Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ha Ha Ha TeaPartiers! Your Good Ole Boy Rick Perry Says "No Damn Fences!"

I looooooooove this! Yesterday, Rick Perry, the Tea Party Darling, said NO to Border Fences!

Texas Rick Perry has blasted the idea of a fence along the US-Mexican border as “RIDICULOUS,” highlighting a dubious attitude on the issue of illegal immigration in America.

Listen to his Good Ole English Grammar: “You got strategic fencing in some of the metropolitan areas – it’s very helpful,” Perry said while at a campaign stop in New Hampshire on Tuesday. “But the idea that you’re going to build a wall from Brownsville to El Paso is just — it’s ridiculous on its face.”

Ha Ha Ha Ha! I Love It! The Tea Partiers are going to be crying Crocodile Tears over this one! Ha Ha Ha!


Anonymous said...

Most Republican and teaparty voters don't like Perry and had no intention of voting for him in the first place. So no, no crocodile tears at all. He hasn't been our candidate since he announced his bid for the presidency. No victory for you and the rest of the far left kooks and ethnocentrics with the fence revelation, lol.

Now you can cry your crocodile tears as Perry doesn't mean a damn thing to us and never did.

Anonymous said...

You're hilarious! Perry isn't our "good ole boy". Most rightwingers don't support him because he is a known open borders freak and soft on illegal immigration. So it is no surprise to us that he doesn't support the fence.

He is YOUR "good ole boy". So make sure you support him rather than Obama who hasn't given you ethnocentric, racists your amnesty for illegal aliens.

Perry will never get the nomination anyway because conservative Republicans and teapartiers don't support him now and they won't in the future either.

Minute Man Pete said...

I like Perry. He nose dat dere is no such ding as global warming. I froze my globals off last winter when da heat company shut off the fuel when I did not pay the bill.

perry also wants to lynch ben bernake.

perry is rite bout da fence. we dont wanna get our yard workers hurt trying to climb over a darn fence.

so what if sum tea bagger dont like perry. tea baggers are only john birchers with a differint paper bag over der heads.

go rick perry. you iz the best da republicans got fer 2012.

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