Sunday, May 6, 2012

Secret to Winning the Presidential Election in 2012

Today, I'm going to reveal to all Presidential Candidates the view of the American Dream by the vast majority of the American Public

Barack Obama  is fully aware of this. However, Mitt Romney doesn't have a clue. I doubt Romney or any of his handlers read my blog, but I'm going to give them the answer. I want to see if any of them are paying attention. I doubt it, because to date, it is very obvious, all they care about is the Very Rich 1 percenters. They care about Wall Street and Wall Street Bankers. They don't care about us, We the People.

However, I'm going to give them the answer, just in case they want to reach us.

Mr. Romney, here is the answer. Right in front of you. All you have to do is read and listen.
The American Public wants one thing. They want to be happy. They want to be at peace. They want to be treated equally. Just like anyone else. They want to be safe, at home, to love their family. That's all. Nothing. else. THIS is the American Dream. None of us want a big house or a golf course or a new car to make us happy. Sure, those things are nice to have, but no one expects them. We just want to be happy and free to enjoy our family and our friends.

We all know it takes hard work to achieve the American Dream. None of us expects a free ride. We all know that Education is the great equalizer. Those of us in the workforce know that a college degree is important. If you expect to advance, you need one. Otherwise, you will stay at your current level with little to no hope of ever advancing. We want better for our children. We want them to get a degree so they can advance.

Mr. Romney, what you are totally missing is, none of us expect to be millionaires like you. We don't expect to live on a golf course or live in a million dollar dream house. That is NOT our Dream.

Additionally, we don't want to be a burden to our children when we are too old to work. We have paid into Social Security all of our lives and we want and expect that Social Security and Medicare will be there when we reach 66.

Regarding the rich, We don't care that they are rich, but we do understand that many of the very rich are very different than the majority of us. The big business owners are different. For years we have been watching them earn millions and millions in bonuses and stock options. We also have been watching them complain about regulations that have been saving our lives. OSHA puts in place safety standards. Look at what has been happening in the "Fracking" industry. How many lives are lost without regulations?
Another major issue: Outsourcing overseas. I personally know of dozens of IT organizations that are routinely outsourcing to India, Canada, Europe and Latin countries. We know they only pay them $1 an hour with no benefits. We know they have no safety regulations. We know this makes their profits even bigger. We also know the more jobs we outsource, the fewer taxpayers we have paying into Social Security. Everyone knows that. Why don't you? You would think you and all of Congress would figure out a way to keep the jobs HERE in the U.S. so that we have more taxpayers paying into Social Security. We think you should figure out a way that those who SELL to us American Buyers would BASE their Jobs HERE in America!

Mr. Romney, our President is very aware of these issues. Why aren't you? Why do you continually cater to Big Business and the Tea Party advocates?
I am also a bit suprised middle and lower income Tea Party members have succumbed to all of this rhetoric. I know several Tea Party members. Most of them ARE on social security or have kids who are on assistance, and NONE of them are Minorities. Most of them do not know or understand the issues nor do they know how the Republican Agenda you are advocating will impact their lives. If Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid are taken away, they will be devastated. They have been successfully brainwashed by your side. None of them understand the impact your Republican Agenda will have on their lives. They don't understand that privatizing Social Security will mean they will have NO guarantees for their future. Privatizing Social Security is just like the current 401K retirement process they have with thier curent employer. There ARE NO GUARANTEES that anything will be there when they are too old to work. All this means is you are stuffing the pockets of the Private Providers of these plans. All the middle/lower income Tea Partiers know is what they are told by the puppets of the 1 percenters on Fox News.
I know the mindset of these Tea Party members. They are driven by their view of Barack Obama. Their views are based on the fact he is black. Their deep seated hatred of African Americans drives much of their agenda. It is truly is a very, very sad state of affairs. I wish I could do something to change their mindset. I cannot.

Mr. Romney, based on your Far Right agenda and your political ads to date, it is clear you are not a viable candidate for President of our United States of America. Unless you become enlightened, We the American People have only One Choice for President, and that is re-electing our current President, Barack Obama.

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Vicente Duque said...

Professor Geoffrey Hoffman of the University of Houston Law Center says that SB 1070 is Orwellian and Kafkaesque : "SB 1070 itself requires racial or ethnic profiling but the law also (very cleverly) expressly prohibits civil rights violations"

For the Professor SB 1070 is a Civil Rights Nightmare and can be challenged again for Civil Rights Violations, even if the Supreme Court upholds it.

Jurist Organization
SB 1070 and the Impending Police State
Although racial and ethnic profiling arguments were not addressed last week in Arizona v. United States, SB 1070 has significant civil rights implications for those of Latino descent...
May 3, 2012

By Professor Geoffrey Hoffman of the University of Houston Law Center


Some excerpts :

Is it premature to call a place a "police state" where authorities are given authority to detain a person until their immigration status is verified, without regard to the length of the detention? Will a tipping point be reached if the US Supreme Court validates all (or even a portion) of Arizona's SB 1070? The law requires among other things that local law enforcement determine status where a "reasonable suspicion" exists that the person is an undocumented alien.

The so-called "papers, please" law is an apt title because the law will require any person who is "lawfully" stopped, detained or arrested to prove his status, including a fortiorari his US citizenship. When he does not or cannot, then the person can be held for as long as it takes for the state to get confirmation from the federal government and return with a definitive answer — provided such information even exists in federal databases.

The issue of racial or ethnic profiling did not even come up in oral argument, as Chief Justice John Roberts made clear right off the bat in his opening questioning. But racial or ethnic profiling is actually required by this law. What must the law enforcement authorities do if they are to determine whether they have "reasonable suspicion" someone is in the US illegally? Well, it cannot be just the failure to produce a certificate of citizenship, since most Americans have never even heard of one. It cannot be the failure to produce a passport, since almost no one travels with their passport on their person (if they even own one). So, what type of suspicion will be imposed?

The only answer is that law enforcement will now have to determine, after a "lawful" stop which people "look," "act," "speak" or "seem" to be "American."


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