Sunday, May 1, 2011

HINO Marco Rubio Says He Supports the Obliteration of Medicare Even Though His Own Mother Is a Recipient!

On Meet the Press this morning, HINO (Hispanic In Name Only) Marco Rubio admitted he supports Paul Ryan's Plan to Obliterate Medicare. Rubio said he would vote for this plan that totally demolishes the Medicare plan we have today. Rubio must be forgetting: HIS OWN MOTHER IS ON MEDICARE! If Ryan's non-sensicle plan were in effect today, his own mother would be FORCED to find a provider to accept her "measly" $15K voucher with her pre-existing conditions (Good Luck with that!)Yet, the two-faced, flip-flopping Rubio plans to vote for it.

Rubio also LIED. He said the Democrats have not proposed an alternative. However, they have, at least on two occasions. President Barack Obama proposed a budget at the beginning of this year, but the Senate hasn't yet offered one. House Democrats also proposed the "People's Budget Plan" which Republicans quickly voted down.

The Republican Majority in the House passed Paul Ryan's Medicare Obliterating Budget Proposal. Now, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Wednesday he will soon bring Ryan's House measure to a Senate vote. Rubio will have his chance to put his money where his mouth is and officially VOTE for this Medicare KILLING bill. We will see IF he stands his ground this time OR we will see if he FLIP FLOPS AGAIN as he did with sb1070. He said he was AGAINST sb1070 before he said he was FOR it.

IF Rubio does vote for this Medicare ENDING bill, I wonder what he will say to his Medicare Using Mother. Will he tell her she will be the last in her family to receive care and anyone else in the family will be STUCK using a $15K a year Voucher - searching for Medical Help with their pre-existing conditions and shut out by providers. HINO Rubio should be ashamed of himself!

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