Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Are Minutemen Vigilantes Attacking the Border to Achieve Their Agenda? Guest Voz: Immigration Clearinghouse

Are Minutemen Vigilantes Attacking the Border to Achieve Their Agenda as per Minuteman X's Prediction?
Guest Voz: Immigration Clearinghouse: Border Patrol Agent killed in gunbattle in southern Arizona
A Border Patrol agent from the agency’s swat team was shot and killed Tuesday night in a gunbattle with suspected bandits south of Tucson. Agent Brian A. Terry, 40, was killed when he and fellow agents exchanged fire with a group of five people about 11 p.m. in a remote area west of Rio Rico, said FBI spokeswoman Brenda Nath. Four of the five suspected bandits were in custody Wednesday morning, including one man who was hospitalized with gunshot wounds, said agent Brandon Judd, president of the agents’ union in Arizona, Local 2544. The severity of his injuries is unknown.
Border Patrol agents and other law enforcers are searching for the fifth suspect in the area of the shooting, Nath said. Terry was shot by bandits, Judd said. Bandits are criminals who try to rip-off loads of drugs and people from smugglers. Terry and his fellow agents from the Bortac team were in the area where the shooting occurred because of the high levels of illegal activity involving armed border bandits. “It wasn’t a surprise encounter,” Judd said. “They knew what they were going into.” Border Patrol spokesman Eric Cantu declined to confirm Judd’s account.
Bandits are the lowest of the low among criminals operating along the border, despised even by the drug- and people-smuggling organizations, Judd said. “This is the biggest scum that you are going to run up against,” Judd said.

Something strange about the lack of information being released! Something strange going on here. Generally, when a crime occurs and arrests are made, the authorities are very quick to release the names of those in custody while giving themselves a pat on the back. Hasn’t happened here. Nothing about “illegal immigrants” committing this crime, not release of the names of those arrested.
Could it be this murder was committed by a group of border vigilantes preying on undocumented immigrants coming into this country? They’re out there with all their high tech GI Joey gear. Reminds me somewhat of the murder of Rancher Robert Krentz back in the summer. They blamed it on the illegal Mexicans but as time passed, it was leaked they were looking for someone north of the border. And as with the Krentz murder which helped to pass the draconian SB-1070, Agent Terry’s murder comes at a time when the DREAM ACT, a piece of legislation opposed by nativists and the uber stupidos, is very close to becoming law. Anyone believe in coincidences?
Wingnuts quick to fall on this story
All across the internet where this story is being reported, the wingnuts gun loons are ready to lock and load and head to the border. Yawwn….

Over at ALIPAC, Gheen suggested that the shooters were coming into the country to partake of the DREAM ACT. Several such uber stupid sentiments appearing here and there. Further proof that imbeciles seem to seek each other out. Read all the interesting nativist outrage HERE, but a warning, as befitting their intellectual level, the spelling is atrocious.

And our friend Ken Dreger, a wannabe border patrolman and current border vigilante who is part of BPAUX and who is fascinated with our efforts here, declared that he’s“Mad as Hell and Not Going To Take it any Longer!”
Part of his rant:
To say that I am a little upset now over another fine BP agent being killed after last year’s agent here in California would be putting it mildly. Americans (Who are paying attention) want and demand our borders secured from our nasty neighbor Mexico. We don’t really care what it takes to get it done, you can close down all the ports of entry and pull back 200,000 troops from South Korea if that is what it takes!

Hmm, “nasty Mexico”? Anyone ever seen Murrieta California?
Not drug cartels, low life thugs!

Brandon Judd, president of the agents’ union in Arizona, Local 2544, spoke of the events however, Border Patrol spokesman Eric Cantu declined to confirm Judd’s account.

T.J. Bonner , president of the 12,000-member National Border Patrol Council, said Terry was killed by “bandits” who roam areas along the border and steal from illegal immigrants coming into the United States.
Bonner said Terry and other agents were assigned to the area in response to reports of bandit activity. Bonner said bandits typically are not connected to cartels. Instead, they make their livings by preying upon others.
Bonner said the Border Patrol does not have a sense of how often bandits steal from immigrants, because immigrants are not likely to report illegal activity because they fear being deported. Border Patrol spokesman Eric Cantu declined to confirm Bonner’s account.

Our condolences go out to the Terry family, his parents, siblings and friends. And we’ll wait as more information is released before jumping to conclusions as others are doing.


Anonymous said...

The minutemen wouldnt go there unless they were followed by video cameras and donors. And if I was part of a group that named itself the border patrol auxiliary, I would be embarrassed to even open my mouth in the wake of a real border agent getting killed.

Dee said...

One thing is clear. The perps were from the US side of the border (regardless of ethnicity) preying on the weak and killing a border agent.

The overall issue is Drugs in America, those supplying, those in America distributing and those in America using.

We have to face the problem with Drug Use in America. We have to either stop it or legalize it so, at a minimum, we stop the drug lords from here and there.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

Only one thing is clear, Dee, and that is the perps were ON our side of the border. There is no proof yet where they were FROM, regardless of ethnicity.

I wonder if drugs are the real problem. Isn't it really money? If drugs weren't worth anything then nobody would sell them. How to do that? I wish somebody knew.

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel

pcorn54 said...

What I am finding strange, they have 4 perps in custody. Normally, they would trot them out before the media to show people what a good job they were doing. Not so in this case.

It makes me wonder. Was Terry murdered by some of the border vigilantes or accidentally by a member of his own team. (He was shot in the back) Or, because of the wound, was this "hero" going away from the alleged battle.

Too many question with no answers.

Jools, As long as there is the demand for drugs, there will be those who supply the drugs. And yes, it is a 25 billion dollar a year enterprise. Of course the bad guys are going to fight to keep it. But the ones who allegedly shot Terry were not cartel connected. Simply pond scum preying on the illegals crossing coming here looking for work.

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