Saturday, May 14, 2011

Proof Arpaio Abused Power & Misappropriated $100 Million in Funds! Feds are On to him! Next -- Jail Time In Pink Underwear!

Joe Arpaio's Former Bookkeeper Loretta Barkell Speaks Out - Arpaio Misappropriated $100 Million Dollars!
azcentral reports:
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's former longtime chief financial officer says the sheriff, for years, knew of financial problems within the agency, disputing his claims that he had no idea they existed. Loretta Barkell, who retired in March, said she repeatedly warned Arpaio and then-Chief Deputy David Hendershott that they could not use restricted jail funds to pay for other functions, such as patrol (aka: racial profiling Latino Neighborhoods), human-smuggling enforcement (aka: riding in a car with your abuela) and public-corruption investigations (aka: investigating his many political enemies even though they were innocent). Barkell made her statements in an exclusive interview on Thursday with 12 News reporter Joe Dana. In agreeing to the lengthy interview, Barkell said she was tired of Arpaio and other sheriff's officials blaming the financial problems on rank-and-file staff who did what they were told.

Arpaio has repeatedly (LIED) denied knowledge that his agency was misappropriating the public funds, characterizing the problems as a "computer glitch" and "bookkeeping errors." Barkell said Arpaio, Hendershott and other senior staff had known of the problems for years (and continued to do so -- aka Abuse of Power). She said she cautioned them time and again over the past 10 years that they could not use the detention money for other functions.

"The former chief deputy and the sheriff, and all the executive staff on the 19th floor, they made those decisions on where to place personnel, they knew about what they call a 'cross-fund issue,' where they could not move certain positions or individuals from . . . the detention side to the patrol side," Barkell said. "They had been told every year, several times a year (that) they could not do that."

Asked what the sheriff's response was (he knowingly BROKE THE LAW), Barkell said, "The sheriff waved his hand and said he was not allowing the bean counters to manage his operations, that the budget people, the accounting people, personnel people would have to figure it out and fix it. But he was not going to change his decisions on how he was managing his staff."

Arpaio and his goons are currently under investigation by the Dept of Justice for Abuse of Power and Misappropriation of Funds. Barkell has testified in the hearings. The DOJ will announce the results of their investigation in the weeks/months ahead.

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