Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Arnold's Baby Momma is Latina Mildred Baena

The identity of the alleged mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child has been revealed, according to multiple reports. Mildred Baena, 50, is said to have become pregnant with her son – who is now believed to be as old as 14.

Hmmmm...he looks just like Ahnold! ** Just Sayin' **


Vicente Duque said...

I have committed a great sin against charity and humanity - Because I have felt curiosity for "La Terminatora" and her "Terminatorito" son, in order to appreciate the beauty of the Girl that got this Great Macho, and to evaluate if the "Terminatorito" is also pumping iron and super strong

I am a fan of the Terminator and the Governator, he is a Great Guy and not a nazi or racist bad guy ........ He even fathered an "Anchor Baby" ....

Seriously, this is very unserious, stupid and idiotic of me ..... I still like and love Arnold and I expect great things of him, in movies or in politics ..... Arnold can comment politics like Elliot Spitzer, who is another guy that I like .... and I do not feel resentment of the pleasures that these guys have had ...

I have a petition for Hollywood :

Please, Please, Please, I want a comic movie of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny de Vito with Illegal Aliens and many comic situations like jumping the Border Fence and swimming the Crocodile Moat of the Republicans. ( It can be a futuristic movie after the croc moat construction is finished ).

So here you have a frivolous sinner, an idiot if you like, dedicated to the Trivia of the Photo Album of Arnold's Illegal Alien Family....

I also want photos of Meg Whitman with her Illegal Alien maid !

Why not using Meg Whitman as another funny and comic character in the movie with Arnold and Danny ?? .. That would attract a great success at the box office.

I want to write the movie script for this movie with Arnold, Danny and Meg ...... But I have not been able to give a title to the movie.

Can you give me a hand and help with the story for the movie, perhaps we can send the story to George Lucas or Steven Spielberg and get some money ...

Perhaps if I brew some coffee any idea can come to my mind !

Help ! .... Help ! .... Help !

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

What no scathing of this woman for getting involved with a married man?

Oh that's right, she's Latina so you would never say anything bad about her you hypocrite!

Diane Munoz said...

Just found this blog. Very interesting although not many comments.

Is that a picture of you where you discuss your personal life? If so, quite beautiful. You look more Russian to me than Hispanic though.

Dee said...

Actually, I just posted the picture and the fact that the young man does look a lot like Ahnold. (He does)

This isn't like some of the others (e.g. Edwards or someone forcing themselves on someone else, or abuse of power). She wasn't blackmailing him either.

I'm still waiting to see what happens before I decide if I will comment further on this.

Dee said...

I've been thinking some more about this story.
Here is what I wrote in comments in another comment section:

I kind of agree with you. I think the kids will be fine. I find this entire story very interesting. While I have always admired Maria for being such a hard working advocate of women and the poor, I also think about Ms. Baena (the other woman). She was also a hard working woman. She spent 20 years raising Arnold and Maria's children. Obviously they all loved her. If anything, it is probably more heart breaking for the children to know that a trusted friend had a baby with their dad.

Dee said...

part 2:

People also have to think that we live in the new millenium. Statistics say 80% of men in America cheat and the other 20% lie about it. Additionallly, Maria was gone for much of the marriage, working in New York or DC. Ms. Baena was raising the children in California. If I were Maria, I would be more heart broken knowing my good friend cheated with my husband. That would be the worst of it. For Ms. Baena, we would have to put ourselves in her shoes to see what happened when this whole romance came about in the first place. We all know from history Ahnold was a womanizer. But here you have this naive, poor woman from Central America who was obviously swept off of her feet by Arnold. At least he bought her a house and supported his son by her. At least he stood up to that. How many "Baby Daddies" can say that.

Dee said...

my last comment about this subject:

We know he is a womanizer. We don't know if Arnold was her only one. Obviously she loved him. She obviously took very good care of their children -- since no one in the family is saying anything negative about her. Also, she kept the secret. She is not suing them. She was trying to protect the secret from the children. We cannot judge someone we do not know, especially since we do not know all the facts. I cannot put myself in her shoes. She obviously was swept off of her feet by a rich movie star that she admired. Obviously it was hard for her to resist.

Anonymous said...

I for one blame Arnold for not knowing how to keep his penis in his pants. Second, I blame Patricia Baena, because she knew that Arnold is a married man. Of course, he won't be for long. The average woman can forgive a husband for an affair but only if it's been done once. However, to be so stupid and father a child all because he didn't want to put a rubber on during his sexual escapade. Well, I'm absolutely clueless when it comes to understanding how dumb men can be when they are trying to mess around on their wives. I honestly believe that Maria had to of suspected something 14 years ago, come on now. A woman always has an instinct to discern when her man is being unfaithful.

Nonetheless, the truth ALWAYS gets revealed because whatever we do in the dark will come to light. My opinion is that when he saw that he couldn't control his sexual urges and impulses, he should have fired Ms. Baena. At least he would have saved himself from public ridicule.

Nonetheless, my prayers are with all of the parties involved! Well, who am I to judge -- everyone sins.
I just feel sorry for all those children.

Anonymous said...

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