Monday, August 1, 2011

Debt Ceiling Raised, but at What Cost? Our President & Dems Bent Over and took the Satan Sandwich! Mr. President Stand Strong or Step Aside!

The Debt Ceiling has been raised. Congress has passed the bill, rife with homage to the insane Tea Party Republicans. Our President has bowed down to their demands. He lost command of the dialogue. He AGAIN has conceded to the "right of Center."
In this bill:
. Tax Cuts for the Rich are continued!
. We will see massive Reductions for the Poor and Middle Class.
. No extensions for the Unemployed.
. Possible impact to Medicare and Unemployment

The idiotic Tea Party is still upset. Those white haired, medicare recipients are STILL insisting on Voting NO to the Bill. These zealots advocate even more Reductions in Medicare and Social Security. These zealots who are ON SS and Medicare DO NOT HAVE A CLUE of what they are asking for.. instead they are being led blindly by their Tea Party Leaders, the Koch Brothers, who wrote their agenda:
1. Continued Tax Cuts for the Rich
2. Continued Outsourcing Overseas
3. the END to Regulations
4. the END to the Minimum Wage
and to FUND their demands, put the cost on the Lower & Middle Americans by:
1. End Medicare and Social Security
2. End Education as we know it today
3. Continue Guest Workers while Mass Deporting those 12M here!

If we let the TeaParty/Republican extremists win, we are DOOMED to having only two classes of Americans, the very Rich, and the very Poor. We will be like apartheid South Africa.
The Tea Party extremists are too ignorant to know what they are asking for!

I am worried that our President is too weak to FIGHT the extremist Right Wing! He keeps giving in to their demands. What are WE Loyal Americans of ALL ethnicities to do??
I believe we need to send a message to our President.
Ask him to stand STRONG to OUR CAUSE! Otherwise, if he insists on Staying Weak and bending over to the Extremist Right Wing, he must step down. Step down and support someone who can take up the reigns of WE THE PEOPLE!

Mr. President! Stand Strong! Stand Firm!
Step Down!
Allow Hillary Clinton to take the reigns for WE THE PEOPLE!
For now, Mr. President, WE THE PEOPLE are Behind you.

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Felix Jaure said...

No question about it Dee, President Obama has sold us out. America is in need of a leader, not a puppet.

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