Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Forgotten Dream: Romney Fails to Mention Dream Act to Latino Audience!

In the past, Mitt Romney has said he supports finding a solution for undocumented students. But you wouldn't know it from his Wednesday speech on education to Latino business leaders, where the issue went untouched, forgotten, leaving some audience members concerned that he simply doesn't have a plan.

Romney has been flip flopping on the Dream Act all year. He said in January that he would VETO the current version of the Dream Act, which passed the House and was defeated by Republicans in the Senate in 2010.
In March, he flipped and said he could support other efforts to help the Dreamers, including an ambiguous bill proposed by Republican Sen. Marco Rubio with NO path to citizenship for the students.

However, Romney AGAIN FLIPPED in April saying he wasn't supporting the proposal, instead he told reporters, "I'm taking a LOOK at his proposal; it has many features to commend it, BUT it's something that we’re (just) studying,”

Flip Flop Romney's failure to mention the Dream Act, or similar legislative efforts, wasn't the only missed opportunity to discuss education issues important to Latinos. Romney also did not address the education gap between Latinos and students in general, an issue his campaign and the Republican National Committee have highlighted in outreach efforts.

The Romney campaign did not respond to requests for comment on why the candidate's speech skipped these important issues.


Anonymous said...

Geez, grow up with your infantile cartoons for God's sake.

Undocumented students? WTH is that? They are illegal aliens!

A politician can't change their minds and study the different plans? Romney is not going to cave into an ethnic group that thinks they should be above our immigration laws. Get used to it!

I note how you are making this a Latino education issue. No, it isn't unless you are talking about Latino citizens or legal immigrants. Stop blurring the lines. We don't need these kids here competing for our jobs, seats in our colleges, reduced tuition or even a place in our military. We have enough Americans competing for these things. Why are you such an anti-American POS?

Dee said...

I am posting this comment from a Romney supporter so you understand their perspective.
Romney will NEVER pass the Dream Act. He's already FORGOTTEN about it.
He is promising his Republican supporters that he will Mass Deport (through "self deportation") all of you.

Don't support Romney.
Never support a Republican or Tea Partier.
See what they truly believe.

Vicente Duque said...

VIDEO, Ed Schultz : Romney wants to destroy Teachers and their Unions and he rants against them, before Latino Conservatives - Mitt is Worst Enemy of Latinos, sleeping in bed with Racists and White Supremacists. Mitt wants to kick many non-White Children out of the USA

Mitt Romney is the Enemy of All Unions, not only of Teacher Unions :

This is very ironic and absurd, like the Theater of the Absurd : Mitt Romney makes a speech against Teachers and Unions. He is before a Coalition of Right Wing Latino Businesses. He does not mention the "DREAM ACT" that he has vowed to sink in order to pander to the Racists.

Not approving the "DREAM ACT" means that Mitt Romney wants to deplete and decrease the students of American Schools. He wants to kick Children out of the nation.

To sacrifice Childhood and Youth in the Altar of Political Demagoguery is the best recipe for Future Economic Failure and for the Declination and Degeneration of a nation. It is Superbly unAmerican and antiAmerican.

Published on May 23, 2012 by Licentiathe8th

May 23, 2012
Mitt Romney outlined his plan for education before a Latino business group. But he's already on the record saying he wants to gut the Department of Education, and he's all too happy to attack teachers and unions. Ed talks with Pennsylvania teacher Charles Hample.


Vicente Duque said...

U. S. Supreme Court Holder v Gutierrez - Decided on May 21, 2012

Justice Kagan announcing the opinion of the Court on a question of whether the kids of immigrants get the benefit of the doubt. Her reading is pregnant with the expectation that she’ll come around for the kids. But she doesn’t.

It seems like President Obama and Secretary of Justice Eric Holder won and the "Baby Dreamers" are not going to suffer ( I hope ! ).

I confess being somewhat foolish and having a lot of trouble understanding this case. At first I was somewhat sad, confused and worried about the "Dream Babies" and their possible deportation out of the USA and into the Limbo.

Independent of Partisan Bias and of our Loves and Hates :

This decision was unanimous and rational. Because they want to preserve the discretionary powers of the executive.

The Justices are not saying : "Be tough on Immigrants".

They are saying : "Respect what the Federal Government decides" and "The Supreme Court should not legislate on Immigration".

I wish these guidelines for SB 1070, but perhaps Conservatism will trump Reason.


Above the Law
Supreme Court
Everyone Is Being Reasonable
By Matt Kaiser
May 21, 2012

Some excerpts :

Justice Kagan reads the first opinion in Holder v. Gutierrez and Holder v. Sawyers.

If it wants, the Board of Immigration Appeals can probably cut kids of immigrants a break by imputing their parents’ favorable immigration status to them under certain circumstances. The BIA doesn’t do that. The kids would like the BIA to cut them a break.

Justice Kagan takes her time laying out the background of the law, the case, and what’s happened before. She’s still teaching law as she does it – for such a technical area she explains it remarkably clearly.

And it’s hard not to think that it’s Justice Kagan announcing the opinion of the Court on a question of whether the kids of immigrants get the benefit of the doubt. Her reading is pregnant with the expectation that she’ll come around for the kids.

But she doesn’t.


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