Thursday, May 3, 2012

Republican Tea Party Russell Pearce's Friend, Neo Nazi J.T. Ready, Murders Family and Baby Latina Girl Before the Coward Kills Himself!

Republican Extremists, Right Winger, TeaParty Minutemen -- KILL Latino children. -- My long time readers know this. They remember little Brisenia Flores who was viciously murdered by Shawna Forde and Gunny Bush.

Now we find that another vicious extremist, J.T. Ready (37), has murdered another small Latina child who he claimed was "half ugly" due to being "half Mexican." Yesterday afternoon, as Lisa Mederos was reporting Ready's violence to a 911 operator, Neo Nazi Minuteman Border Vigilante J.T. Ready, viciously murdered 16 month old Lilly Mederos, her mother, her grandmother and her mother's boyfriend. Then Ready, the evil, murdering coward, turned the gun on himself to escape punishment. The shots can be heard on the 911 tape.

This crime is awful! Neo Nazi, long time friend of the recalled Russell Pearce, murdered this family, all because his "girlfriend", grandmother Lisa Mederos (47) was trying to kick him out.
The police in Gilbert, AZ, are very familiar with the murder location. The police were frequently called to this residence for the domestic abuse Ready frequently inflicted on this family. They wanted to get rid of the slime. The leach refused to leave, then he killed them.
JT Ready was a Border Vigilante. Many in the Immigrant Community believe Ready and his cohorts murdered hundreds of unresolved Border Murders.
Russell Pearce is doing his best to distance himself from the evil Ready, but it's too late Russell. The web has ALL of the pictures of you hugging Ready during your very evil Tea Party and Minutemen Rallies. It's ALL ON THE NET. You can run, but you cannot and will not HIDE from them! Thanks to the Internet, your Evilness and Connection with Evil will LIVE ON FOREVER!!

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