Sunday, December 19, 2010

Racist Fox News Latino Site Shouts Latino Stars are Having Anchor Baby!

And now, another reason to Boycott Fox News:
Fox News Latino, whose supposed mission is to cater to American Latinos, wrote the following headline about Penelope Cruz's pregnancy: "Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem are Having an Anchor Baby!"

Spanish actress Penélope Cruz recently revealed that she’s planning on giving birth to her baby boy in Los Angeles. Shortly after Fox News Latino called her unborn child an “anchor baby” in a story titled “Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem Are Having an Anchor Baby.”

Leave it to Fox News to insult Latinos in what is supposed to be their own magazine. In October 2010, Fox News launched “Fox News Latino”, a site dedicated to attracting a Latino audience. “We’re aiming at Latinos whose first language is English, who inform themselves in English, who are deeply American, but share some of the cultural sensibilities of their parents or grandparents,” the site’s managing editor, Alberto Vourvoulias-Bush, told the Miami Herald.

A group of Latino conservatives, Somos Republicans (“We Are Republicans”) is urging Fox to remove the story and apologize for using the term “anchor baby.”:
“Fox News Latino is being insensitive and their actions are reprehensible.The term ‘anchor baby’ is equivalent to other defamatory terms such as ‘wetback,’ ‘pickaninny’ and ‘tar baby.’ Media outlets should never use these demeaning terms in connection with precious babies, and it is unfortunate that we have to inform FOX News of this when they are typically viewed as conservative."

Fox News has cleansed the article from their websites even going to the lengths of removing their cached versions from search engines.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the real outrage be that Penelope Cruz had sex with the creepy psychopath from "No Country for Old Men"?

ultima said...

There's nothing racist about it. The term applies equally to the Asians, the Latinos, and the Turk as well as all others. It is a simple statement of fact.

Dee said...

Javier Bardem is very handsome. Look at his picture.

The way he appeared in NCFOM is called "Acting."

Dee said...

You and Bad Anon have the same perspective. Shame on you! The reality is, calling innocent American babies "Anchor Babies" and providing the excuse "well they are an anchor, nothing against the babies" is similar to my calling your side's babies "In-Bred Skanky Ho Kids" and saying don't be offended, it was nothing against the babies.

My take is, they are both deragatory terms and these innocent American Children should NOT be called such names.

pcorn54 said...

Ultima & Bad are just pissed that never in this life or next, will a hot babe like Penelope Cruz give them a second glance.

Speaking of hot babes, gotta phone call from the wife.


ultima said...

The difference is one is a true description that other is not. It is a lie.

Dee said...

You continue to be WAAAAYYYY Off Base! Shame on you!

How can you say one term is right and one term is wrong? Have you taken a survey? Have you put 100 mothers from each control group in a room and asked them what their motive was for giving birth to their child? I doubt if you could even create a control group. Who would you choose?

Who would YOU choose for YOUR Anchor Baby Control Group? Would you pick the mothers of 100 babies born in the US who YOU THINK are "Anchor Babies?" How would you select them? Is their mother "illeeegal"? Their father? What if one of the parents is an American citizen? Would the child still be considered an "Anchor?" Are they all Latino? Come on. Be honest. You are going to go down to a border hospital and pick the first 100 names of latin mothers you see. You could care less if half are citizens. Just put them in a room. Ask the questions. Are you going to create a survey? What would the questions be? Why did you come here? Was it because you want your baby to be your anchor? To make you legal in 21 years?

Come on.

Well. Maybe you ARE Right. One is an Outright Lie! The "Anchor Baby" Term is an Outright LIE and Reprehensible!

Anonymous said...

Anchor baby
"Anchor baby" is a term used by immigration reductionists in the United States to describe a child born in the U.S. to illegal aliens. It is generally used as a derogatory reference to the supposed role of the child, who as a U.S. citizen through the legal principle of jus soli, may facilitate immigration for relatives through family reunification.[1][2][3][4][5]

Family reunification, or family-based immigration, in the USA is a lengthy process and limited to categories prescribed by provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.[1]
The term "anchor baby" is a misnomer to the extent that it implies that by having a baby in the US, temporary or illegal immigrants can "anchor" themselves in the US. In fact, a US citizen child cannot file for a US visa for that citizen's parents until 21 years of age, and upon reaching that age the citizen applicant must also be earning at least 125% of the US poverty threshold to be able to apply.[6] Thus, temporary or illegal immigrants who have babies in the US have no means of remaining legally in the US; they must return home and wait until the child reaches age 21. Illegal immigrants usually cannot immigrate even after the child turns 21 since they usually face a multi-year or lifetime ban from immigration to the USA regardless of sponsorship.[7]

Grant Barrett states: is used for *any* immigrant. Those who use this term tend to be opposed to *all* immigration and immigrants, not illegal immigration, especially those who use their immigration stance as a mask for racism and xenophobia.[5]

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