Thursday, December 2, 2010

Republicans Vote AGAINST Middle Class and Poor!

The Republicans have OUTED themselves! They have voted NO against extending tax cuts for the middle class and the poor. They have also voted NO all year against extending unemployment compensation for the unemployed, unable to find jobs and now with nothing! And still unemployed.

It is clear. The party of NO is AGAINST the American Poor -- the Middle Class and the Poor.

It is Clear. They are ONLY supporting the wealthiest, those that load their Political Action Committee with Dollars! With those foreign donors that anonymously donate to them through groups like the Chambers of Commerce.

SHAME on the Republican Party and ALL that support them. This is their time of SHAME!

Breaking News: Reports are coming in that Republicans are planning on filibustering against the Start Treaty, or any relief for the poor UNTIL the tax cuts for the richest 2% are passed.

Anyone who supports Republicans should HANG THEIR HEADS IN SHAME!


ultima said...

In another post and link and mentioned just two of the billionaires who are funding ultra-leftwing activities designed to destroy America's Christian and capitalist society. Given the activities of Soros, Lewis, et. al., say nothing about the SIEU, one can hardly blame the GOP for putting up whatever defense they can.

I have communicated with Speaker-Elect Boehner regarding the holdup on tax relief for the middle class. He, of course, has a point that is omitted here and that is that some of the millionaires will be reluctant to invest in new hires and new plant and equipment if their personal wealth will be subject to confiscatory taxes. However, I don't quite get the connection between personal wealth and income taxes and business income and investment. I suppose in small businesses they one and the same in limite partnerships and sole proprietorships. Someone please explain this to me.

ultima said...

Unemployment compensation is another matter. The primary question is: how long, oh how long must we continue to borrow to pay for unemployment checks. Someone estimated that for each $1 paid out in unemployment compensation, the economy feels up to $2 in stimulus due to the multiplier effect. The unemployed spend the money immediately and the stores where they spend it pay their employees who spend the money again for their needs. Of course, if that is true one might argue facetiously that we should make umemployment compensation permanent regardless of the cost

ultima said...

Nothing new, but it's time to point out that a civil discussion requires some recognition of the counter-arguments, if for no other reason than to refute or point out the weaknesses of those counter-arguments. In civil discussion people offer suggestions, compliment others on their posts, thank the author for a thoughtful piece on a difficult subject, and so on.
And then, others not interested in civil discussion come crashing through the doors, even though nothing is locked against them, screaming pejoratives or invective, calling names, using shame as a weapon...why? Isn't all this bad behavior just an admission that whoever they are they have deep-rooted biases that make it impossible for them to realize that no one party, ethnic group or individual has all the answers and that there is usually substantial merit on both sides of any argument that warrant some recognition. Worst of all some of what they write may be implicitly a simple admission that they have no substantive and balanced arguments to make. The grown-ups here -- is anyone persuaded to change his mind because a poster calls someone an "a**hole"? Is anyone reconsidering his position on this issue because of someone else's sarcasm? Are we impressed with a poster's intellect because he or she dares to call others names have no place in civil conversation?

Vicente Duque said...

Thanksgiving at the Table of Harry Reid : Thanks God for Sharron Angle, for her campaign team, for Republicans for Reid, for Hispanics, for Casinos, Restaurants and Hotels of Nevada, for their Unions

"Thanks God for all the Racist Propaganda of Sharron Angle that helped me to have a big turnout of Latinos on election day"

Harry Reid is so shrewd that he made unexpected visits to Hispanic Events, he was the only politician in many Latino Gatherings and everybody was surprised to have the Big Man there. No Wonder that he conquered the Hispanic Community.

Republicans for Reid were also very effective. Businessmen and Wealthy People were scared of the Extremism of Sharron Angle. In a state that exploits tourism, a hate politician would rock boats to the bottom of the lake. Here is a detailed statistical analysis of Harry's Victory :

Republicans for Reid shifted U.S. Senate race
By Ray Hagar
November 30, 2010

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

My gosh! They've even proposed bills for continuing the tax cuts for poor, middle class and the rich up to a Million Dollars! Yet the Republicans STILL SAY NO! And the SAY NO to extending Unemployment period! The Republicans have PROVEN they ONLY support the Richest of the Rich and care nothing about the rest of us!

Dee said...

Until the rich decide to create the jobs, how can anyone expect the Unemployed to find jobs?? Even with all of their Tax Cuts, they CONTINUE to Outsource with no penalties at all!!

Dee said...

I (and others) have proposed that the tax cuts continue IF they decrease the rate of outsourcing by at least 25%!

ultima said...

I have favored taxing the super rich from day one. I don't know what the Republican leadership was thinking. This may be the kiss of death for any plans it has for other initiatives. For a party that has made a big deal about the deficit, this was a very bad move even though there may have been some merit in the idea of no tax increases during a recession. I would have tied the reprieve from the tax increases to job creation, giving the tax break only to those who could show that the money they saved went directly into job creation. I guess this could be handled as a tax credit against the amount of the tax increase that would otherwise result.

ultima said...

Both of these measures are hugely expensive and will clearly increase the deficit. I wonder when we will see the end of this deficit spending.

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