Thursday, November 4, 2010

GREAT BREAKING NEWS! Raul Grijalva wins re-election!

PHOENIX - Rep. Raul Grijalva won re-election to a fifth term in southern Arizona's 7th Congressional District.

Vote tallies released Thursday show Grijalva widened his lead over GOP newcomer Ruth McClung from 3 percent to 4 1/2 percent. That was enough for The Associated Press to declare him the race winner.

Grijalva has been a true hero, especially given the racist, political and, at times, violent climate in Arizona against him. Grijalva's strong and heroic stance advocating Immigration Reform and support of Education has made him an admirable leader.

Grijalva has stood bravely in the face of adversity. Both John McCain and Jan (La Bruja) Brewer attacked him and supported his opponent. Grijalva has promised to continue his charge for Immigration Reform and Education for ALL of the people of his District and across the U.S.

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Vicente Duque said...

I think that after the Republican Guillotine has chopped off many heads, it is a great pleasure to see some friends saved from the "National Blade". We will have some Moralist Robespierres in the House of Representatives and some Demented Marats

We should have the Guillotine next to the Elephant as a symbol of "cutting the National Debt", and "Republican saving of Taxpayers Money".

Anderson Cooper ( CNN AC360 ) interviewed Michele Bachman ( Republican Senator from Minnesota ) and asked many times this Lady about this topic of reducing the budget.

She could not say a single intelligent word in many minutes. She spoke tons of blather, nothing specific or wise.

Michele Bachman could only say to Anderson Cooper that Obama travels to India as a Great Rajah or Rajahput with many Elephants, Bengala Tigers and Cobra Snakes and a retinue of thousands of Sikhs, Gurkhas and Thugs that adore Goddess Kali. Mr Obama does not have to buy a turban because as a fanatic Muslim he has already many of them.

Obama is one of the sect of Assassins of the Old Man of the Mountain, and they murder the crusaders. This is the most primitive sect of Terrorists and that is why Mr Obama is number one Terrorist and one thousand times more dangerous than Hitler and Stalin combined.

Youth, Minorities, Demography and Politics :

Vicente Duque

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