Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Prez pays off Cronies before Leaving Office! Chertoff Authorizes Seven Miles of Fence for $37M

As the Prez is leaving office, he is making his list and checking it twice! He wants to be sure all of his friends and cronies are taken care of before he leaves office.
Bush To Do List before he leaves Office:
1. Mortgage Co. Bailout
2. Gas prices through the roof ($5)
3. Nafta-Cafta extended to other countries
4. Filling up Crony Owned Private Prisons
5. Hiring Cronies to build the Border Fence in 3 sleepy little towns along the border! 7.6 miles of fence = $37M to cronies!
(List will be updated as the Prez updates it)
Who will build the fence?
U.S. government awards 3 contracts for border barrier construction -
September 23, 2008 - 10:14PM
Contracts to build the border fence in Cameron County were awarded to three private companies Monday, after Congress approved a $378 million appropriations request to continue the barrier's construction.
Despite longstanding opposition from the county's residents and politicians, construction could begin soon on the Texas border's southernmost stretch. The contracts are for fence segments in Bluetown, Los Indios, El Calaboz and La Paloma, all rural communities established by 18th century Spanish land grants. The communities are now home to some of the border fence's most vociferous opponents, many of whom have been fighting the barrier in court for nearly a year.
Clute, Texas-based Jaco Construction, Colorado-based MCC Construction and Omaha-based Kiewit Corporation were each awarded contracts to build a total of 7.6 miles of fencing for almost $37 million. The government must now clear mounting judicial obstacles in order to meet Congress' mandate to build 670 miles of fencing by Dec. 31. So far, 340 miles of fencing have been constructed along the southwest border. Ninety-seven landowners in the Rio Grande Valley have refused to sell their property to the federal government, according to a Government Accountability Office report released Sept. 10. Some of those property owners, including Eloisa Tamez of El Calaboz, wonder how contracts can be awarded before lawsuits have been resolved. "(Homeland Security Secretary) Chertoff is going completely outside of the Constitution, not allowing the federal court to make its decision before he moves on," Tamez said. Cameron County Judge Carlos H. Cascos said he had always maintained that DHS was going to build "something" if the county did not offer an alternative to them. "I still think that the border/levee combo project was a viable alternative, and I'm just saddened that DHS thought it was not," Cascos said. "For now, we are just going to wait and see what the fence is going to look like." The U.S. Department of Homeland Security did not announce when construction is expected to begin in Cameron County.


The Arizonian said...

For someone that doesn't buy into conspiracy theories, you sure do like spreading them.

Dee said...

These are all FACTS!
Just follow the money!

patriot said...

It is the fence that bothers her, AZ. If it were being built by cheap illegal alien labor, she would still complain about it. It is a deterrant to illegal entry and she doesn't want that.

Dee said...

What you are missing Pat is that CRONIES are the Contractors!!

Follow the Money!!

patriot said...

Cronies? Got proof of that? Or even if these contractors are friends of Bush and the Republican party what has that to do with it? Congress passed a bill that the fence has to be built.

We still all know the reason you are objecting and that is because you don't want the fence built no matter WHO builds it!

Anonymous said...


The Arizonian said...

Ok, Dee.....

So let me guess:

1. Mortgage Co. Bailout
So Bush destroyed the economy to help his buddies get more cash?

2. Gas prices through the roof ($5)
And I assume Bush is out in the middle on the night changing the prices at gas stations to help his buddies out?

3. Nafta-Cafta extended to other countries
And of course this was extended, not to help open new markets for American made goods, but to help his buddies out? Oh, wait, let me guess: He wanted to extend it to countries with high Latino populations so his buddies came exploit them?

4. Filling up Crony Owned Private Prisons
Right, by making it illegal to be anything, ensuring that everyone is going to his buddies private jails?

5. Hiring Cronies to build the Border Fence in 3 sleepy little towns along the border! 7.6 miles of fence = $37M to cronies!

I think you are more upset that is going to be a fence. You probably could care less who is building a fence. Just the idea of a fence going up angers you I bet.

What you listed were half-truths:
Yes, gas was going up.($3.29 here today)
Yes, prisons are getting fuller.
Yes, there will be a bailout.
Yes, NAFTA is being extended.
Yes, a fence is being built by someone that *may* know Bush.

But to connect all these to Bush as some great master plan, IS A CONSPIRACY DEE!!!!!

Dee said...

You answered YES to every question.

No Conspiracy Theories. All facts.

The Arizonian said...

The facts are that things are going on.

The conspiracy is that Bush is doing it just to help his buddies.

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