Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why Poor Conservatives Support the Republican Agenda

I've been watching Fox News and listening to Talk Radio. The Tea Party/Conservative Right Agenda is frightening. It seems as if they want to turn the clock back to the fifties.. the thirties. What is wrong with them?
Why are they Anti-Gay, Anti-Women's Right to Choose, Anti-Immigration Reform, Anti-Elderly? Why do they want to end Social Security and Medicare as we know them? Why are they against the Dream Act? Why do they think all minorities are lesser, on  Welfare, on Food Stamps and lazy? Why do they think we all live in the ghetto? Why do they think it's ok to Racial Profile - saying it's ok because we fit their profile-assumptions?
Worst of all, why do they hate our President? Of course we all know the answer to this question. You think they would be greatful to him. To name just a few of his accomplishments: He's responsible for killing Osama Bin Laden and many of al qaeda's top leaders. He saved General Motors and the Auto Industry and hundreds of thousands of jobs. He put in place a Healthcare Plan that protects those with pre-existing conditions, closes the Medicare donut hole for seniors, and eliminates redundancy and fraud through technology. He's put in place measures to protect our nation from Corporate/Banking Fraud. He has named so many women and minorities to positions of power, with Hillary Clinton as a shining example. 
Consider all of President Obama's many accomplishments. He was able to complete them even though Republicans fought him every step of the way.
Consider what the Republicans have done. In state after state with Republican Governors, we have seen the carnage they have wrought. They continue eliminating Jobs and destroying Unions -- especially the jobs of Teachers, Firefighters and Policemen. Additionally, they are putting in place state laws that are violating people's rights, including requiring invasive devices which rape women who are considering abortions, voter suppression laws targetting the minority vote, discriminatory laws against Gays and pushing silly Birther type laws.
Additionally, Conservatives and their leaders at the Heritage Foundation are strongly pushing the Paul Ryan proposal which ends Social Security and Medicare as we know them and promises additional Tax Cuts for the very rich 1 percenters.
What is mind boggling is that poor and elderly Conservative Fundamentalists support the Republican agenda. We all know their support is primarily due to the fact they Hate our Black President, as well as Foreigners, Minorities, Women, Socialists, Gays and Liberals. It is so obvious.

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