Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mexican American Tony Romo's Grandparents Talk About Tony and Coming to America!

(In Spanish, so here is a summary)
Here, Tony Romo's grandfather speaks about:
. being brought to America, from Mexico, as a child. (eg: undocumented)

. people assumed his last name was Italian (Romo) when he was actually Mexican.
. Mother died in San Antonio; he was close to her; she died when he was young; and he suffered. Then he met his wife who "filled his eye" and took care of him.
His Abuela Felicita said to Tony:
. "Don't you want to play with the Cowboys? (not Green Bay)"
. Tony said when he was little: "Im going to be famous. "Im going to play basketball with the Chicago Bulls."
. She wished and prayed: "If only we could get Tony to play with the Cowboys, the whole family could come to Texas and be all together."
(Abuelo, good guitarist; Abuelita a very good singer)


Anonymous said...

Oh another hyphenated American. How cute!

Julia Romo Luna said...

This was such a great story. Makes me wish I had my grandparents to talk to. I wonder if he knows or could he be related to my grandfather Bonifacio Romo? I also have a Brother, Johnny M.Romo, Jr. living in Crockett, Tx not to far from Dallas, Tx. I would like to talk to The grandparents if possible. By phone,email or text. Just wanting to know my family history. Can you help? Thank You,
Julia Romo Luna Houston,Tx

Anonymous said...

All Mexicans are American. Mexicans are more American than USA white people. Mexicans are Natives to America. White people from the USA are European, either Immigrants, or descendents from European immigrants.

Anonymous said...

Tony's dad is half Mexican,, half Euro American, his mom his half Polish, half German American.
So 1/4 Mexican decent from his fathers side.

Unknown said...

Tony's father is a first generation Mexican-American, from Musquiz, Coahuila, MX. His mother is Polish-American - Tony is half Mexican-Polish American.

Anonymous said...

Tony's dad is full blooded Mexican. His dads parents are Ramiro Sr. & Felicitia who were born in Múzquiz, Coahuila, Mexico, they then immigrated to the US when they were young. Full blooded parents makes Tony's Dad full blooded which makes Tony 1/2 Mexican w/ a mother who I believe is polish. Not that it should matter, but he's pretty darn Mexican. A beautiful culture, should be proud of his heritage, where he comes from & his family.

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