Monday, May 28, 2012

Why Deportation Rates have Increased – Understanding the “Secure Communities” Program

Over recent months I have noticed a great deal of chatter regarding the rate of Deportations in the U.S. under the Obama Administration. Various ICE reports confirm that 2009 and 2010 had the highest rate of Deportations in history. Some pundits are attempting to blame the President for this increase. I decided I wanted to find out the reasons for the increases. I studied ICE Reports and various programs so I could understand the root cause(s) for these increases. These in-depth studies have helped me understand the cause and develop recommendations detailing our (Latino Voters) approach for moving forward in this election year.

Starting today and over the next few days I am going to share the results of my findings.

Here are the subjects I will be covering:
1. Why Deportation Rates have Increased – Understanding the “Secure Communities” Program
2. What are the Flaws of the Secure Communities Program? Who Is Deporting Who and Why?
3. Keeping Secure Communities however Changing Key Aspects and the Politics of Change
4. What Questions should We Latino Voters be asking in the weeks and months ahead

Today’s Report: Why Deportation Rates have Increased – Understanding the “Secure Communities” Program

The Department of Homeland Security’s “Yearbook of Immigration Statistics” prove the deployment of a Homeland Security/ICE Program, “Secure Communities,” has resulted in a significant increase in the rate of Deportations of “Illegal Immigrants” starting in 2009.

When was the “Secure Communities” Program started and for what Purpose: In 2005, during the Bush Administration, the Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS), Dept. of Justice (DOJ) and the Dept of State (DOS) collaborated to define a plan to integrate the Automated Biometric Identification System (IDENT) and the Integrated Automated Fingerprinting System (IAFIS). Their plan was designed as a technological means to PROTECT the U.S. from further terror attacks.
In 2008, still under Bush’s term, this concept, the “Secure Communities” program, was initially rolled out. The program was established as a partnership between Federal, State and Local LAW ENFORCEMENT. The Goal of the Program is to Game Change the Law Enforcement process through Integration of Law Enforcement and Integrated Technology.

The Program Concept: Through the use of integrated technology, focus resources upon identifying and removing the most serious criminal offenders, first and foremost.

The Program Process: Fingerprints of those detained by local law enforcement are processed through the integrated IDENT(DHS)/IAFIS(DOJ-FBI) databases.

The plan, as designed, should help focus on removing dangerous, felonious criminals -- those that would never receive citizenship. However, for a number of reasons, this is not what happened. In the next blog on this subject, we'll discuss the Flaws of the program.


Vicente Duque said...

Immigration Lawyers Gary Endelman and Cyrus D. Mehta think that SB 1070 is unconstitutional. - If the Supreme Court upholds this law, some Intelligent States can use Lemons to make Lemonade and turn a problem into an opportunity

People threatened under the Anti-Immigrant and hate laws can move to the Tolerant States and become an economic asset for Economic Development in such places.

Immigrants ( legal or illegal ), Latinos and all Minorities are Human Beings and as such they are an economic asset, this demography is always of a much lower age than the White Population.

Some Intelligent States of the Union will use the Immigrants Legal or Illegal to promote their own Economic Prosperity. The Immigrants that flee from Arizona, Alabama and Georgia may be an Economic boom for Tolerant States.

Human Beings are consumers and workers, and the younger the better for Economic Development and for Education, like learning new technical skills for International Competition.

Some states may soon experience labor shortages and depopulation. That is why these lawyers suggest many changes to State Laws to be Welcoming to these threatened but economically very useful and positive people.

Cyrus D. Mehta & Associates, PLLC
U. S. Immigration and Nationality Law
Insightful Immigration Blog
By Gary Endelman and Cyrus D. Mehta
May 6, 2012


Jennifer Souza said...

Your analysis is interesting. I actually had two friends in the Obama administration while this was going in and they felt it was more about apathy on his part and more inline with Democratic views that more legal immigration should take place as well as preparing for the policy change after the failure of The Dream Act.

That policy was halted- I believe in Feb 2012 (?)- and my husband would not have been deported under current policies.

I just emailed both pals- one said it could be the racist policies, laws, but she doubted it. It was more about priorities for this administration....even though he has an illegal aunt here!

Dee said...

I go strictly by the numbers and the reports when conducting analysis and not assumptions.

When the Dream Act failed, it was due to Republicans voting against and 5 rogue Democrats. It had overwhelming support by President Obama and his team. There were numerous reports about it. Plus, there is the voting record.

Additionally, in intent, the Secure Communities program should have had better results. The intent was to strictly go after felonious criminals. However, it was law enforcement, particularly in the right wing extremist areas (eg Maricopa County, other states passing the Kris Kobach written racial profiling bills, that had the highest rate of deportations.

I agree that it took too long for the President's administration to respond to what was going wrong and to correct the problems.

It is sad your husband was deported and had current policies been put in place sooner, he could have stayed.

I believe that if our President is re-elected, one of his first priorities will be to initiate steps to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

I also believe that if the opposition wins, their base will insist upon initiating their extremist right wing immigration policies, including Mass "Voluntary" deportations, ending the Dream Policy, initiating ICE Raids again so that they help their friends in the Private Prison industry as they did under the Bush Administration, and on and on.

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