Friday, December 10, 2010

Republican Palin calls fellow Republicans "Impotent" "Limp" "Weak"

Sarah Palin's "chonies were in a wad" as she called fellow Republicans "Impotent" "Limp" and "Weak!" Hmmmm ... Makes you wonder how she KNOWS this! (And You Want Palin to be our next President???)

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Vicente Duque said...

Presidential Polls (NBC/WSJ) : Obama leads against Mitt Romney by seven points, 47 percent to 40 percent. Against Sarah Palin Obama leads by 22 points, 55 percent to 33 percent. Obama's Personality liked by Americans

Poll: Obama down but not out
NBC/WSJ survey shows president leading in 2012 match-ups
By Mark Murray, Deputy Political Director
NBC News
December 16, 2010

Some excerpts :

Yet the survey also shows Obama comfortably leading prominent Republicans like former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in hypothetical head-to-head match-ups for 2012.

And it finds that nearly three-quarters of Americans personally like the president, even if they don’t agree with his policies.

Personal vs. professional

One hint about why Obama still appears dominant over his potential GOP rivals might be that, when it comes to the president’s personality, voters still like what they see. His personal ratings remain much stronger than his professional ratings.

For instance, he gets his highest marks for having a strong family and family values (74 percent give him a high rating here), being easygoing and likeable (68 percent), being inspirational and exciting (51 percent) and having strong leadership qualities (49 percent).

But his lowest marks come on being a good commander-in-chief (41 percent), sharing respondents’ positions on the issues (35 percent), achieving his goals (33 percent), uniting the country (30 percent) and changing business as usual in Washington (24 percent).

Still, an overwhelming majority of Americans either believe that Obama will be a successful president or they haven’t made up their minds yet.

According to the poll, 28 percent say he will ultimately be a successful president, 29 percent say he won’t and 42 percent aren’t ready to make a judgment.

Hart and McInturff argue that this plurality of Americans who aren’t ready to make a judgment about Obama — one month removed from his party’s self-described “shellacking” in the midterms — is relatively good news for the president.

“People want a successful presidency,” McInturff said. “Things are so bad, they don’t think we can afford to have an unsuccessful presidency.”

Vicente Duque

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