Wednesday, November 3, 2010

George W. Bush's Worst Day In Office (he sez) was Kanye West's comments

After destroying the economy, sending the American Public off a cliff, borrowing 4 Trillion dollars from China to fund his wrongful war in Iraq when there were no weapons of mass destructions, to telling "Brownie" that he did "a heckuva job!", George W. Bush said his worst day in office was when Kanya West made this very factual comment:

George W. Bush (and many in the Republican and Teapartier extremist groups) maintain such an illogical and unAmerican mindset!

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Vicente Duque said...

The Latino Kingmakers :

Colorado : Democrat John Hickenlooper to Governor with Latinos voting for him 77% to 14% Tom Tancredo - Victory of Incumbent Democrat Senator Michael Bennet with Latinos voting for him 81% to Republican Ken Buck 19% - Alex Sink lost in Florida Governor Race because she did not get the Latino Vote

Foolish Lady Alex Sink and Foolish Florida Democratic Party

West Orlando News

Some excerpts :

Unlike her Democratic colleagues in other states with significant Latino populations, Alex Sink, who narrowly lost the Florida governor’s race, did very little to court the more than 1.4 million Hispanic voters registered in Florida.

Data put out by Latino Decisions show Rick Scott’s Latino margin over Sink was 51% - 48% and according to exit polls Latino turnout reached a high of 16% of the electorate in Tuesday’s election.

The data also revealed how Latino voters were crucial in the Nevada Senate race and contributed to Harry Reid’s comfortable win over Sharron Angle, with a Latino margin of 90% to Angle’s 8%. Latino turnout too, was up from 12 percent in the 2006 mid-terms to 15 percent in 2010.

So too, was the importance of the Latino vote in the California’s governor’s race where Latinos voted by a margin of 86% for Jerry Brown over a mere 13% for Meg Whitman. Similarly, in the California Senate race, Barbara’s Boxer garnered 86% percent of the Latin vote to Carly Fiorina’s 14%.

In the Colorado governor’s race, John Hickenlopper’s Latino margin over Tom Tancredo and Dan Maes was 77% – 14% – 9%. And while Michael Bennet’s victory for U.S. Senate in Colorado was slim, Latinos propelled him to win that race with a Latino margin of 81% over Ken Buck’s 19%, while providing 10 percent of the overall vote.

Vicente Duque

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