Sunday, August 14, 2011

Michele Bachmann on Meet the Press. I hope she gets the Republican Nomination! As they say, she is Truly Bat Shxtt!

OMG! I just saw Michele Bachmann on Meet the Press this morning. I hope she gets the Republican nomination. She is truly (as Bill Maher said) Bat Shxtt! She is loonier than a jay bird. Bonkers!
Here are some examples of what she said:
. If she had the deciding vote, she would allow the American Government to default and send us reeling into a deep depression.
. She believes ALL WOMEN should be SUBMISSIVE to their husbands.
. She believes anyone who is Gay is mentally ill. If a gay couple adopts a child they are not a family.
Some of her past quotes include:
1. Not all cultures are equal
2. Carbon dioxide is portrayed as harmful, but there isn't even one study that can be produced that shows carbon dioxide is a harmful gas.
3. I'm not a deep thinker..I wish I was more knowledgeable, but I'm not a scientist.

Go Michele Go!
Go Loony Teapartiers Go!
Select Michele Bachmann as your Presidential Candidate!
We want you to!


Vicente Duque said...

If the many real and potential victims of Republicans vote for Michele Bachmann in the Republican Primaries then the Republican Party becomes the Party of Craziness, Irrationality, Stupidity, Imbecility, Bigotry, Racism, Intolerance, Ignorance, Religious Fanaticism, etc ...

And Barack Obama will easily defeat the Big Tide of Craziness, Absurdity and Stupidity. !

Some Republican state primaries allow many diverse voters without a previous brainwashing.

Because Michele Bachmann wins the nomination or forces Mitt Romney or Rick Perry to become more Irresponsible Right Wing Bigots and Crazy.

This is the Craziness of Foolish Economic Theories of Trickle Down, Eternal Tax Cuts for the Rich, Tax Loopholes for the Big Corporations and Total Deregulation. Also lack of Education and Health Services for those not favored by Goddess Fortune.

Those are the Theories and Actions that have stalled and paralyzed the American Economy into a Quagmire of Joblessness and Three Super Stupid Irresponsible Wars against Muslim Countries. These three Wars can only degrade the name of the USA.

But who are those victims ?? - Real or Potential of Republican and Tea Party Bigotry, Fanaticism and Racism ??

Minorities of course, and those that are not classified as White. But there are many Poor Whites that are unemployed, subemployed, old, poor, destitute, sick, or too infirm and close to death to act according to the precepts of super selfish capitalism, that is wild capitalism that stumps on all the flowers and gardens, as if human beings were insects that do not deserve to live because they failed in the Darwinian Struggle for Life.

That is the Social Darwinism of Congress Republicans that think that they are superior demi-gods and that have adopted theories that are dangerously similar to those of Fascists and Nazis.

Look at Arizona and Alabama and the bigotry there, and tell me if that is the America that you want. Do You want to invade and occupy 10 or 20 Islamic Countries ??....

Do you want to vote according to the Pundits and Gurus that have always failed in their war predictions like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Charles Krauthammer, John McCain and many other fanatics and bigots ??

Those are the favorite sons of Goddesses Failure and Mistake.

Then vote Republican ! - Because if Osama Bin Laden wanted to destroy America then giving money to the Republican Party would have been more effective than one thousand airplanes crashing on the island of Manhattan, the Pentagon, or the White House.


Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

I guess the whole state of Iowa is batshit then since she won their straw poll, right? Of course in your deluded mind anyone who is a Republican and/or Teapartier is batshit according to you. Look in the mirror for the batshits on your own side. Obama being one of them and he will never win a second term.

Vincent Harris said...

Once you choose hope, anything's possible. What I am just trying to figure out is how her "path to victory" looks like. Is there any Republican or Democratic political strategist that thinks she has a hoot in Hell's chance to reach the magic number?

Vicente Duque said...

Famous Law Professor Gabriel "Jack" Chin has debated against SB 1070 in 70 Forums and now he flees Arizona because of the Racism and Bigotry. He will teach at University of California at Davis - Unforgettable and Odd Character

He does not want want to raise his two daughters ( 10 and 13 ) in the Racist Environment of Arizona - Chin is a lanky 6-footer who sometimes wears a New York Yankees bandana, will go without shaving for several days, dress like a hobo.

This is another form of Anti-Arizona Boycott, losing the Great Professors, while California benefits of having new Great Scholars.

The Sacramento Bee
Immigration expert fed up with Arizona, comes to UC Davis
By Stephen Magagnini
Sunday, Aug. 14, 2011

Some excerpts :

During his eight years in Arizona, "it seems there's been a steady flow of anti- immigrant sentiment that's inextricably tied to their race," said Chin, who said he has debated or discussed SB 1070 in public forums 70 times.

"The Arizona Legislature's passed laws that I see as harsh, cruel and inhumane, and it seems unlikely it's going to stop in the next decade," said Chin, adding that he and his wife didn't want to raise their two daughters – Becca, 10 and Sarah, 13 – in Arizona's current political climate.

Discrimination against immigrants of color is something Chin, 47, takes personally. He traces his roots back to Chinese immigrants who came to California during the Gold Rush and helped build the transcontinental railroad.

His father, Frank Chin, is a pioneering Asian American playwright and activist in Los Angeles, who grew up in Placerville and Oakland.

Chin, a lanky 6-footer who sometimes wears a New York Yankees bandana, will go without shaving for several days, dress like a hobo and invite his students to a parking lot, where he's secretly arranged for local police to interrogate him.

"I want to show the students what really goes on when the police encounter a suspect in the field, what it's like to be stopped, what it's like to be frisked and what's at stake on both sides," Chin said. "I cuss out the police and try to provoke them."

He and his wife Sue Emam, a teacher and social worker, have moved to the Wild Horse subdivision in Davis. The family is still shellshocked by the shooting of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and 18 others outside a Tucson supermarket not far from the Chins' home. Six people died in the January shooting, including a federal judge. The suspect has not given police a motive.

Chin acknowledges the mounting frustration in Arizona and the nation as people lose jobs and schools lose funding. "But not spending the rest of our lives in a state where the No. 1 policy is culture war makes sense for us," he said.

Dee said...

Surely you cannot be that delusional. She merely won a STRAW Republican poll and received ONLY 4,823 votes. Most people say the straw poll is rigged. It was NOT the entire state of Iowa voting for her, it was Republicans, who were at least 16 1/2 who paid $30 to vote at a State Fair.

Here's the results for 2011:
Place Candidate Votes Percentage
1 Michele Bachmann 4,823 28.6%
2 Ron Paul 4,671 27.7%
3 Tim Pawlenty 2,293 13.6%1
4 Rick Santorum 1,657 9.8%
5 Herman Cain 1,456 8.6%

Dee said...

Check out the facts at wiki:

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