Wednesday, February 25, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Napolitano Said She Didn't Know About The Raid & Orders Investigation!

Late Breaking News: During Congressional Testimony today, Janet Napolitano was asked by Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) about the ICE raid in Washington. Napolitano said she had not heard about the raid in advance and was surprised to find out about it this morning. She asked ICE to send her details about it today so she could review why it was carried out. In her testimony, she said enforcement should target employers and felonious criminals versus targetting workers.
The Associated Press reports:
Napolitano orders review of raid at Wash. plant
By MANUEL VALDES – 1 hour ago
SEATTLE (AP) — Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has ordered a review of a raid at a Washington manufacturing plant that ended with the arrests of 28 illegal immigrants. Homeland Security spokesman Sean Smith says Napolitano wants to know why Tuesday's raid occurred and what led up to it.
President Barack Obama, who appointed Napolitano, has signaled for a shift in immigration policy that would rely less on work site enforcement, focusing instead on employers who hire illegal immigrants and overall immigration reform.
Smith says the raid at the Yamato Engine Specialists in Bellingham was the first work site action that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has taken since Obama took office.
ICE spokeswoman Lorie Dankers in Seattle declined comment.


Vicente Duque said...

Dear Dee :

Marcha Migrante has started in Los Angeles on February 5, 2009 and then San Diego. They will cross the country walking to Miami, and then they will walk along the East Coast to Atlanta to protest against Lou Dobbs Racism ( in the CNN buildings, I pressume )

Later they go to New York, and finally Washington to talk to Janet Napolitano and probably with Obama.

They will make vigils in the places where Men have been murdered by Racial Attacks, Luis Ramirez in Shenandoah Pennsylvania, Marcelo Lucero in Patchogue, Long Island, New York, Jose Sucuzhanay in Brooklyn, New York, etc ..

There are many videos, and I am collecting them here :

By the way, the face of Wilter Sanchez is beginning to be repaired but he needs more surgeries and he is still very sick. I inform about that in RACIALITY.COM

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Is Napolatano saying that ICE should go and arrest the employers but allow the illegal employers to contnue working there? That doesn't make any sense at all.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Is Napolatano saying that ICE should go and arrest the employers but allow the illegal employees to continue working there or just send them on their way when they are subject to deportation according to our immigration laws? That doesn't make any sense at all.

Dee said...

The answer is clear. This raid occurred without Napolitano's knowledge. Some cowboy, and I am suspecting it is Leigh Winchell,special agent in charge of the ICE regional office in Seattle. He decided to proceed with the raid. He was pushing the envelope, making a statement. He is challenging Napolitano.

I question his motives. Proceeding without authority. He has a history of sending detainees to GEO's NW Detention Center.

He is a good ole boy.

I think Napolitano should conduct a complete investigation, especially in light of the fact the NW detention center has SO MANY ABUSES and is owned/operated by the heinous GEO Group.

I am not saying Winchell has any affiliation with GEO, but it does bear investigation.

In 2007, Wincell sent MASSIVE numbers of detainees to the NW detention center.

Read this link:

Dee said...

Here is what the cowboy Winchell said in response to the Mayor of Portland about the inhumanity of the ICE Raids:

Portland Mayor Tom Potter criticized Tuesday's raid. The managers' arrests were understandable, he said, but "to go after local workers who are here to support their families while filling the demands of local businesses for their labor is bad policy."

Winchell said, "I don't make the laws. I enforce the laws. ... If we have a need to change those laws, it's up to Congress and Washington, D.C., to come up with a comprehensive approach to immigration reform."


Vicente Duque said...

Napolitano weak with Arpaio ?

A lot of Videos have appeared in YouTube about Joe Arpaio and the legal problems and people sueing the state or whatever ....

This produces many doubts about Janet Napolitano for being weak as Arizona's Governor, and not stopping Arpaio.

There are reports of Multiple Deaths, Lack of Food and "Pink Underwear"

Videos are here :

Vicente Duque

Dee said...


Analisa said...

Hi Dee,

Just a heads up: I have posted an action over at for anyone who would like to protest the raid in Washington. The action was first initiated by the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. I discovered it on Roberto Lovato's blog: Of America. For all the "pros" in the house, please call your representatives and Obama to speak out against the recent raid.

Mil gracias,

Dee said...

I've signed the pledge and also went to Dave Bennion's blog on that site and added a comment about the raid.

I also made some calls to Washington today and will make some more tomorrow.

The reports about the NW Detention Center operated by the GEO Group are deplorable. That info should be passed along to those in Washington as well.

ultima said...

Kudos to Wincell for doing his job. Why should any agent check with Napolitano before doing his job? Who needs employees with that lack of initiative?

Anon is correct. It makes no sense to single out the employers while the illegals get off scot free and continue their illegal presence in our country. Moreover, Napolitano apparently doesn't realize that to catch the employers she need e-verification otherwise how can she prove they knowingly hired illegals?

ultima said...

"Portland Mayor Tom Potter criticized Tuesday's raid. The managers' arrests were understandable, he said, but "to go after local workers who are here to support their families while filling the demands of local businesses for their labor is bad policy."

Oregon in general is known for its neolib tendencies. Citizens there will wake up only when it is too late for Oremexico.

Dee said...

The problem is, the employers in this case did get off scot free. According to the local commenters in their local newspaper, they were fully aware of their status. They paid them $9 per hour for technical work and did not abide by OSHA standards.
And they are saying they didnt know they were illegal and are getting off scot free!

Anonymous said...

How do you know that the employeer is getting off scotfree? The raid just occured and an investigation has to be completed before the final outcome is determined. I read where the employer said the fake documents were so good it was hard for the employer to determine that they were fake. In any case it will all come out with the investigation and charges filed against the employer if found guilty. I agree, e-verify is badly needed and that will stop the employers from hiring illegals.

Dee said...

Because the news articles say they have NOT been charge and they are feigning innocence. Meanwhile the workers were sent to the heinous NW Detention Center, owned by the GEO Group, RNC cronies.

Anonymous said...

Just because the employer hasn't been charged yet, doesn't mean that they won't be. It was easy to prove that the workers were here illegally but not so easy to prove that the employer knowingly hired them.

Dee said...

That is exactly what is wrong!
The employers who exploit the workers are allowed to go scot freee. Meanwhile the workers are sentence mandatorily to federal prisons.

And Bernie Madoff, who stole Billions and wrecked millions of retirees lives, goes La La in his Manhattan condo and the ANTIs say NOTHING!!

Anonymous said...

I already stated in my previous post that it isn't as easy to prove guilt on the part of the employer but they are still investigated so why do you repeat yourself again? Many employers have already been charged and prosecuted for this in the past.

All Americans have complained about people like Madoff so what you are saying is not true.

Dee said...

The employers in Washington are scot free. Meanwhile the workers are mandatorily sentenced to Federal Prison, especially NW facility which is rife with vermin, disease and corruption! Shameful!

Anonymous said...

You keep repeating yourself even though I told you there is an ongoing investigation and they could be prosecuted at a later date? You don't think that Americans should be entitled to "innocent till proven guilty"? You think that an American should be locked up real without evidence? You do know you live in the USA, don't and how our criminal justice system works? Why are you so anxious for an American to be locked up before proven guilty? Are you a agent for a foreign country, or what?

Dee said...

The article said they have been investigating for some time and conducted the sweep with a warrant. Obviously they did have sufficient probable cause to enter and take into custody 28 people. They should have also taken in the employers at that time. In the local papers employees from the site knew. Of course the company knew. They hired them. Paid the $9 an hour in areas not meeting OSHA standards.
Why do ANTIs condone arrests of workers and throwing them into a private prison with a history of abuse? Deaths, no medical treatment, vermin, disease and these human beings are in shackles! You care nothing for PEOPLE being made to suffer these conditions for working.
Yet the ANTIs know Bernie Madoff, who destroyed millions of lives, live in his high rise condo in Manhattan and don't say a word.
That is very telling!

Anonymous said...

Wrong! I have read on many so called anti sites that they think Madoff should be locked up. Nothing telling at all.

There has to be a reason why the employer in Washington was not locked up. Details aren't always made public in every case. Since you are so concerned, why don't you find out why not and report back to us as to the "real" reason.

Most Americans do not want any law breakers incarcerated in an inhumane invironment and that includes most anti's also. Many things are beyond our control and many things are a matter of opinion or misinformation.

Anonymous said...

I am a retired ICE manager who joined U.S. Customs as a special agent in the early 1980s. In the early 1990s I was assigned to the US Customs SAC office headed by RICHARD J. HOGLUND. LEIGH WINCHELL was just a GS-1811-13 senior agent in Grand Rapids, MI. HOGLUND got promoted and became the Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Investigations. Hoglund's nickname is "Mr. KKK" Before WINCHELL the SAC was Rodney C. Tureaud, a Black US Customs and an excellent "PR" man with a special appetite for good looking women. In 1992, Tureaud was the only Black Customs agent working for Hoglund in Detroit. There were no Black special agents. He attempted to stop my relocation to his office but was overruled by the Customs A/C John Hensley. In the 1990s I got promoted to a RAC GS-1811-14 position with Customs internal affairs. Unknown to me, Customs high management officials within OI under HOGLUND were setting me up to get me fired. WINCHELL wrote to ROBERT WEBER, the SAC ICE Tampa investigations, about the raid. WEBER used to work for HOMER WILLIAMS the A/C Internal Affairs. HOMER promoted WEBER to a GS-1811-15. Then Ray Kelly took over Customs and replaced WILLIAMS who had been indicted and later found non-guilty for leaking federal grand jury information. In summary, there is a White good-old-boy system network in place at ICE. If you browse the web, you will dind some White ICE SACs like WINCHELL stating they don't need search warrants to go into private property. ICE under Bush was arresting and deporting US Citizens (Hispanics). Under Busg racial profiling was encouraged. In my 30 years og being a law enforcement officer I had to carry my badge and credentials while on duty because I always got pulled over by the locals or state troopers. Now, I always carry my US Passport because getting stopped driving while Mexicanis or was a normal routine. I hope Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder do the right thing....all we want is justice and be respected for who we are people with Cosntitutional rights who happen to be Mexican, Hispanic, latino etc.

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