Saturday, August 20, 2011

Call him HERO! The Brave Man who saved American Child was an "undocumented" Immigrant

He is a Hero! The man who rescued a 6 year old American girl from a vicious kidnapper has come forward and said he is an undocumented immigrant. This HERO saw a precious little girl being snatched away into a van by a vicious kidnapper. Without a moment's hesitation, Antonio Diaz Chacon, 23, thought nothing of his own safety and gave chase to the kidnapper in order to rescue this young child.

The kidnapping occurred Monday night in southwest Albuquerque when the girl went to a neighbor's house. After witnessing the attempted abduction, Diaz raced to his truck and chased the van the kidnapper was driving. The HERO chased the van for several miles before it crashed into a light pole, allowing him to catch up and rescue the girl, police said. The police and officials have acknowledged that Antonio Diaz is a hero.

HERO Diaz says he was compelled to reveal his immigration status after facing questions from the media. Martha Diaz said the couple had planned to apply for legal residency, but were told they would need an immigration lawyer. "We put it off because we knew it would be a lot of money," she said, adding that mortgage payments and medical bills took priority.

The shy HERO said, "Everyone keeps calling me a hero, but I feel like a normal person who did something for that little girl that anybody could or should have done."

Originally from Chihuahua, Mexico, Hero Diaz has been living in the United States for four years, according to his wife, Martha, who is a U.S. citizen. Martha Diaz said they are afraid of the consequences of coming forward with his immigration status, but "we know that if God put us there at the exact time to be able to save the little girl -- we know that he won't leave us by ourselves."

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