Friday, September 5, 2008

National Enquirer Conducting the Palin Vetting Process McCain Failed to Complete!

The National Enquirer is conducting the Palin vetting process that McCain and his staff failed to complete. McCain´s staff has admitted Palin underwent only a brief, partial vetting just days before her selection for the next highest job in the country. McCain met with Palin just briefly twice before her selection. Many MSM outlets say this is due to McCain wanting to select Joe Lieberman as his VP candidate of choice. It was only at the last minute McCain´s campaign staff convinced him to bypass Joe for Palin.
In their latest edition, the National Enquirer has voiced their mission to complete the vetting job McCain failed to do. They have numerous "feet on the street" in Palin´s home town to get to the truth behind the gossip spread across the internet. The three top stories they are following include:
1. Palin´s Affair with her husband´s business partner.
2. Palin´s attempted cover-up of her daughter Bristol´s pregnancy and Bristol´s refusal to go along with her mother´s plan for a quickie marriage with her boyfriend.
3. Palin´s abuse of power in firing her ex brother in law´s supervisor for failing to fire her brother in law.

The AP Reports the response to the National Enquirer´s articles from the McCain campaign are as follows:
"The McCain campaign has vigorously denied a report in the National Enquirer magazine that the Republican's vice-presidential pick, Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin has had an extramarital affair with her husband's business partner. The story, which appeared just hours before Governor Palin was due to address the Republican convention, was branded " scurrilous" by the chief strategist, Steve Schmidt. He said it was totally untrue."The smearing of the Palin family must end. The allegations contained on the cover of the National Enquirer insinuating that Gov. Palin had an extramarital affair are categorically false. It is a vicious lie," said Mr Schmidt." The efforts of the media and tabloids to destroy this fine and accomplished public servant are a disgrace. The American people will reject it."
McCain and his staff probably will not get far in their attempts to try and squelch and demonize these vetting investigations. The National Enquirer is well known for their pursuit of anyone and everyone who has gained national attention. This includes many in the DNC including: John Edwards, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. (Many of these stories, in fact, have been political fodder for Fox News, McCain and the RNC´s favorite network!) Over the last few months, the National Enquirer has gained significant notoriety and a significant increase in sales in their diligent pursuit of the John Edwards affair. They are also proud of their performance in being the first to out other politicians, hollywood and media stars.
As of today, Palin refuses to talk to any media anytime anywhere.
I wonder how long she thinks she can hold out.

Soap Opera Politics Volume 1, Issue 33


Dee said...

Palins REFUSAL to talk to the media is ludicrous.

IF she is so inept she cannot speak publicly then she should NOT be in line for the highest position in the Land!

She is merely proving what an unvetted, weak candidate she is.

She has NO COURAGE!!

Dee said...

Watching the Right Wing Pundits, they can only say she gave a great speech. Yet, she hides behind her protectors, afraid to speak openly to the American Public!

What would she do if she were to face Osama Bin Laden, Iran´s Ahmadinejad or Hugo Chavez.

Will she hide? Run?

Such a scary thought!!

patriot said...

Why are the pro's all worked up over Palin, dee? Hell, in the Hispanic Business Forum alone they have dedicated at least a dozen topics discussing her. Most of the pro's are Democrats so why do they care who McCain picks as his VP? If she is such an awful pick then why are the pro's/Democrats getting so worked up over her? They keep saying that Obama is going to win by a wide margin, so what are they so worried about?

I will tell you why. As I said, I wouldn't have picked her but evidently you pros/Democrats consider her a threat to your amnesty savior Obama winning the election. I love it just for that reason! I am thrilled that you pros/Democrats are foaming at the mouth over this!

Blogonaut said...

Dear Dee:

We posted a response to your comment on our blog--in which you falsely accuse us (a registered Democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter) of being a "right wing" extremist.

I note that the "source" for your claims against Palin is the National Enquirer.

I rest my case.

Dee said...

Pat and Blogonaut,
I am not saying anything.
I am merely reporting that the National Enquirer is conducting a vetting process on Palin, complete with "feet on the street" in her hometown.
The NE reported on ALL of the DNC candidates so they are being non partisan in their vetting.
I voiced no opinion on this.

Re Read what I posted!!

patriot said...

There was no need for you to address me on your National Inquirer article as you did with blogonaut, dee. My comments had nothing to do with that. My comments were about how you and the rest of the pro's/Democrats seem to be running scared of her and my opinion as to why.

Dee said...

What I find interesting about your blog is, every time ANYONE mentions SP you view it as an attack.

Note to you: When one REPORTS about what is being reported on the net, it is NOT an attack.

Additionally, there have been so many attacks against the DNC it is MIND BOGGLING!!!

Sorry your feeling got hurt so quickly for your SP candidate!

Dee said...

Hillary was able to take a bashing and still come on strong!! IF you did support her, dont you know this??

Blogonaut said...

Dear Dee:

It really unfair to argue with you since you are perhaps the most obtuse person with a blog I have ever encountered.

Might I suggest that instead of simply assuming that others are of a political persuasion or think a certain thing that you take a moment to read what they are really saying and to think logically about it?

You have accused us of being a right wing extremist blogger when were are a registered Democrat and of suggesting that we would censor the Daily Kos when we CITED TO IT AS AUTHORITY and linked its post, and you then deny that the Daily Kos is left wing when its owner says just that, and that he makes no apologies.

You say that Sarah Palin “needs to stop being a scared little model and ex beauty queen,” and also summarize a supermarket tabloid article claiming she committed adultery, and yet you deny "attacking" her.

Finally, when you state in a headline that McCain failed to complete the vetting process of Sarah Palin and add an explanation point, you are indeed "saying something".

If you cannot think clearly, you cannot write clearly.

Good luck.

ultima said...

Just the job for a tabloid like the Enquirer that has always dealt in yellow journalism.

Let's ask them to re-publish all the salacious material about a sitting president by the name of Clinton, and the sorry self-serving behavior of his wife.

McCain 39 million viewers
Obama 38. Game, set, match!

Anonymous said...

Palin: 40 million viewers. And she is now more popular than Obama OR McCain!

ultima said...

"The NE reported on ALL of the DNC candidates so they are being non partisan in their vetting."

Surely, you aren't saying that just because the NE reported on both parties, that makes it impartial.

ultima said...

"When one REPORTS about what is being reported on the net, it is NOT an attack."

That depends on the source. What does the Christian Science Monitor have to say.

ultima said...

"a supermarket tabloid article claiming she committed adultery, and yet you deny "attacking" her."

Using proxies won't let you off the hook!

Dee said...

Did you see the Enquirer cover I posted? It depicts the NE reports on Edwards, Obama and Clinton as well as their report on Palin.
I find it very interesting the SP supporters are so afraid of teh papparazzi. They have been attacking the DNC candidates ad nauseum.
What´s the matter SP supporters. Why are you all so jittery about articles by the paps or MSMs or bloggers? You certainly have been dishing it out against Obama, Hillary and Edwards with relish!! Now a few little investigations scare about SP are scaring the pants off you all!!

Last night I flipped channels and saw that big blowhard interviewing that blowhard Corsi and calling it Obama 101. Even you Ulty chastised Corsi for all of his lies. Yet Beck devotes two hours to that trash.
Now you all cannot even take NEs headlines wiht a few inquiring questions.

They say you reap what you sow.
It all equals out in the end!

Grow up guys!
Take it like grown ups!

Dee said...

I find it incredible you saying you were a Hillary supporter and now you are supporting SP. I guess any skirt will do for you.
SP is for everything Hillary is against. She is to the far right of McCain for Heavens Sake.

It is ludicrous McCain will not allow her to talk to the media. So much for her being a tough woman.

I guess she doesn´t want to get caught putting her manolo in her mouth!

LMJ said...

"Palin: 40 million viewers. And she is now more popular than Obama OR McCain!"

Is this such a good thing? Because I know OJ Simpson and Michael Jackson are pretty popular too. There is DEFINATELY something going on with the Repub's than meets the eye and Dee is merely keeping everyone posted. Why SP continues to hide when she is now on the biggest spotlight in the world is unknown but hopefully all will be revealed b4 the election.

Dee said...

Thank you for recognizing what is happening - SP is hiding out from the media. What does she have to hide? Time will tell!

dianne said...

I won't put up with this trash.

Anyone who would print lies like this is not credible or worth my time.

Patriot, Ultima, carry on. I've had it. Contact me at if there is a new forum for reasonable immigration discussion.

Dee said...

One question before you go.
Why is it ok for Glenn Beck to spend 2 hours trash talking Obama with Corsi even though we all know Corsi´s book is packed with lies and distortions and Beck calls it Obama 101.
Why aren´t you outraged by that?

At least the NE is saying they are putting feet on the street to investigate all of these rumors and allegations, as they did with Edwards. In fact, it is the same news crew that investigated Edwards.

Dee said...

BTW Dianne,
I want you to know I have sent an invitation for McCain to speak on my blog. Here and now I will add Pailin in on the invitation.

I did provide Obama an opportunity to speak here (which he did) and I am doing the same for the RNC candidates.

Anonymous said...

Want to read something interesting? Then take a look at this document (it is written in spanish) which is creating shock waves on the internet in all the hispanic communities in the USA. Everybody who plans to vote on the coming elections, especially all hispanics and latinos who support Obama, should take a look at the document and perhaps even spread it around among friends and relativs. It could be (or perhaps, should be) front page news:
The revelations in the document are shocking, to say the least.

Dee said...

I read your link. In a nutshell it said even though John McCain promised a clean campaign, during his visit with Calderon in July, Calderon convinced him to play dirty politics. It was immediately after the visit that McCain used the Brittany ad, then the Corsi book came out, then several other innuendos via the internet re: Muslim, abortion, etc. In other words, the article is saying McCain and the RNC are playing dirty politics against Obama as Calderon suggested in their visit.
It is attempting to alert all Latino voters and interested people across both borders of the politics of this election.

LMJ said...

"I won't put up with this trash."

Why is it trash when it's your side? Repub's control the newspapers so when it's our side it makes HEADLINE NEWS, front page of USA today, etc etc, yet when the tiny national enquirer gossip mag looks into SP your side BLOWS YOUR TOP, hence "I won't put up with this trash.

Anyone who would print lies like this is not credible or worth my time.

Patriot, Ultima, carry on. I've had it. Contact me at if there is a new forum for reasonable immigration discussion."

Your know what, Dee likes you and your insight and appreciates your visits but with comments like yours I say don't let the door hit you on the (you know what) on the way OUT!!!

ultima said...

I hope she holds out forever. She has no obligation to the press considering how it has pilloried her with every rumor and innuendo they could find to publish.

I believe her obligation is to the American people not the press.

Kudos to Palin. Keep up the good work

jeff said...

Dee, Your reaction to the choice of Palin is proof positive that we picked the right person for the VP slot. You denigrate her because you know deep down that she is a tough woman from the feral country of Alaska! Where rugged individualists roam. Bloated idiot Hugo Chavez and pipsqueak Ahmad whateverhisnameis better hope she is not elected. Obama will negotiate with these 2 clowns unconditionally because he is a wimp. He has been exposed as an empty suit who can't say anything without teleprompters. By the way, do you really want to cite The National Enquirer as a source for your political blog? Seriously?

Anonymous said...

lmj-how do you know dee likes dianne and her insight and appreciares her visits? Unless you are dee alias anon 1. I think you and dee are one and the same.

Da Tiger said...

I also like Dianne and her insight and appreciate her visits. But that does not make me Dee’s sock puppet, either. However, if Diane does not want to stick around, while there is going to be such a dither about the soap opera, then that is her choice. Personally, I hope that she sticks around, because I think that Dianne’s voice is the sanest voice of the bunch. I have been keeping up with Dee’s blog for about 6 months. I imagine that I am like most of Dee’s readers. I just prefer to read on, and stay out of the fray because I HAVE a life. I know that if I make an entry into this blog, some hot shot has to try to shoot me down, in some kind of one-up-man-ship show. But Dianne’s entries make me stop and think. In particular, I remember a question she asked about what if the immigration questions were about Norwegians. I did quite a bit of research on Norwegian immigration. It made me see Norwegians in a new light. In particular, I appreciated reading many articles on famous Norwegians in Wikipedia. It reminded me of Sonja Henie in, “One in a million,” and the movie, “I remember mama,” about Norwegian immigrants. I never published any comments on the subject because they are apples and oranges. The bottom line for me was that Norwegian immigration mostly involved a one-way voyage for 800,000 travelers between 1825 and 1925. Mexico is right next door, and Spanish immigration has been on-going in both directions from 1615 to the present. It was Indian immigration for thousands of years before that.
I personally do not like Dee’s excursion into the sleazy personal attacks, but she does make a point. When the Republicans were slamming Bill Clinton, they also went too far. I do not favor the politics of personal destruction, no matter which side is affected. The beginnings of the group were the direct result of the attacks on Clinton. They said let’s move away from personal attacks. Let’s MOVE ON and stick with the issues.

Dee said...

Your side certainly believe NE when they wrote about Edwards, Obama and Clinton. Fox News referenced them by name! Several Times! Particularly OReilly.

The problem with Palin is she is hiding out from the media, she is right of McCain on most issues, she panders to the extremist Christian Conservatives, she has extremely limited knowledge of foreign affairs, and would be a disgrace as VP.

Dee said...

Da Tiger,
What a nice, thought provoking post! Thank you.
I receive emails from many PRO commenters who do not like to post comments because they say they don´t like to argue. It is as you say. Sometimes there is one upmanship, and I confess I do it too at times.

I think I have spent so much time on the Palin story because I was such a strong supporter of Hillary. I believe, by far, she would have made the best candidate. She is brilliant, the best debater, most experienced, most respected by peers and around the world, diplomatic, a stateman, and would have made a fine President.

I watched Palin give her speech during the RNC convention and her lines about the 18M cracks in the ceiling, indicating she was stepping in to replace Hillary as the next woman in line for President, That Line just pushed me over the brink! What Gall! I started reading every article on the net about her. I read her hometown papers and all the local blogs. I wanted to read everything available about her and from everything I read, I wrote these blogs.

As one local Alaskan blogger wrote, she told the truth about Palin because she knew if she didnt say something and Palin was elected, she would never forgive herself. As another loyal American, I feel the same way that blogger did.

Since the Enquirer has their Edwards team thoroughly investigating and getting the truth on Palin I probably WON´T be writing too many more blogs about her. (Hopefully Palin will not do anything too extreme to set me off again because I really dont want to spend any more time writing about her.)

patriot said...

Here is the real reason that those pro's who contact you don't want to post in here. I am sure I am familiar with some of them from other forums. They don't know how to debate without personal attacks and they are outnumbered in here. They can't stand an opposing view without calling any anti a racist, a name it. If you call their sources of information mere opinion and choose to believe your own instead, they call you a liar. Some of them believe that most white people are racists and should go back to Europe (even though we have never been there and were born in THIS country). If you allowed such people in your forum this place would turn into another Hispanic Business Forum snakepit and it wouldn't make your blog look good, dee.

Dee said...

No Pat. Most of the people who write me are new to discussion boards. They are very nice, thoughtful people who are concerned about the issues but dont want to get involved in debating (or as they say, arguing). But they do enjoy reading the discussions in this forum.

Dee said...

I just saw on the News that Palin is continuing making the rounds of the campaign with McCain.
Remember the excuse their campaign used for Palin not wanting to talk to the media? Supposedly she was going to go home to be with her family and help prepare for her son leaving for Iraq?
So much for that excuse.
She is in Missouri with McCain.
Still refusing to talk to the media.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: CNN confirms that Palin will sit down with Charles Gibson of ABC News LATER this week; the exact date has yet to be announced.

According to the McCain campaign, Palin will stay on the campaign trail through this Wednesday (9-10) and then return home to Alaska where she will speak at a ceremony marking the deployment of her eldest son’s Army unit to Iraq on September 11. Palin’s interview with Gibson will be conducted near the end of the week.

So much for spending time with her son. She just wanted another chance in the spotlight to exploit his leaving.

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