Wednesday, November 3, 2010

La Bruja Wins --- Nevada and Delaware also Win!


Vicente Duque said...

The defeat of some Racists, Bigots and Extremists : Harry Reid defeats Sharron Angle in Nevada, Tom Tancredo loses the Governorship of Colorado to John Hickenlooper, Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina are defeated by Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer

Washington Independent
Tancredo, Angle, Whitman Lose After Anti-Illegal Immigration Campaigns
By Elise Foley
November 3, 2010 1:22 AM

Some excerpts :

A few pieces of good news for supporters of a more inclusive immigration policy: Harry Reid beat out Sharron Angle (R), who ran a campaign that relied heavily on anti-illegal immigration rhetoric, and immigration hawk Tom Tancredo lost the race for Colorado governor.

Angle posed a serious threat to Reid, in spite of — or perhaps because of — rhetoric and advertising on immigration that frequently crossed the line into offensive territory, according to Latino groups. Angle claimed Reid supported a number of policies to help illegal immigrants and seemed to be attempting to capitalize on ethnic fears in ads that showed angry-looking Latino men set to dramatic, if untrue, statements.

Tancredo also campaigned largely on immigration policy, accusing his Democratic opponent John Hickenlooper of supporting “sanctuary city” policies that allowed illegal immigrants to stay in the country and threaten American lives. Hickenlooper won the election.

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

You didn't think she could win but you were so wrong! Get with the program, walk the walk-stand up and show that you are a real American with this country's best interests at heart. Quit acting like a "bruja".

Robert Gray said...

@ vicente

Calling Republican candidates "Racists, Bigots and Extremists" is absurd. Republicans are no less PC and multicultural than Democrats. In any case, the charge of racism is just a cover for the advancement of non-white ethnic interests. The only "extremists" are those who advance the continued ethnic transformation of the U.S.

"capitalize on ethnic fears"

Rightly so. Name one ethnic group in the world that likes being a minority. Whites would be foolish to allow themselves to become a minority in their own country. So would Mexicans, for that matter, if non-Mexicans were flooding their country.

Vicente Duque said...

POLITICO.COM : Luis Gutierrez : "Harry Reid embraced immigration reform as his issue and many called him crazy because of it. When we went to him and said it was time to call for a vote on the DREAM Act, he immediately put it on the schedule. He stood by us"

And Latinos saved the hide of Harry Reid, he was elected U. S. Senator for Nevada defeating Sharron Angle.

Luis GutiƩrrez (born 1953) is the U.S. Representative for Illinois's 4th congressional district, serving since 1993. He is a member of the Democratic Party.

Hispanics saved the Dems
by Ben Smith
November 03, 2010

Some excerpts :

Gutierrez said Reid deserved Hispanic support for his efforts to pass immigration reform in a hostile environment.

"He embraced immigration reform as his issue and many called him crazy because of it. When we went to him and said it was time to call for a vote on the DREAM Act, he immediately put it on the schedule. He stood by us. He fought for Latinos and immigrant voters and for sensible immigration reform that establishes the rule of law. Facing some of the most vicious political attacks I can remember, he responded with conviction and courage," Gutierrez said.

At the same time, he sent a warning to both parties about the Hispanic vote in 2012, and asked President Barack Obama to bypass Congress in implementing immigration reform if a Republican House doesn't let it happen.

"Neither political party can expect to win the White House without a significant percentage of the Latino vote," he said. "And they both know it."

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

Bad Anon 2,
Arizona is still in a state of transition.

Let me provide you some history. For centuries, Latinos and Native Americans were the majority in Arizona. Then, in the 80s, the flight of European Americans/ Retirees, flooded the state. The NEW immigrants began to dominate the politics. And NOW, the newer immigrants (together with the good ole boys) are monopolizing local politics.

That is why arpaio, pearce, la bruja and their ilk have changed the demographic in AZ. Currently.. let me repeat.. Currently.. the FAR RIGHT Extremists CONTROL the agenda in AZ. But the tower of Babel is quickly crumbling down around their shoulders. All of arpaio's dirty tricks are catching up to him.

Soon, arpaio will be Indicted for his crimes.

Soon, all of Brewers Connections to the Private Prison industry will come to light and SHE TOO will be Indicted.

Additionally, the FAKE shooting of Babeu's Louie Puroll is coming to light by MANY investigators. Time will only tell if both Puroll AND Babeu will be under Indictment.

I will be here, watching and reporting on ALL of these events.

God Bless America
God Bless Our President Obama!

Dee said...

To: Robert Gray


Your comment "Whites would be foolish to allow themselves to become a minority in their OWN country."


But thank you for providing YOUR TRUE Feelings/Perspective (which is like so many teapartiers).

The TRUTH is, YOU and Many Teapartiers LIVE IN FEAR of America becoming a Multi Cultural Society.

Back before the Civil Rights Era we lived in the Jim Crow era.

We Had Slavery. We had the McCarthy era. We Had Jim Crow. That is clearly IN THE PAST NOW!

Now, more and more intelligent Americans are EMBRACING a multi cultural society where ALL OF US, of ALL Colors/Races, of ALL Ethnicities are EQUAL! No longer do WE THE PEOPLE in America be held a WHITES ONLY SOCIETY and we will NOT be Held to Judgement based on the Color of One's Skin. (so GET OVER IT!)

We are FINALLY living up to Martin Luther King's dream of "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

Our country is achainging my friend. Finally, finally people of ALL colors, ALL ethnicities are truly EQUAL and we will NOT sit still for any group holding themselves SUPERIOR to ANY ONE ELSE!!

God Bless America!
God Bless Our President Obama!

Cody Warren said...

All ethnicticies are already equal as far as rights go in this country. Show where they are not. Are you still living back in the Civil Rights Era? Did you fall asleep 50 years ago?

Robert said...

"Let me provide you some history. For centuries, Latinos and Native Americans were the majority in Arizona."

That is a highly over-simplified and misleading "history". For one thing, when you say "Latino" it implies the modern immigrant from Mexico, which is not accurate. According to the 1860 US census, the population of Arizona was about 6,500, with 4,000 of them Indians. Of course the Indians were the majority: no surprise there. But did they welcome the Spanish with open arms? Your statement implies that "Latino" and Native American lived in harmony (probably in an eco-friendly, matriarchal society with no ethnic violence or prejudice). Also "for centuries" is absurd. It implies a significant population of "Latinos" in the Arizona territory. I don't know how many non-Native Americans lived there before 1800, but it must have been minuscule.

The older census data does not have a category for "Hispanic" so it used Spanish-speaking to estimate the Hispanic population. In any case, here is some data:

1970 17% Hispanic
1980 16%
1990 19%
2009 30%

So your statement that there was a "flight of European Americans/ Retirees, [that] flooded the state" is not supported by the data. On the contrary, it says that Arizona is being flooded with immigrants from Mexico.

Robert said...


re: "The TRUTH is, YOU and Many Teapartiers LIVE IN FEAR of America becoming a Multi Cultural Society."

Perhaps contradictory, in that your position seems to be that America is and always was majority non-white ...

But let me me ask you this: name one successful, multi-ethnic nation that is not held together by tyranny, or where there is not considerable violence, animosity, and competition for power and resources between its ethnic groups.

Face it, this utopia you promote is pure fantasy. It doesn't exist, and never has. It's not consistent with human nature. There will always be differences in success between ethnic groups, and this breeds resentment and competition. Your blog is ample evidence of this.

And most whites do NOT fear a multi-ethnic state: they have done virtually nothing to prevent massive illegal and legal immigration over the last 20-30 years. I don't fear a multi-ethnic state per se, just unlimited non-white immigration (which is what you promote).

In any case, the best way for humans to live is in ethno-states, where everyone is of the same race. That is what we should work towards, Latinos, blacks, and whites, hand in hand.

LMJ said...

You guessed it Cody, Dee's living in the 60's, Robert's living in Mayberry in the 50's, and your living in your mother's basement little Cody, you show your naive-ness when you make comments like "All ethnicticies are already equal as far as rights go in this country"

Dee said...

I doubt you have ever lived in border cities as many members of my extended family have.

The majority of border cities, particularly in southern Texas, New Mexico, AZ and CA are majority Latino and have been for centuries. Additionally, Latinos, by definition, particularly in border cities, are half native American and Hispanic. I'm amazed you do NOT know this. The term used to be mestizo. Now, we are just all natives of this great land of ours.

The numbers you state are ludicrous. Just ludicrous.

My mother is native american and latina, as was her mother and hers. I wonder how the census bureau trackers listed them in the past. Perhaps this is the reason for your ludicrous percentages.

One thing that might help you: Try going down to a border town. Perhaps you will be enlightened.

Dee said...

It is YOU that is living in a land of Denial.
I never said anything YOU said.
READ what I said and DO NOT misquote me.
I said we are evolving into a thriving multi cultural society.

I speak the truth.
And YOU speak in terms of some sort of Whites Only Multi Nationalism. Are you a White Supremist? Gosh. It sounds like it!

I can point you to several White Nationalist and White Supremist websites. Try Stormfront. I am sure YOU will find many like minded friends.

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