Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mexican American Quarterback Tony Romo was Married this Weekend! Congratulations Tony and Candace!

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who is Mexican American, married Candice Crawford on Saturday evening at Arlington Hall in Dallas. A wedding guest said, "It was perfect! From the ceremony in beautiful white, to a vibrant after-party and great music selected by Tony himself."

Tony Romo, star quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, and perhaps one of the most naturally talented and successful quarterbacks in American history, provides us a picture of a true "Immigrant - American Dream" story. His beginnings are like so many other Mexican American families across the U.S. His is a story of the beautiful, multi cultural success that is happening all across America -- but is not accepted by the extremist right wing -- those who demonize immigrants from the Latin American countries to our south.

Tony's grandfather, Ramiro Romo Sr., emigrated from Muzquiz, Coahuila, Mexico. Like so many Immigrants, his first stop was San Antonio, Texas. Abuelito Romo loves America and often said, "This is a country of opportunities. If you don't get a job or an education, it's because you don't want to." Ramiro Sr. later moved his family to Wisconsin, where he was able to find a good job and support his family.

Tony's parents Ramiro and Joan Romo welcomed Antonio Ramiro Romo into the family in San Diego, California on April 21, 1980. At the time, Tony's Dad, Ramiro, like so many Mexican Americans, believes in the military and was serving in the United States Navy. Tony's Dad moved his family from Wisconsin to California four years earlier. “Tony” was Ramiro and Joan’s third child and their only son behind two girls: Danielle, 4 and Jossalyn 2. The Romo family moved to Burlington, Wisconsin in July of 1982. There they raised their three children from elementary school through high school graduation.

Tony's story is truly an American success story and the fulfillment of the American Dream for a family of Immigrants from Mexico.


Home Inspector Training said...

I only see this as being wrong, if the richer partner is being duped or the one without the money lying to them that their money doesn't matter. Both sides know what they are getting, yes, good luck! You can marry for love and money. Money doesn't buy happiness, but comfort it does.

Anonymous said...

Why do articles only mention the word immigrant if it's about Mexican Americas? What German American, Swedish Americans, Italian Americans, African Americans, aren't they all descendants of immigrants? and technically Mexicans are the only ones that really ARE NOT immigrants-person who LEAVES his country to go to another-We NEVER LEFT ANY PLACE - THE UNITED STATES CAME TO US...THANK YOU

Anonymous said...

That's rigth primo diles a esos gueros

Anonymous said...

Thats right, am at the end of the day an immigrant makes a country better economically.

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