Saturday, July 26, 2008

FINAL KICK IN THE HEAD: Teens charged in beating that killed Mexican National in Race Hate Crime!

Officials charged the high school jock football player murderers in the Mexican National Hate Crime in Pennsylvania case. As we said, the final "kick in the head" murdered him.
Officials say taunts preceded killing
Court documents give this account of the July 12 fatal beating of Luis Ramirez, 25, of Shenandoah:
Ramirez had been traveling in a vehicle with friends Arielle Garcia of Shenandoah and her husband, Victor Garcia-Cruz, about 11:15 p.m.
Ramirez requested to be dropped off at Vine Street Park so he could walk home.
They also dropped off a 15-year-old female relative of Crystal Dillman, 24, of Shenandoah. Dillman is Ramirez’ fiancee.
The 15-year-old walked to her home on nearby Lloyd Street while Ramirez waited at the park.
As she was heading back to the park, a group of six male teens, some of whom had been drinking, began yelling at her and Ramirez.
The comments included, "You should get out of this neighborhood," and "Get your Mexican boyfriend out of here."
Among the teens were Derrick Donchak, 18, Brandon Piekarsky, 16, and Colin Walsh, 17, all of Shenandoah, and a 17-year-old Shenandoah male whose name was not released.
Ramirez walked away on Lloyd Street and called Arielle Garcia on his cell phone to say he was being harassed.
The teens followed him and one of them called Ramirez a "spic."
Ramirez asked him what his problem was.
Piekarsky, Walsh and the 17-year old then ran toward Ramirez and a fight broke out.
Donchak joined the fight.
Ramirez fell to the street and the teens punched and kicked him repeatedly.
Ramirez got back on his feet and the fight moved west down Lloyd Street.
Arielle Garcia and Victor Garcia-Cruz arrived. Garcia-Cruz tried to break up the fight but was punched from behind.
Walsh punched Ramirez in the face, causing Ramirez to fall back and hit his head on the macadam street.
As Ramirez lay unconscious, Piekarsky kicked him in the left side of his head.
The teens ran away.
Ramirez was taken to St. Catherine Medical Center in Ashland, then flown to Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, where he underwent surgery for head injuries.
His condition worsened and he died July 14 at 6:38 a.m.
On July 13, the youths involved in the beating had met to plan how to conceal or limit their involvement in Ramirez’s beating.


Liquidmicro said...

So now Rameriz was dropped off at the park to walk home with some teenage girl? Isn't he engaged to Dillman? Is this guy some kind of Gigilo?

All 3 of these idiots should be held accountable for their actions, however, Rameriz should have just kept walking and ignoring the drunk rednecks.

patriot said...

Gee, I hope this story isn't going to be "exploited" by the pro-side to garner sympathy for illegal aliens now, lol. Touche!

Dee said...

Actually, the girl was sitting in the park. I will have to look up the other article. She was sitting there and she is the 1st one they were harassing. Ramirez was dropped off and like a hero was attempting to help her walk away from the situation. The drunken jocks followed, calling them names, "Why dont you take your boyfriend..." Then when the jocks called them ethnic slurs, thats when Ramirez said, "Whats your problem." The fight. Knocked out. Kick in the head.
Obviously there are ethnic tensions in their town. I blame the parents just as much as the children for, at a minimum, condoning the hate.

Dee said...

This has nothing to do with legal or illegal status. The jocks did not ask them for their citizenship papers. The girl was a citizen (paper did not say otherwise). Do you think the jocks said, "Wait, let me see your citizenship papers before I taunt you and murder you?"
This is totally about Race Hate.

I looked at the pictures of the boys (in the link). They look like boys that played football with my sons.
Those boys wrecked their own lives and their own futures after one drunken night of hate.
I agree with Obama. We need a race dialogue in this country. We have to stop the hate.

patriot said...

I am not defending the murderers as murder is wrong no matter what but your knickers are in a twist all because he was Latino and his legal status was in question. So you are exploiting that just as you claim the anti's were exploiting the murders of those three men by that illegal alien Ramos recently. It is no different!

patriot said...

The only way we are going to stop the so-called race hate about immigration is to deport all illegal aliens out of this country. Neither Obama nor McCain is willing to do that. If you think legalizing them is going to do it, you have another think coming because if they get rewarded in this manner the resentment will be even more so.

Dee said...

Pat, Nope. Each case is isolated. This case, 3 drunk boys shouted racial slurs, fought then kicked in the head a brown person, just for being brown. They should be charged, but there was a delay due to the friendly neighborhood cops´ reluctance to arrest. My posts were to make sure they were charged.

In the other case, a vicious gang member murdered three members of an innocent family. All Latinos. He was immediately charged (with death threats from vigilantes) and your side is in an uproar wanting the mayor fired and sanctuary city laws rescinded across the country, and yelling all illegal immigrants are murderers.

See the difference?!

Dee said...

Pat, Again we disagree. The only way to stop hate crimes is to arrest and punish to the fullest extent of the law all found guilty.

However, I do agree with Obama we do need to have dialogues on Race in America and put all issues on the table for all to see and develop ideas to resolve.

patriot said...

That is utter BS, dee! Most of the anti's are not calling all illegal aliens murderers. Have you no shame making a false statement like that?

I agree that the mayor should be fired and any others that are harboring and protecting illegal aliens by making their cities sanctuary cities. It is in direct violation of Federal law!

patriot said...

Race isn't a big factor in this country anymore. The big factor is legal or illegal status in this country. Rewarding illegal aliens with legalization will only fuel the fires of resentment.

Dee said...

Race is a big factor in America. I have been watching the CNN specials on Black in America. They are hosted by Soledad OBrien. The show is excellent!!

patriot said...

It isn't any wheres near the factor that it once was. Most Americans are more concered about illegal aliens in this country than the color of one's skin.

Dee said...

Judge Jackson, the judge you mentioned in the court case against the employer, says there are continued racial issues.

patriot said...

I never said that racism doens't exist anymore. What I said is that it isn't wheres near the factor that it once was. It isn't a race or skin color issue with most anti's who oppose illegal immigation.

Anonymous said...

I live about 10 minutes away from Shenandoah, and I actually work with a family in Shenandoah so I'm there daily. I know a few things that aren't being said in this article, like the girl was Crystal Dillman's little sister, so yes, she is an American Citizen. Also, the fight was started with a NON-RACIAL phrase- "Isn't it a little late for you to be out," something to that effect. So, the boys didn't pick a fight with him simply based on the fact that he was 'brown.' The fight escalated, and Ramirez said things to the boys, and from what I understand from people that knew the football players, Ramirez actually threw the first punch.

I'm not saying this man deserved to die by ANY means, however, I really think people should try to consider what happened on both sides of the story. I mean, Dee is totally right -the boys have totally ruined their lives already!

Dee said...

Anonymous, I feel sorry for the boys. I think they allowed others to guide them in their hate. I do not think the hate originated with them. My sons played football. I know how the "team talk" goes. I know how the "one upmanship" goes.

The problem is, they did make some very hateful comments. Then, after Ramirez was down on the ground, they kicked him in the head, like a football, and killed him.

No one disputes these facts.

Then, the former officer heard them say the racial epiteths as they were running away.

No one disputes these facts.

Then, two days later, they threated the witness saying she better not say or else (racial epiteths included).

Most people do not dispute these facts.

Now, it is up to the courts and the jury to decide.

The rest of us can say, gossip or talk or try to sway and input their own agendas. None of these agendas matter.

The end result will be, several lives are destroyed due to hate. Much of this due to race hate.

The facts are, we as a country, have to change. We have to stop the hate. We need to come together as a country. We need to resolve our Immigration issues. No one group is at fault, but the facts are, our policies are in total disarray.

Lets stop fighting and start working together. For ALL of our sakes, especially for the children.

Liquidmiccro said...

Seems your turning a normal fight into a racial and hate filled killing, when it was not. What were you saying about the SF situation? Yet here you are doing it here.

Granted, the whole story isn't out there as of yet, but piece mealing it together does not come up to the hate filled racial killing you claim it to be.

In-voluntary manslaughter will probably be what the boy(s) are convicted on for the fatal blow, but the other(s) will probably be let off with a lesser offense of simple fighting.

Your own words, Dee:
"Now, it is up to the courts and the jury to decide."

Yet you turn around and call it:
"The end result will be, several lives are destroyed due to hate. Much of this due to race hate."

Yet, thats not what has come out from a conviction, your own hearsay and gossip to further your own agenda is hypocrisy on your own behalf.

Dee said...

Liquid, I do leave it up to the courts to decide, in both cases. In the other case, it was a horrible gang banger killing a totally innocent Latino family with an assault weapon.
In this case, I went back and have now shown the actual verbiage from the court documents.
The stomp in the chest and that final kick in the head killed him. I think most of this had to do with alcohol. I remember when my sons were playing football in high school. A few of the boys drank at parties and did get out of control. Some of the parents allowed drinking in their homes. In this case, these boys wasted their entire lives. And yes, you know as well as I do race was an issue. Ramirez had been working with friends and they dropped off him and his wifes sister so he could walk her to her house then proceed home. His wifes sister was white. Ramirez was Latino. This is what the drunken boys saw when they started taunting them. I again say, let the courts decide whether it was a hate crime or just drunken murder.
One thing is very clear. There are a number of wasted lives as a result of what happened.

Liquidmicro said...

Dee says:
"I again say, let the courts decide whether it was a hate crime or just drunken murder."

Murder will not stick. To claim it as murder, intentional or not, is a far stretch. Ramirez died after surgery, from complications from surgery.

"Ramirez was taken to St. Catherine Medical Center in Ashland, then flown to Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, where he underwent surgery for head injuries.

His condition worsened and he died July 14 at 6:38 a.m."

Fanelli objected to the open-ended charge of homicide filed against Piekarsky since that allows Schuylkill County District Attorney James A. Goodman to change the charge to first-degree murder.

"No one is suggesting this was a premeditated, planned event," Fanelli said.

Instead, he said, it was a random encounter between a group of teens and Ramirez that involved jawing back and forth and punches being thrown before it escalated.

I'm betting it will come down to Involuntary Manslaughter, or less, for Brandon Piekarski, 16 and Collin Walsh, 17.

Dee said...

Now that the FBI is monitoring this case, I prefer to allow the justice system to do its job. Let the courts decide.

Dee said...

One more thing. The medical examiner said the final kick in the head killed him.

Your line "he died from complications to surgery" is a really really big stretch.

There was another case in their paper. A man who was having an affair punched his wife, knocked her out and threw her in the pool.

I guess you would say he didnt murder her because she drowned.

Liquidmicro said...

Two totally different scenarios. Throwing someone in the pool while unconscious, you have intent by knowing what the outcome is, drowning.

By punching someone and kicking them, it is not the same as continuing to throw them in the pool. Death was not foreseeable, nor intended from the punching and kicking.

Your own link provides the "Ramirez was taken to St. Catherine Medical Center in Ashland, then flown to Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, where he underwent surgery for head injuries.

His condition worsened and he died July 14 at 6:38 a.m."

So, as you can now see, I have not stretched anything, I only opened your eyes to what your very own link is stating.

Your accusation of "murder", Rameriz would have been dead at the site of the fight. Which is not the case nor the fact.

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