Monday, May 2, 2011

Why Did we go to Iraq? Why Was it So Easy for Bin Laden to Hide in Plain Sight?

In looking at the pictures of Iraq versus where Bin Laden was found, it is just amazing! Why did we ever go to Iraq? Why did Bush have a war there for so many years? Why were so many lives lost?

Then understanding that Bin Laden has been in a mega mansion in Pakistan (our ally??) since 2003? So many countries (and thousands of miles) away. Why did we ever send our troops to Iraq? (so many killed!) Why didn't we know Bin Laden was hiding in plain sight? In the neighborhood of our ally, Pakistan? Bin Laden's mega mansion, so visible, right in the middle of town. This mega-mansion was built in 2003 -- walls 10 feet high, right in the middle of a very large neighborhood.

All I can say is, Thank God for President Obama! Thank God for our Special Forces. They swooped in so quickly and served Justice so quickly.

It's over now!
The only good thing -- we are unifying as a nation, ALL supporting our President! Let the Peace and the Allegiance last, at least for a few days! Let's join together as a nation and support our troops and our President!

God Bless America! God Bless our President Obama!


Vicente Duque said...

Obama is MUCHO MACHO - POLITICO.COM : Death of Osama Bin Laden : "2012 Republican race gets wake-up call" - The "Celebrity Apprentice" stealing all oil of Arabs and other Republican Candidates
Obama is MUCHO MACHO - Translation to English : Obama is a John Wayne Cow Boy -

Obama is more Western Maverick than John McCain

For almost two years Obama has been accused of being a Sissy by Republican Clowns !

Up to now we have only seen a Republican Circus without serious ideas and projects, only clowns !

2012 Republican race gets wake-up call
May 3, 2011

Some excerpts :

Donald Trump and birtherism won’t disappear. There will still be talk about the creeping threat of Sharia law.

But the dramatic killing of terrorist leader Osama bin Laden by American commandos will immediately reorder a Republican presidential contest that until now had been colored by provocative voices and marginal issues.

The long-awaited death of the Sept. 11 mastermind offered a jarring reminder to GOP activists of the challenge they’ll face in trying to unseat the commander-in-chief. And, for some in the party, it will prompt a round of soul-searching about what candidate is up for such a task.

The arc of the last week illustrated what so many Republicans fear may prevent them from re-capturing the White House next year. In the span of 100 hours, the spectacle of a national discussion over President Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate — sparked by the pronouncements of a real estate developer who doubles as a reality show celebrity — gave way to a moment of utmost seriousness, defined by the president’s somber delivery of history-making news. (See: President Obama takes on the birther political circus)

The hope among establishment Republicans is that the succession of events will trigger an end to what they see as the silly season — that party activists will sober up and end their flirtation with the fringe.

Anonymous said...

President Bush knew that Osama bin Laden attacked us 9/11...but protected his business dealings with that family flying 21 members of the bin Laden family out of the USA after the attack. All other planes were grounded.he instead focused the attention to Iraq and made them sound guilty do all Americans although they had nothing to do with the did this to line his pockets with oil money. watch the movie Fahrenheit 911.

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