate but enjoy reading the discussions.

I feel both sides have to discuss, civilly and non violently. Violence needs to be stopped and ANYONE who commits violence should be harshly and severely punished by our justice system.

Anonymous said...

God protect our minutemen as they continue to try to protect our country from unwelcome invaders.

patriot said...

Yeah, be on the lookout for patriotic senior citizens toting binoculars and lawn chairs. Run and hide, lol!

Dee said...

It is obvious you are a minuteman.
Are you at the Operation this weekend?
Please give us your perspective.

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