Thursday, November 25, 2010

Right Wing Extremist Threatens to Kill the President! Why are Some Media Outlets Attempting to gain Sympathy for the Perp?

What a strange story! A 78 year old man threatens to Kill the President. The Secret Service go to his home. The man repeats his threats. The Secret Service are particularly alarmed because of the cache of fully loaded weapons both the Man and His Son have in the house! Thankfully, he was arrested. You would think everyone would let out a sigh of relief and be happy this man did not take action.

However, what is especially odd is, members of the right wing media are attempting to gain sympathy for the attempted assassin by highlighting he is old (78 years old), a veteran, former fire-fighter and policeman. Additionally, his son is blaming the VA Hospital for "mis-diagnosis." His son said he was was surprised by all of this, yet when the Secret Service interviewed the man at his house, they found a house-full of loaded weapons, including weapons in the son's room. On checking Facebook, it shows family members are fans of extremist right wing pundits including Michele Malkin.
Before this is over, I'm sure we will find this perp is a Beck Fan, a Tea Party Member, and brain-washed by them during Beck's "Take Back the Civil Rights Rally" event earlier this year. This perp has been arrested and rightfully so. If anyone is to blame besides the perp, Blame those that convinced him to believe he should harm our President! They should be stopped and held accountable!

From the Warrant:
During a consensual search of the Bowden residence, 3 semi automatic handguns, and a semi automatic rifle were located within the immediate area of Mr. Bowden’s bed. All of the weapons were fully loaded, with rounds in the firing chamber, and spare ammunition in close proximity. In the adult son’s bedroom, a short distance down the hall, we located 9 rifles, 2 shotguns, and a handgun. Additionally, a loaded, short-barrel, shotgun with pistol grip was located near the front door of the home.

wyff4 reports: SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. -- A 78-year-old veteran and retired New York City fire captain who said he's suicidal has been arrested because he said he'd also like to kill President Barack Obama, according to an affidavit. According to a Secret Service affidavit, on Nov. 16, Michael Stephen Bowden was at the Veterans Affairs clinic in Spartanburg for a routine checkup. When asked if he was suicidal, he said he was and then told a mental health nurse that he "was thinking of traveling to Washington, D.C., to shoot the president because he was not doing enough to help African Americans," according to the affidavit.

Bowden was in the Navy for four years. He was a New York City policeman for three years and a NYC fire captain for more than 18 years, until he had a heart attack on the job and had to retire.

According to VA records, there was indication in April that Bowden was suicidal. His son, Kerry Bowden, said that the family didn't find out that his father had tested positive for suicidal tendencies in April until the Secret Service called them last week.

On Nov. 16, Secret Service agents went to Bowden's home in Woodruff where he lives with his wife and son, the affidavit said. The agents said when asked, Bowden did not deny the threatening statements, and said "if I had the opportunity, I would shoot him (President Obama) myself. If I had the opportunity to get Obama against the wall and shoot him, I would."

Bowden allowed the agents to search his home, and according to the affidavit, they found three loaded semi-automatic handguns and a semi-automatic rifle near Bowden's bed. They said they also found a loaded short-barrel shotgun near the front door. The agents said in the son's bedroom they found nine rifles, two shotguns and a handgun.

Bowden was arrested Nov. 17 and charged with threats against the president.

Michael Bowden's son, Kerry Bowden, said, "It's been a shock to the entire family. We had no idea that he had any type of suicidal thoughts." (apparently the huge, cache of loaded weaponry did not give them a clue to Bowden's state of mind) Kerry Bowden is blaming his father's comments on the VA denying him the service he had asked for. "The only way he was going to get the help he needed was to act out, because if he didn't act out, they were going to pass him by for another month," he said. "They didn't do their job the way they should have," he said. "He was acting out," he said. "He did not have the intent. Let's face it -- he's a 78-year-old man that's gone through two bypass surgeries. He has seven stints. If he lifts anything over 20 pounds, he has to pop a nitro because of his chest pain. If he walks up the hill or too far, he has to stop and pop a nitro because of his chest pain. Is this man really a threat?" (Well his loaded cache of weapons certainly are!)

Kerry Bowden did say that the Secret Service has been considerate of his family. "They see it's a medical situation rather than a law enforcement issue," he said. He said his father is taking a "bag full of drugs" every day and he thinks drug interaction could be causing problems.

Bowden said, "I think he was just fed up with it and he's going to do what he's got to do to get the help. And unfortunately he's getting the help behind bars." He said the family expects to take civil and criminal action against the VA. "If anything comes out of this, this will never happen to another family again," he said. "He's missing Thanksgiving. He's going to miss Christmas. Why? Because these people didn't do their job."

The Secret Service told WYFF News 4 that Bowden has already made his initial court appearance and will be undergoing a mental evaluation in the federal prison system.

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