Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tea Party - Where Are You? GOP Secretly Out to Stop Wall Street Reform and Raise Gas Prices and Wreck Our Economy Again!

The GOP is at it again. Republicans on the House Agriculture Committee passed a plan Wednesday to delay regulation on "financial speculation", including in the food and OIL MARKETS. In a Wednesday vote, the committee approved a bill to delay by 18 months the writing of many key regulations outlined in last year’s Dodd-Frank financial reform law. Dodd-Frank requires regulators to write a host of new rules to TIGHTEN OVERSIGHT over DERIVATIVES, financial instruments designed to help farmers and manufacturers hedge their risk that are also used by financial speculators. Warren Buffett has called derivatives "Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction" and the financial tools played a key role in the downfall of insurance giant AIG. THIS CAUSES GAS PRICES TO GO UP! Republicans kept quiet and refused to comment to reporters -- afraid to be linked to Rising Gas Prices!


Wall Street's King: Goldman Sachs is pulling out all the stops (spending millions on lobbyists; wining and dining Congress) in their desperate attempt to stop or at least delay the Volcker Rule. This is the BIG ONE Baby!
The Volcker Plan is a proposal to restrict U.S. banks from making certain kinds of speculative investments if they are not on behalf of their customers. THIS IS THE BIG WALL STREET REFORM PLAN. This plan STOPS the Banks from betting against the American Public. If you are familiar with the Housing Bubble burst, as the Goldman Sachs investigation showed, business as usual on Wall Street has for too long allowed banks to create instruments which are based on junky assets, then sell them to clients, and bet against their own clients by betting on their failure. The Volcker Plan proposes to end that type of conflict which Wall Street has engaged in.

lobbying disclosures show Goldman representatives have been working both sides of the political aisle (Both Repubs & Dems are being lobbied and are commiserate in delaying this legislation) and meeting with top officials in the White House and regulatory agencies. Get this, Goldman Sachs is lobbying the very agencies that are supposed to be regulating them and protecting "We the People."

Goldman has hired an all-star team of lobbyists and former government officials, leveraging powerful connections to get its message across to regulatory and political leaders."Before the crisis, Goldman was basically non-existent in Washington," said a former Congressional staffer who now works as a policy analyst at a Wall Street bank. "Post-crisis, Goldman is everywhere."

The SEC and four other regulators are in the process of writing separate versions of the Volcker rule, which must then be reconciled and shaped into a single set of regulations.

"Volcker is the subject of a very quiet, closed-door battle right now, not just between us and Wall Street, but among the agencies as well," said Bart Naylor, who has lobbied regulators for consumer-rights coalition Americans for Financial Reform.
Goldman Sachs spokesman Stephen Cohen declined to comment.

My question is, why aren't the Tea Partiers aware of this? Why aren't they protesting Goldman Sachs and their lobbyists? I thought they were interested in improving the economy. Why isn't this all over Cable News? Not on Fox! Not on NBC, ABC, CBS! Very little on-line.

Why aren't we all up in arms about this? I'm Blogging about it.

Tea Party, if you truly care about the Economy and a successful America, then Read Up on this Issue. Call your Congresspeople to support this legislation! However you will be very disappointed. The biggest opposition to this legislation are your friends, the GOP! (And some Dems too!) I guess they all have deep pockets!


Kathy Boyd said...

I just found this blog and am curious about the caption you put under the two little girl's pictures. Assuming by anti you mean anti-illegal immigrationists what do you mean that they fail to understand that they are Americans?

Anyone born in this country is considered to be an American regardless of their race so just what do you mean? Some may not agree with the way that birthright citzenship is given to children of illegal immigrants but that doesn't change the law for now anyway.

Are you implying that those who disagree with that are racists? How is that possible when there are illegal immigrants here from all over the world? You yourself have posted a picture of an apparent Asian girl and possible another who might be Mexican. That's two races.

Vicente Duque said...

Miami Herald : "Immigration bill dies in Florida Legislature" - "An immigration crackdown proposal died in the annual lawmaking session", "House and Senate lawmakers reached the end of the 60-day session without an agreement"
The proposal was so thorny that even Sen. JD Alexander, the budget chief tasked with shepherding the bill on the floor, ultimately voted against the bill.

“I should have probably voted for it,” Alexander, R-Lake Wales, told reporters. “As I got into it more and more, I got more and more uncomfortable with it. I didn’t feel morally I could make that choice.”

The Miami Herald
Immigration bill dies in Florida Legislature
An immigration crackdown proposal died in the annual lawmaking session, but looks likely to come back next year.
By Patricia Mazzei
Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau
Friday, May 6, 2011

Immigration bill dies in Florida Legislature

Some excerpts :

TALLAHASSEE -- The fierce fight to crack down on illegal immigration ended — for this year — in the Florida Legislature on Friday when House and Senate lawmakers reached the end of the 60-day session without an agreement.

State senators signed off on their more lenient proposal on Wednesday. But by then, it was too late for the House to take up the measure.

On Friday, Gov. Rick Scott told a Fox-affiliated radio station in the Florida Panhandle that lawmakers should have passed an immigration bill — but there’s always next year.

“Weve got the next session, Scott said in an appearance on “Freedom in the Morning with Wolfe and Andi.” “We’ve got to get ready for the next session and let everybody we elect know that it’s important to us.”

Scott campaigned heavily in last year’s Republican primary — even suggesting a special lawmaking session — for an Arizona-style proposal, giving law enforcement broader power to check a person’s immigration status and requiring businesses to use the federal government’s E-Verify system.

Scott mentioned his executive order forcing agencies to use E-Verify. “There’s limitation on what you can do through executive order,” he added. “I’ve done what I can.”

The bills drew staunch opposition from a powerful and wide-ranging set of interests, from big business to religious groups to immigration advocates. Yet Republicans are already taking flak from tea-party types for failing to pass any reforms — a political liability for Senate President Mike Haridopolos, who is running for U.S. Senate.

Dee said...

You ask some very good questions. In response:
1. Racial Profiling: Since 2006 (the Immigration Marches) there has been significant animosity by the far right (many now in the Tea Party) against many Immigrants, particularly Latinos. These extremists DO NOT recognize an "Illeeeegal vs a Latino Citizen." There has been rampant racial profiling occurring particularly in Maricopa County with Sheriff Arpaio and his masked goons stalking Latino Neighborhoods in what he terms "suppression sweeps." This has been well documented and recently, Arpaio has lost several Civil Suits due to his (and his volunteer goons) tactics against Latinos. I have written extensively about it.

Dee said...

(continuing my response)
2. Latino Hate Crimes: Much of this animosity has been displayed in many Hate Crimes against Latinos by Racists. I have written extensively about them. (eg: Ramirez Murder, the Chilean Student Murders, the murders by the Caucasian Crew, and the murder by the Minuteman Leaders of 9 year old Brisenia Flores and her Dad.) I write about them and follow them through to trial and conviction. I do this to ensure they ARE convicted and especially to ensure Hate Crimes such as these NEVER Happen Again!

Dee said...

3. Asian Looking Latinos: You ask about the two little girls. Both are American citizens and Both are Latinos. Latinos are of all colors, mostly Brown, many -- as YOU say -- "Chinese looking." What many of the extremists who Racially Profile (because they don't know what an "illeeegal" looks like) don't understand is, we are Humans! Most of us ARE Citizens. Those YOU term "Anchor Babies" ARE Citizens. Just because YOU don't like our current constitution and just because YOU believe the legislation (for the 14the amendment) DOESN'T CHANGE THE FACT that these laws are the Law of the Land. These Children ARE CITIZEN. Extremists, particularly those who incite violence, racial profiling and hate crimes, NEED TO UNDERSTAND, you CANNOT conduct Hate Crimes just because YOU do not agree with the current LAW!

What is AMAZING about your side is, you say you don't agree with current law (14th amendment) and you rally against and plea to Congress to over-rule it and YOU call yourselves American, however YOU do NOT understand that the Pro Immigration Reformers ALSO do NOT agree with the current Immigration Laws and WE rally against them and urge Comprehensive Immigration Reform and YOU call US Anti American.



And hence, the caption under these little girls pictures.

Dee said...

4. Land of Immigrants: Lastly, you need to understand, WE ARE A LAND OF IMMIGRANTS! That is the foundation our great nation was founded upon. Read the base of the Statue of Liberty -- welcoming people (ALL Immigrants) Yearning to Breathe Free!

This DID NOT mean ONLY Northern European. This great experiment (our Great Nation) meant ALL Peoples!

We are evolving as a Nation. We ARE Multi Cultural. Try studying our Immigration Laws -- Our country is going on 300 years old and our Immigration Laws only begain 100 years ago; and were NOT enforce to our neighbors from the south until recently. They began as xenophobic attacks against the Chinese (Chinese Exclusion Act), then against Southern and Eastern Europe.

All the PRO CIR advocates are asking is to relook at our current laws and put in place a PATH to citizenship for those here. No Amnesty (as the Lying Republicans say), instead a 10 year long legal path (crime free) for those contributing to our country. Please look at the legislation!

Kathy Boyd said...

I don't understand how any of your responses to my questions related to what I asked. I was asking about the two little girls in the picture and nothing else. I never even mentioned the term anchor baby and yet you claimed I did and that I called them that and I didn't do that so why did you say that I did? That is truly puzzling to say the least.

Kathy Boyd said...

Just to copy what you said about me. I never said any of these things were "my" opinion in my post. Please explain why you are claiming that.

"Those YOU term "Anchor Babies" ARE Citizens. Just because YOU don't like our current constitution and just because YOU believe the legislation (for the 14the amendment) DOESN'T CHANGE THE FACT that these laws are the Law of the Land".

Dee said...

Please do not be so defensive.
Long Time Readers know that when I say YOU (Y.O.U.), I am metaphorically speaking. Rather than saying "those anti-immigration reform anti-latino zealots who constantly refer to little Latino girls as "anchor babies" means -- I am responding to questions such as yours with the metaphoric YOU. (Yelling, Outrageous Usurpers)

I am saving words. Therefore, those that it applies to believe I am speaking about them. Those that it does NOT apply to, konw I am NOT referring to them.

Dee said...

Additionally, here are the Direct, Short Answers to your questions:

Q 1. What are ANTIs?
A 1. ANTIs are Anti Immigration Reformers
(so you are incorrect when you ASSUMEd Anti illegal immigrationists.)

Q 2. What does the caption underneath the two little girls' pictures mean?
A 2. The captions beneath the two little Latino girls:
2a. "I am an American" --
2a: both little girls are legal citizens who are latino

2b. "The Message the ANTIs refuse to Understand" ---
2b: these little children are American and should never be racially profiled. It does not matter that YOU do not like the 14th amendment. YOU should afford them all the rights of any Americans. Additionally, YOU should treat all people here humanely. We should never have Hate Crimes or Racial Profiling.

If YOU do not like the 14th amendment, YOU can peacefully march and rally for changes to the Constitution, and I will respect you for it, just as YOU should respect the fact that I can peacefully march and rally in support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

(I'm glad I could help my viewers understand your questions; and here are the concise answers to them)

Anonymous said...

Stop it Kathy(dee-LMJ)you are cracking me up! LMAO
Act like Kathy alias dee doesn't understand what you said and then have her help you re-enforce your warped opinion dee. Lost your posters and now you post as different people. Ypu are a nut case!

Dee said...

BTW, I published a comment from someone who stalks my Blog. I call him "Bad Anon." He's from California and posts very abusive comments all hours of the day, every day.

Bad Anon thinks another commenter named (LMJ) is me. And he also thinks you (Kathy Boyd) is me.

Bad Anon has posted several comments so far since you first commented all saying you are me. I am publishing this one so you will see what I have to put up with re: my abusive and often profane commenters from the ANTI side. I don't like moderating my blog but they force me to moderate. Their attempts at hijacking my blog are futile because I will never give in to them!

Kathy Boyd said...

Sorry, but I still don't understand you replying to me using the word "you" but now claiming you weren't referring to me personally. That makes no sense at all and neither does your explanation for doing that.

I don't need a lecture about other's opinions nor did I ask for all that elaboration you went into
about other things related to illegal immigration.

I just didn't understand your caption below the two girl's pictures. Everyone understands that we have latino and asian children who are citizens of this country including those who are anti-illegal immigrationists. So why would you imply otherwise?

Whoever this anon is, no I am not this dee person. My name is Kathy.

Dee said...


Regarding your not understanding what is happening re: the Immigration issue, all I can say is:

1. The Immigration Issue is very complex

2. Racial Profiling and Hate Crimes occur due (for the most part) as a result of the negative press and the negative feelings of those involved in the Immigration debate. (eg: Apraio, his masked volunteers, the far right extremists; their blogs; etc. etc.)

3. Many of the ANTI Immigration Reformers have some very negative, profane and in many cases racist people in their groups who do some very bad things.

Maybe it is best that you do not understand and just leave it alone and I definitely know, based on what you have written, YOU DO NOT want to KNOW Bad Anon or any of his cohorts! It sounds like you are FAR Too Innocent!

LMJ said...

ppl like ANTI anon just can't comprehend in his/her poor little mind that there are allot more PRO's than there are ANTI's and that we like to visit Dee's blog and a few that comment on her blog, especially when creeps like you make comments, I don't know why Dee's wastes her time approving your useless comments, and that's my useless comment lol

Anonymous said...

LMJ-there you are! she brought you out again--LMAO(dee you are really scary)
Get your gordita behind over to ultima's blog!

Anonymous said...

gordita-go yo ultima's blog and get an education.

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