Sunday, November 7, 2010

Republicans in Texas looking to End Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Leaving Millions of the Elderly and Children with No Aid!

Now that the 2010 elections are over, many Republicans and Tea Party backed candidates are looking to end what they term are "entitlements." What are "entitlements?" To right wing extremists, "entitlements" are:
. Medicare
. Social Security
. Medicaid
. Unemployment Benefits

In Red-State Texas, not only did many Republican Congressmen win their election bids, but so did Governor Rick Perry. Some Republican lawmakers — still reveling in Tuesday’s statewide election sweep — are proposing an unprecedented solution to the state’s estimated $25 billion budget shortfall: dropping out of the federal Medicaid program.

Far-right conservatives are offering that possibility in impassioned news conferences. Moderate Republicans are studying it behind closed doors. And the party’s advisers on health care policy say it is being discussed more seriously than ever, though they admit it may be as much a huge in-your-face to Washington as anything else.

Their plan: by 2013, opt out of Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). The Texas Health and Human Services Commission, which has 3.6 million children, people with disabilities and impoverished Texans enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP, will release a study on the detrimental effects of ending the state’s participation in the federal match program. Republican State Senator Jane Nelson who heads the Senate Public Health Committee, said dropping out of Medicaid makes fiscal sense.


ultima said...

The programs you list are in fact known as entitlement programs. There is no question about that.

The real question is: How would you balance the Texas budget? Most of every state's money goes to education,higher education, prisons and social programs or entitlements. Which of these would you take the 25 billion from?

ultima said...

We have a good idea how much of the Medicaid funds go for the delivery of the babies of illegal aliens. Identify them and send them back to Mexico to deliver their babies. They are Mexico's responsibility not ours.

ultima said...

How do the Democrats propose to balance the budget? Higher taxes? Do they even have a plan?

ultima said...

Here's a plan to help you balance Texas's budget

Vicente Duque said...

POLITICO.COM : "If you put the Latino vote at 50-50 in California, Nevada and Colorado, all four of those Democrats would have lost" : California Gov.-elect Jerry Brown and Sen. Barbara Boxer, Nevada Sen. Harry Reid and Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet"

How the West wasn't won : how democrats held their own in California, Nevada and Colorado

In Oregon, former Democratic Governor John Kitzhaber fended off a strong challenge from Republican Chris Dudley to win by less than 1 percentage point. In Washington State, Democratic Senator Patty Murray narrowly beat back challenger Republican Dino Rossi.

And Super Racist Tom Tancredo was defeated by Democrat John Hickenlooper for the Governorship of Colorado.

How the West wasn't won
November 8, 2010

Some excerpts :

In California — as well as the interior Western states of Nevada and Colorado, where statewide candidates pulled off narrow wins — "it's absolutely a story about the Latino vote," Barreto said. "If you put the Latino vote at 50-50 in California, Nevada and Colorado, all four of those Democrats would have lost" — California Gov.-elect Jerry Brown and Sen. Barbara Boxer, Nevada Sen. Harry Reid and Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet.

Immigration was an issue in all three states, and Hispanic turnout was relatively high across the board: 22 percent in California, 15 percent in Nevada and 12 percent in Colorado, according to exit polls.

Despite Republicans' successes Tuesday, there are clear signs of long-term trouble for the party if it doesn't start reaching out to the fastest-growing minority group, Barreto said.

"In 2004, Bush won Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico. In 2008, Obama won those three," he noted. "Unless Republicans are just willing to put them out of play in presidential years, there needs to be outreach to Latinos."

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

There are several areas for Texas to reduce the budget.
1. Stop Medicare and Healthcare FRAUD (as MeeMaw stated and both you and I agree)
BTW Ultima, my friend MeeMaw has enlightened me to this. I am so mad about this! How can all of these Healthcare providers and Doctors and Clinics etc. be complicit in so much FRAUD!! (Gosh, I am angry about this. Thank you MeeMaw for enlightening me! Grrrr.. I am going to have to settle down about this but it does make me angry!!!!!!!!!)


2. Private Prison Funding: I personally investigated (last year and this year) all of the rampant waste and abuse with Private Prison abuse / funding abuse, etc.

These are two obvious areas my state could save BILLIONS! This is the beginning. Let's nail these down and SAVE!!!

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