Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nickelbag Joe Arpaio, Media Hound, Racist or Nut, Part 2

Sheriff Joe took his hounds out in search of another celebrity. This time he arrested rapper DMX in a crowded Mall on a Saturday afternoon for an unpaid hospital bill from March. He called the media in advance to alert them to the arrest. Joe responded to his AP interviewer, "“He’s (DMX) back in jail again. I don’t know why judges keep letting this guy out. Every time he goes in there, he gets out on bond. I’m hoping this is the one time he’s going to pay the penalty for his offense.” The sheriff went on to say that DMX is to be jailed in isolation from the other inmates for his own safety. He told AP, “They may not like his music.”

What gives? Last month he held a media circus to take away a toy badge from Shaq just because he didn´t like a rap song Shaq sang, now this. Apparently Nickelbag needs daily attention!


Liquidmicro said...

What no link to the story. What about all the rest you left out?

Well, here is the AP article in its entirety:

Rapper DMX was arrested at a Phoenix mall Saturday on suspicion that he gave a gave a false name and Social Security number to a hospital to get out of paying for medical expenses.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said that when DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, went to Scottsdale's Mayo Clinic in April, he used the name "Troy Jones" and failed to pay a $7,500 bill.

DMX's Scottsdale attorney, Cameron Morgan, declined to comment.

Arpaio said his office began investigating the charge following an animal neglect investigation last year at the 37-year-old rapper's north Phoenix home. DMX was arrested in that case on felony drug possession and misdemeanor animal cruelty charges after authorities seized 12 pit bull dogs and dug up the remains of three others.

The musician/actor has had other recent run-ins with the law, including an arrest at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport earlier this month on outstanding warrants after he failed to appear in court.

The week before, he was arrested in Miami on charges of attempting to purchase cocaine and marijuana.

"He's back in jail again," Arpaio said. "I don't know why judges keep letting this guy out. Every time he goes in there, he gets out on bond.

"I'm hoping this is the one time he's going to pay the penalty for his offense," he added.

Arpaio said the bond had not been set in the recent arrest.

If DMX remains jailed, the sheriff said he would be isolated from the rest of the inmates for his own safety. "They may not like his music," he said.

You are trying to hard to make Arpaio look bad, get over it already.

dianne said...

There is irony to this story. As much of a scum bag as DMX is, you see what happens to American citizens when they don't pay their hospital bills as opposed to illegal immigrants who walk out scot free on the taxpayer's dollar.

Dee said...

Innocent until proven guilty. So far, all we know is there is "suspicion" a false ID was used. These are ALLEGATIONS. This is all due to a non paid hospital from 4 months ago. Why the media onslought?
Gee Liquid. You defend the innocence of the employers but you deem anyone Nickleback media hound arrests as Guilty!
Double Talk!

Dee said...

No. If all the citizens who didnt pay or were delayed in paying a hospital bill were lined up, there would be millions in line.

Nickleback just wants the media attention, plain and simple!

patriot said...

"Innocent until proven guilty." You might want to remember that the next time you have convicted an employer before an investigation is complete or you will have to eat your own words.

Yes, many Americans have left unpaid hospital bills. All the more reason not to import illegals doing the same thing.

Liquidmicro said...

All I did was give the entire story, I have not assumed guilt or innocence on anybody. Your accusations of me are unwarranted and inaccurate. Your ignorance of my position and what I posted is no excuse to attempt to rake me over the coals, your biasness is showing again.

The Arizonian said...

"Nickleback just wants the media attention, plain and simple!"

Am I the only that understands what Arpaio is trying to do?

He's showing the people that NO ONE is above the law. That's why he goes after everyone that is breaking the law. He's validating his existence as Sheriff. It's personally refreshing to see a law enforcement agent showing the public that he is actually doing his job instead of just passing time. I live here in Maricopa County, and see this everyday.

One of the biggest complaints here? That Mesa PD isn't doing their job, and that maybe the MCSO is doing too good of a job.

Dee said...

Gosh, you seem a bit sensitive here. Sorry if my CAPS sounded harsh. My point was DMX is not guilty of anything, as you often point out about the employers. My question is, why is the sheriff coming down so hard, making his media play at a mall on a Saturday, just for a past due bill with Allegations of wrong ID shown?

Dee said...

While I understand your perspective, I don´t agree with you. The perception from many on the outside is he is a bully (with a screw or two loose) looking for attention and he has been this way for quite some time.
I hope George Velez chimes in here. He is a well respected blogger who lives in your area and is Latino. He wrote a letter to the Governor about Arpaio because of the impact the sherriff´s so called suppression sweeps have on him and his family.
Arpaios lust for media attention is impacting real people in your area and I think this is wrong!

patriot said...

You have absolutely no proof that Sheriff Joe is upholding our laws for medial attention rather than being a patriotic American doing his job. He has made a name for himself because it is so rare these days to find that kind of dedicated person in law enforcement. It is the media who focus on him for that reason and not the other way around.

Liquidmicro said...

Dee says:
My point was DMX is not guilty of anything, as you often point out about the employers.

Actually, in order to arrest DMX they had to have an ARREST WARRANT. Somebody in the line thinks him guilty of something, otherwise there would have been no arrest warrant issued. He will have his day in court for the Hospital and/or County to prove his guilt, until then he is innocent until proven guilty. You need to study on how the law works, you need to quit throwing out unsubstantiated accusations. Learn why Arrest Warrants are issued vs. Search Warrants as in Agriprocessors. There is big difference.

Dee said...

Regardless of who thinks he is guilty, joe made a media circus of it for his own person exposure.
(sat, mall, rap star = personal exposure)

justice will prevail.

The Arizonian said...

"making his media play at a mall on a Saturday, just for a past due bill with Allegations of wrong ID shown?"

Maybe because the Valley of The Sun (Phoenix proper) is number one in the world for identity theft? It is a very serious issue here, along with some other very serious issues.

And is DMX too poor to pay for his medical bills? Or is it maybe, just maybe, he is of a criminal mind state and thats why he perpetually breaks the law. Just a short list:
1. Illegal dog fighting
2. Animal cruelty
3. Numerous drug charges
4. Felony speeding
5. Theft
6. Identity theft (allegedly)

I'm sure if I dug around I could come up with more.

"Arpaios lust for media attention is impacting real people in your area and I think this is wrong!"

Isn't that the point of impacting crime?

It's impacted my life as well. I don't have to worry as much when entering a corner store or parking lot where there used to be a bunch of "day laborers" standing around harassing me as I walked into a business.

Why yes, I have plenty of change.

Dee said...

I never feel afraid when I walk near Latinos.

BTW, I really enjoy your feedback. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I think you are a white male in your 30s or 40. Am I right? Family man? Children? Let us know. You can keep it general but just curious.

Liquidmicro said...

Are you equating 'Day Laborers" to Latino's, Dee? I see you are making it personal. Day Laborers can be of any ethnicity, why do you call them Latino's?

Dee said...

Maybe we should ask Arizonian if they were all Latino.

patriot said...

Arizonian didn't say he feared the day laborers, he said he was being harrassed. He could have meant that they were begging him for a job. Don't put words in other's mouths.

The Arizonian said...

"Don't put words in other's mouths."

Thank you Patriot.

First off, I refuse to self-segregate by placing petty labels on myself in order in order to please others.

Second, not that I thought age would have anything to do with it, but I'm in my late 20's. And I'm smart enough not to divulge details of my family.

And no, I don't have a problem walking near "Latinos", as you would label them.

Were the day laborers "latino"? Not sure, I didn't ask. Funny thing about those who work in the sun, they all look the same given enough time.

I don't believe "race" is really an issue. Just people who want to self-segregate themselves off into little groups based on whatever criteria they choose. The powers that-want-to-be love this as well. Saves them the trouble of having to split society into groups themselves.

Dee said...

Pat, Actually the action word in his sentence was "worry". I equated Worry to Fear.

Dee said...

20ish white male from Arizona. That is defined enough for me to give me a picture. I try to visualize commenters here. It makes it easier for the conversation. I´ve done the same for others. Here is my pix of you.

Here are my vizualizations of the others here.

The Arizonian said...

While I respect Stoltz and generally enjoy his movies, the hair is too red, and he's a little pale. Awesome actor though. Especially liked The Prophecy (it had Christopher Walken, one of my favorite actors).

Nice to see that you just can't let someone be a person, but part of some smaller labeled group...

patriot said...

He said worry about being harrassed he didn't say he was worried about being harmed which is what you were implying, dee.

patriot said...

Boy, are you wrong about me looking like "Barney Fife"! Not even close, lol.

anon 1 said...

was Dee mistaken Pat? was it more like Harold Ramos? (lol, j/k)

Dee said...

Even though we may disagree and strongly disagree, I like to get a sense and visualize the people who are on my blog. The regulars here are very special people to me.

I like Eric Stolz. I loved him in Mask. One of my favorites was a small movie he made titled "Sleep with me." I am probably the only person here who saw it. Good Movie.

I pictured you as Eric because my view of Eric is someone who is honest, feels strongly about his issues, can yell and holler sometimes, but he is also sensitive and once in a while, he might shed a tear.

I do get a strong sense that you are light haired. I pictured a light reddish brown.

Dee said...

Pat, If you scroll down in the comments of the link I posted the picture of Richard Gere for you.

patriot said...

Well, thanks. I do resemble him much more than Don Knotts.

The Arizonian said...

Well, since you put it that way..... lol

But you must understand if I seem reluctant to divulge too many tid-bits of information.

But just to set the record straight, I don't follow mass media of party politics. I practice, the way it seems to me anyways, common sense politics. Some of these ideas will urk someone from time to time. I'm a registered Independent, and live as one.

Da Tiger said...

Dee, I don't know if you have this web site, but I just thought that maybe you could help these people get their message out.

It concerns the story of Sheriff Arpaio and the pinata incident.

Dee said...

Thank you Da Tiger.
Here is the letter from the link"
"As there has been much made about the recent protest here in Tucson against Sheriff Joe Arpaio, we would like to share a statement that our Co-Chair Isabel Garcia sent to a recent media outlet in response. We have requested of the Tucson Citizen the opportunity to respond to their recent articles about the event, and are waiting for a response.

Good afternoon, and thank you for allowing me to respond in writing, as I am presently out of town.

As you know, Derechos Humanos, along with 6-7 community groups, called for a protest of Joe Arpaio's appearance at his book signing at the Barnes and Noble. Because of Maricopa Sheriff's Arpaio's outrageous police actions in the communities of Phoenix, as well as his political views surrounding the immigration issues in general, many of us in Tucson have made a promise that we will not allow him to come into our town without him hearing from those of us who stand in support of the thousands of workers and their families who have borne the brunt of his narrow-minded, ignorant policies. That he would come to Tucson to promote a book filled with lies, fear, and ignorant perspectives about immigrants, was especially appalling to us.

We stand for the principles of peace and justice. We live in a very precarious moment in history, where, again, human beings are being demonized and scapegoated, exploiting on the ugly and fearful in all of us. Derechos Humanos protested Arpaio, handing out flyers, briefly explaining why,and what he has done in Phoenix. You can have one of our leaflets if you would like, but among other things we denounce his antics that have created great racial divisions in Phoenix, at a more than $41,000,000 cost to the taxpayers, and a few other actions he has engaged in. The leaflet states that we "continue to work for a community that is diverse, respectful, and appreciative of each other's differences." Others brought signs and megaphones, with someone bringing a large piñata with Arpaio's face glued on the head. I am sure you are aware that these types of symbolic images are not only common, but generally are used in context of referring to the policies of individuals in power.

I am now the target of a corporate-media-sponsored campaign to get me fired from my job as the Pima County Legal Defender. The first thing that you should know is that this is not a community-based campaign by those that disagree with me, but a campaign that was instigated by Jon Justice (not his true name) who has a program in the new hate-radio in town, 104.1 FM. On Friday morning, he was on his program urging everyone to call Chuck Huckelberry to fire me because I dared exercise my 1st Amendment right to express my views. They cover it by saying that the breaking of a piñata is a violent act! ??? That is simply absurd. The piñata was a symbol of Arpaio's racist, violent and brutal policies. The youth did not hit Arpaio, they hit the piñata to break the policies that keep us fearful of each other, and that have caused so much pain to so many hardworking men, women and their children. He is the violent one. I have spoken directly to some of his victims/survivors of his power, and have cried just listening to their accounts. US citizen and undocumented children alike have suffered the separation from their mothers, fathers, and siblings. People have lost their homes, families separated, their whole lives being violently disrupted by this horrible person, Arpaio. As a public official he should be aware of the facts: immigrants have contributed and continue to contribute to our society, they are human beings entitled to respect for their human rights, including the right to work and survive, and the right to be free from his unconstitutional interpretation of the laws.

I am proud to have been part of the community's response to his arrival in Tucson. We stand committed to stop hatred and xenophobia, and to work for a society that respects human rights for everyone regardless of their age, color, race, ethnic background, gender, gender-preference, religion. As an attorney I find it is not only my right, but my responsibility to stand up when the power of the state is used to crush people. I will continue to do so.
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 15 July 2008 )

patriot said...

There is no racism or xenophobia involved in the enforcement of our immigration laws.

Dee said...

Wrong Pat. Racial Profiling Abounds in the Arpaio sweeps. It is very obvious.

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