Saturday, August 6, 2011

Why does the President Persist in Pushing Forward "Right of Center" Policies, Slapping Latino Americans in the Face, Once Again!

As my long time viewers know, I have supported our President throughout his Presidency. Many of my fellow bloggers have been very concerned by the President's lack of support for passing Immigration Reform legislation, no progress on the Dream Act and for the increased number of ICE Deportations. Eric Holder has made no progress on the Joe Arpaio investigation. And now, the Department of Homeland Security has said it will move ahead with its controversial Secure Communities immigration enforcement program, even if states do not agree to participate. This means even MORE ICE Deportations.
I disagree with this bill. President Obama continues to stand to the right of center, pleading for the Independen­t Vote. He believes the Latinos will vote for him regardless of Racial Profiling policies like this. In President Obama's quest/obse­ssion for winning over the Center, he will have a TOUGH TIME holding on to his base!
I plead with the President: Why do you persist in pushing forward right of Center policy, slapping Latino Americans in the face? Do you really think we will continue to stand with you and vote for you if you continue doing this?
You have done NOTHING, NOTHING to support Immigratio­n Reform.
You have NOT even made an inch of progress with the Dream Act.
How can you slap us in the face like this? How can you push these Racial Profiling policies?
We need a response. A slap like this will not bring out any votes! I ask the Democratic Committee to give us OPTIONS in 2012. If President Obama continues to push right of center policies, PLEASE, Give us Hillary as an Option! I can tell you where OUR Votes will go!
HP Reports: Secure Communities Agreements Canceled, Participation Still Required
WASHINGTON -- Activists are outraged over a Friday announcement from the Department of Homeland Security that it will move ahead with its controversial Secure Communities immigration enforcement program, even if states do not agree to participate.
"Today’s announcement confirms [Immigration and Customs Enforcement]’s status as a rogue agency," Pablo Alvarado, director of the National Day Laborer's Organizing Network and a vocal critic of Secure Communities, said in a statement. "The recent actions constitute a crisis not only for our civil rights but our democracy as a whole. Governments cannot rule by decree."
The government faces a backlash over Secure Communities, a program that allows federal authorities to screen fingerprints of those arrested by local police in order to detect undocumented immigrants. Critics say the program nets large numbers of non-criminal undocumented immigrants and takes focus away from the primary targets of immigration enforcement, violent offenders.

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