Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mitt Romney's Vulture Capitalism is Exactly What Tony Soprano Ordered!

Here's what Vulture Capitalist Mitt Romney is saying about our President and Vice President: "There's no question that he's attacking capitalism, in part because I think he doesn't understand how the free economy works. He's never had a job in the free economy, neither has Vice President Biden. They've spent their lives as either community organizers or member of the political class, and frankly the American people understand that free economy and free enterprise is tough - it's hard work."

What Romney calls "Free Economy and Free Enterprise,"  in other words, the ANTICS performed by Bain Capital, are what most Americans call Vulture Capitalism. Everyone in the Business World understands what firms like Bain Capital do. They truly ARE Vultures. They search for greedy or dying businesses. Bain Promises their CEOs relief. The recommendations are: 1. Layoff Workers.  2. Outsource Overseas. 3. If needed, FILE Bankruptcy. 4. IF the company survives, then hire some workers back at minimum wage with NO Benefits. Then, when Wall Street sees improved results, Stock Prices go up, CEOs are rewarded with Big Bonuses and companies like BAIN make a Killing in Profit!
Mitt Romney calls this a "Free Economy" and "Free Enterprise." WE THE PEOPLE call it "Vulture Capitalism."


Anonymous said...

The president has raised more money from Wall Street through the Democratic National Committee and his campaign account than any politician in American history. This year alone, he has raked in more cash from bank employees, hedge fund managers and financial services companies than all Republican candidates combined.

Obama’s fake outrage is all the more preposterous considering that the White House’s policies have led to record profits on Wall Street during the first two years of the Obama administration. In fact, Wall Street amassed more profits in the first two years of the Obama presidency than all eight of George W. Bush’s combined.

jellysky said...

Romney’s weakness certainly is time at Bain Capital being a vulture capitalist even though he tries to play if off as a strength. I think come November people will realize that and they will associate negativity with Bain. Btw the Dark Knight Rises should help. Thought this website was funny. It says that Romney may be the Bane of Existence using a pun involving the villain Bane and Bain Capital.

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