Monday, September 8, 2008

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! Only Time Can Change Me, But YOU Can´t THIS TIME!!

When I was a little girl, my parents taught me if I finished my education and worked hard enough I could achieve my dreams. I knew, even as a child, I wanted to be a career woman. It didn´t matter that I was a minority. It didn’t matter that we were migrant workers every summer, picking crops. I knew I could reach for the stars.
My Dad always shared his stories with us. He was a troquero. During the Depression, he trucked workers up to Michigan from Texas to harvest the crops. He served as an interpreter. He was the workers champion. Even after he started working in the factory, he still served as an interpreter, often working for the state. He also worked with the Governor´s Commission to document the Migrant Worker Story. The Governor acknowledged him for his work. Dad always looked out for people. Occassionally, when the workers didn´t have a place to stay, he let them stay with us until they were able to care for themselves.
I learned so much from my parents, Work Ethic, Goals, Dreams, Humanity.
As a teenager, my friends and I marched for civil rights. We believed the words of John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King. We were all equal! This is America! We can all achieve the American Dream.
Friends of all colors listened to Motown and Disco, danced, studied, and we knew we would all achieve our goals because we were equal and anything was possible in America! I reminisce about this time of equality and friendship every time I hear a Motown or Disco song.
When I entered the business world, I worked hard, learned my skills, learned office politics and knew I would help the company and my family by working toward our mutual goals.
This all worked so well through to the new millennium. Then a few short years ago, America changed. It wasn´t just a change in politics or economics. The mood of the entire country shifted.
We used to all get along. We used to get angry at the same things. We all became angry at the Oklahoma City Bombings. We all became angry at the 911 attacks. We were all in sync.
Then, suddenly, in the new Millenium, life changed in America. We started getting angry at each other. It wasn´t just the extremist groups getting angry like the Nazis, terrorists, gangs or Militias getting angry at everyone. It wasn´t just the political groups mad at each other during elections. Now the anger started bleeding into the mainstream groups. Every day people were angry at everyone that disagreed with them. We can no longer discuss politics. Many minorities are living in fear of being racially profiled. The word “Mexican” has become a dirty word.
This was a different kind of change. It was very different. It reminded me of the pre-Civil Rights days.
A number of things caused the change. Most of the blame falls to the Bush Administration. We took that left turn to Iraq. The administration has continually tried to divert attention from the war while pandering to multi national corporations through tax cuts and no bid crony contracts. They instilled fear in the American public, teaching us to fear new immigrants (legal or illegal). They painted terrorists as immigrants of different colors.
We Americans are turning into sheep. We follow along with the Administration´s political bidding. We fear what they say to fear. We believe what they say to believe.
These changes reminded me of the pre-Civil Rights days. I thought we were beyond racial anger. Sure there has been some discrimination but that is not the norm nor the mainstream.
I have to tell you here and now. I do not like these changes and neither do any of the minorities I know. This is the reason many of us have gone to the internet and created blogs and joined the PRO Blogosphere.
Now the current candidates for President are talking about Change.
McCain has the audacity to use the word Change when he, over 90% of the time, has been in lockstep with his buddy Dubya. The Republicans have artfully changed the agenda from "ISSUES WE CARE ABOUT " to "WHO Would YOU Like to See In the White House!" That is why they chose Beauty Queen Palin as VP.
The Repulicans are AGAIN attempting to DIVIDE US and making this a RACIAL issue! We are NOW Diverted! We are arguing amongst each other, just as McCain and the Right Wing Extremists planned. It AGAIN is Whites against Minorities. Big City vs Small Town politics. Unfortunately, the Democrats are again falling for their dirty tricks and are responding to their ludicrous agenda vs. sticking to their guns.

I ask for each of us to take a hard look within ourselves.
Why are we letting the Administration and the Republican Party set our own personal agendas.
I ask ALL viewers to stop. Reflect. Ask yourself. What do YOU want for you and your family. Look ahead ten years. Don´t allow the Administration or anyone else to manipulate you. Decide for yourself what do you want. Decide for yourself the real issues in America.

Here are MY top 5 Issues:
1. End this wrongful War in Iraq and stop the deaths of our young people.
2. Work with other Leaders to strive for Peace in the World!
3. Extend the Peace so our children and grandchildren can reap these rewards.
4. Stop the pettiness in America. We should all strive in America to get along
5. Elect a diplomatic President and VP in 2008 who will regain status around the World!

I ask you to make your OWN List. Then decide for yourselves. Who do YOU want as the next President.
Then I ask you, the most important question of all!
Go out today and REGISTER to VOTE!
I KNOW some of you on the political left (PROs) are NOT registered to vote.
I am BEGGING you!!!
Register to VOTE Today or tomorrow! Sometime this week!
Otherwise, if your side is defeated, YOU (and I mean YOU) have only yourselves to blame.
It it ALL up to YOU!! Look In the Mirror!! It is up to YOU!!!

AND, I ask ALL of my Latino sons and daughters, nieces and nephews to think of my Father, your Father, your Grandfather, theirs and theirs. Think of the dreams they bestowed upon you. Think of the Freedoms they fought for! REMEMBER! Remember the Dream! Remember the Dream when YOU Vote this November! Remember their dreams and the sweat and the tears they SUFFERED! FOR YOU! I want YOU to CRY when you Think of Them, of your Grandpa, when you VOTE this November! Remember THEM! And ALL they suffered!! And if you have the Audacity to Pull the Lever that Destroys their Sacrifices or Dreams for YOU.. Remember! Remember ALL of their Blood, Sweat and Tears to bring you the DREAM the American Dream! Vote Obama or Don´t Vote At All!!

God Bless America!


Liquidmicro said...

Obama = change?? Boy are you wrong. Neither candidate will create much change. Your list of 5 things is but a pipe dream. This hole topic does nothing more than show that you have never been outside the western hemisphere.

1. The war in Iraq will be drawing down as per the agreement between the Iraq Govt. and the Bush Admin. The surge is the reason it will be drawn down, thanks McCain. Obama, nor McCain, will have had anything to do with the returning of our troops or claim they will bring the troops home. Obama, if you listen to him, is going to re-route the troops to Afghanistan and Pakistan, placing troops on more rotations. McCain will do the same. Congress will allow them to.

2. There is no peace in the world, look what just happened to Georgia from Russia!! Look to Israel and Iran!! Look at North Korea!!

3. Peace for your grand kids, hopefully by the time they become adults this may be a possibility.

4. There have always been differences of opinion, hence the Democrats and Republicans and Libertarians and etc.

5. What status would that be? World Police? World Mediator? World Mother? World God?

patriot said...

I believe that I am older than you are so I can say that it is only the issues that have changed with each new generation, dee. Our country has always had its problems no different than any other country. We have always had differences of opinion among us politically. But we have never ventured too far away from what this country stands for until the past couple of decades.

The problem as I see it today is that many Americans have gotten soft and PC rather than fiercely defending the ideals of this country. They are allowing seditionists to move freely among us who have their own un-American agenda. Many have lost their loyalty and patriotism for this country. I am glad however, they are still among the miniority in this country. This would not have been tolerated 50 years ago though even on a small scale. It will end up being our downfall. Those who laid back and watched it happen rather than take action will leave a sad future for our grandchildren.

I am not sure what happened to you along your pathway in life but you either didn't adopt all of those ideals that you say you were taught by your parents or you gave them a whole different twist and meaning of your own.

Dee said...

My point is, 10 years ago, you and me and Liquid and Ulty were ALL on the same side!

patriot said...

You and your fellow pro's have made immigration both legal and illegal a racist issue, when it clearly is not. Nice try at making us anti's the culprits when all we are is for the rule of law and you don't see us advocating for the illegal immigration of whites in this country, do you? I rest my case. The shoe is on your foot, not ours.

You want to get along? Then stand shoulder to shoulder with your fellow law abiding Americans and insist on only legal immigration with no rewards for those who don't follow the rules. It is your side that is creating the divide and the anger. But you are too blinded by your own ethnocentricism to see it.

patriot said...

I was never on the side of rewarding immigration violters. So no, you and I and Liquid and Ultima were NEVER on the same side.

Dee said...

Read the post again Pat.
The BLAME is on the current Administration!

Dee said...

We DO NOT want 4 more of the Last 8 years!!

Dee said...

And Pat, I do believe you and me and Liquid and Ulty were ALL on the same side 20 years ago!! (I add on 10 extra years in the Reagan era the 80s)

Nelson said...

Yeah, I'm voting for McCain. Obama will just prolong more of the same spend more do nothing congress. He voted with the Democrats over 90% of the time when he voted. However, McCain is a cantankerous old man who's not afraid to give the finger to congress and veto some spending bills. Hooray McCain!

Dee said...

Reports indicate Senator John McCain has voted with President Bush 100% of the time in 2008 and 95% of the time in 2007.
If you vote for McBush (McCain) you are voting for 4 more of the last 8 years!

Dee said...

As you say, McCain IS a cantankerous old man and I do not want him close to any button that will start World War 3.

The Arizonian said...

1. End this wrongful War in Iraq and stop the deaths of our young people.

We screwed up. I understand that.
But, if you take your neighbor's car for a joy ride, smash into a fence, you do not just walk away and act like it did not happen. You have to fix the car,fix the fence and amend your relationship with all parties involved. It is easy to cut in run when things go bad.
Nothing meaningful in this world ever came from taking the path of least resistance.

2. Work with other Leaders to strive for Peace in the World!
War is natural, peace is an accident. Just observe nature. Nature is a long series of stories that revolve around conflict for survival.

"When the power of love replaces the love of power, the world will know peace." Jimi Hendrix

3. Extend the Peace so our children and grandchildren can reap these rewards.

This cannot be realized without point two being accomplished. Besides, every new generation finds a new conflict to fight for.

4. Stop the pettiness in America. We should all strive in America to get along

Here, I agree. But our opinions on how to achieve this differ.
I believe you make a society of equality by setting an example. Act as though you are equal. But so many "minorities" as you put it, act special. They demand special laws pertaining to minorities as opposed to a blanket law that covers anyone.
Affirmative action says that race cannot be a determining factor in employment. Good. Then the law puts in place a quota, stating that "x" percentage of your employees must be "minorities". If you don't meet this criteria, then you must hire more minorities. The law contradicts itself:
You can't hire based on race, but if you don't meet the quota, then you must hire based on race.
These are the kinds of idiocies we contend with.

5. Elect a diplomatic President and VP in 2008 who will regain status around the World!

The only experience of Obama talking to any foreign dignitary that i could find was his "Obama: Europe" tour he went on in the last couple of months.

Oh, and just in case you forgot, Biden voted for the war.....

The Arizonian said...


i have a story I would like you to "Blog" about:

Illegal immigrants in our jails: Fuel to the fire
10:20 AM, September 8, 2008


L.A. law enforcement officials have focused increasing resources on identifying and deporting illegal immigrants in the jail system. Now, there is some fresh evidence on the problem: According to a Rand study, illegal immigrants deported from the jail are highly likely to commit more crimes. The Times' Anna Gorman has details:

Illegal immigrants who have been deported at least once from the United States are far more likely than other immigrants to repeatedly commit crimes, according to a study by the nonprofit Rand Corp. The data indicated that illegal immigrants, overall, were not a greater crime risk, according to the study, which looked at all inmates released from Los Angeles County Jail for a month in 2002. But among those who previously had been deported, reentered the U.S. and were arrested and released from jail, nearly 75% went on to commit another crime within a year. And 28% were arrested three or more times during the one-year period.

Anna did an interesting story (with video) this summer going inside the jail and looking at the process for deporting illegal immigrants. The report is likely to add to the debate over Jamiel's Law, which would permit Los Angeles police officers to arrest gang members for breaking U.S. immigration law.

-- Shelby Grad

The Arizonian said...

Another link:,0,1103613.story

ultima said...

This is an interesting discussion. I believe there are two major errors in Dee's politically-tinged set of ideals. The first is the notion that McCain necessarily represents 4 more years of Bush's mistakes. I believe on the one hand McCain has made it clear in a number of areas that he is his own man. Moreover, there is an old expression, "The office makes the man". This says to me that when you are in charge it is a very sobering experience and you tend to view problems in a different light than you do when you are not in charge or not involved in a political campaign.

McCain's record of voting with the president is largely meaningless in isolation from the issues involved and how many democrats also voted to support the president's agenda -- the Iraq War, No Child left Behind, NAFTA, and CIR come to mind in that regard. I believe Bush was a disaster for our country and that means that unbelievably difficult judgments have to be made on whether McCain/Palin will make the same mistakes, make a whole new set of mistakes, or actually learn from Bush's debacle.

Many of the votes on which McCain agreed with Bush and other conservatives do reflect orthodox Republican philosophy: low taxes, small government, fiscal conservatism, a strong military, a desire to promote democracy in other regions of the world, etc. I plan to put a summary of the positions of two unidentified candidates on my blogsite so that everyone can see the stark differences and choose for themselves what kind of an agenda they wish to see for the next four years.

The second major error is on the racial issue. I see no difference in how the racial issues play out in this election from earlier elections. The fringe groups and rednecks will always take a racial perspective on the election. My perspective is consistent with Dee's overall objective of supporting American ideals and keeping our country great. What does this require? First, I believe we need at least a breather from the current waves of immigration legal and illegal. There are strong indications that assimilation is not longer possible because of the volume of immigrants in an American that has changed in every dimension since the early 20th century. There are many cracks in the facade of assimilation, especially in California. I agree with Mark Krikorian on this issue. He believes that assimilation is in grave danger because of the gross changes in our government, economy, natural resources, communications, etc. Globalism, internationalism and trans-nationalism are the worst enemies of assimilation. They permit immigrants to keep one foot in their homeland and the other in America. Dual allegiance, dual citizenship and dual voting rights are the result.

Then there is population growth. I believe our need for additional permanent residents is very limited and this need should be addressed very carefully to make sure those we admit have the skills we need. Personally, I would also give top priority to those among the skilled workers we need who already speak English. That is a way to achieve Dee's ideals.

The BBC asked an interesting question: "Will America still be America when minorities become the majority". I happen to be out when they asked me to call in to their talk program. Perhaps this question should be expanded to include: majority minorities, a population that doubles by the end of this century, the loss of the unifying force of a common language, birthright citizenship gone amok, a citizenship language test that is a joke, multi-lingual ballots, a major increase in legal immigration, illegals who are given amnesty, etc. Will these mean that America will not longer be America? Will they mean a balkanized nation state? Will they mean America will be more like a Latin American country with a paucity of Nobel prizes to show for their culture?

Change will come regardless of who is elected but in the end the president merely proposes, the congress disposes.

Dee said...

I think this will be easy for you Ulty since McSame voted 100% of the time with Bush in 2008.

Ultima said:
I plan to put a summary of the positions of two unidentified candidates on my blogsite

Dee said...

The only CHANGE I see for McCain-Palin is 100 more years of War in Iraq and both of these firecrackers close to that WW3 Red Button! Yikes!!

Dee said...

I will do a blog on that article comparing it to the actual study. My gosh, the blog and the LA Times articles were misrepresentations of the actual Rand studies.

Goes to show you the extremes the anti journalists will go to when spinning the facts.

patriot said...

Now that is funny, dee. I have seen more truth spinning on the part of the pro's than I could ever see in a million years by the anti's.

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