Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Racist Tea Party Republican Doug Lamborn calls Our President a "Tar Baby!"

Emboldened by the phony debt ceiling political theater, a little-known teaparty Republican from Colorado put himself in the National Radar! Rep. Doug Lamborn, R-Colorado called our African American President a "Tar Baby!" I was SHOCKED when I first heard his words. How could ANYONE, even a Teaparty Republican, do something SO BLANTANTLY RACIST?

Lamborn made the comment during an interview on a Denver radio station about proposals to raise the nation's debt ceiling in exchange for spending cuts. "Even if some people say, 'Well, the Republicans should have done this or they should have done that,' they will hold the president responsible," Lamborn said. "Now I don't want to even have to be associated with him. It's like touching a tar baby and you get, you get it (to Teapartiers), you know (what he means) ... you are stuck and you are part of the problem now and you can't get away."

Racist and Disrespectful! Tar Baby - worse than the "N" word!

From Disney wiki: The term "tar baby" is viewed as a negative connotation revolving around African Americans. The controversy of the Tar Baby, and other issues relating to race, has plagued Song of the South from being released on home video or DVD in the United States.

It is clear that Racist Lamborn was sending a wink and a nod to his racist Tea Party supporters. Once this was publicized across the media, Lamborn offered a half-hearted apology: "I regret I chose the phrase 'tar baby,' rather than the word 'quagmire."

What a LAME Apology from such a Racist Nut! He should have said, "I am sorry I outed my racist self by saying in public what I say to my Tea Party friends in private!"

I hope Lamborn resigns soon! His racist stench is stinking up the political arena! Good Riddance!


Anonymous said...

I fully recognize where our President has had to start from. Most everyone expected him to take office and straighten years of a mess created by others before him. In our world " Patience" is not a word belonging to the vocabulary of many. If they continue attacking " our president" without giving him a chance to undo what others have sunk this world into, then I fear this world is doomed. We cannot live by the old policies anymore. The world has changed, the people have changed and the policies has to change.This world was not made in a day and it "Will not" change completely in Four. I personally think he is working for the well-being of all races. !!!

Anonymous said...

When we stop fighting and choose to work together, including God in every aspect of our daily lives, respecting one another and above all, showing love towards your fellow neighbor, God will heal the land. If not, then God's Word will be manifested by Him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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