Saturday, April 30, 2011

Arpaio Loses! District Court Judge David Campbell handed a victory to the Racially Profiled Mora Family!

District Court Judge David Campbell handed a victory to the Racially Profiled Mora Family! The Honorable Judge Campbell found Arpaio and his Goons Violated the Mora's Fourth Amendment right to be free of Unreasonable Search and Seizure. Maricopa County was found to be liable for damages.

"Julian, an American Citizen, (and his Father - a Legal Resident) had committed NO traffic violation, and NEITHER plaintiff was ever charged with a crime," Judge Campbell noted in his decision. He added: "In short, the undisputed evidence shows that when the Deputies stopped the plaintiffs, they had NO suspicion, reasonable or otherwise, that plaintiffs were in violation of the traffic laws or engaged in ANY criminal activity."

The Mora's attorney, Annie Lai said, "Arpaio has carried out these [immigration] raids with total disregard of people's constitutional rights. Today's decision should provide some comfort to the (Latino) citizens of Maricopa County that the MCSO is NOT above the law."

Long time readers may recall my earlier coverage of this Racial Profiling case.
The Moras were caught up in one of the many anti-Latino raids that Arpaio and his masked volunteer goons conducted in Latino neighborhoods in Maricopa County. This "suppression sweep" was conducted in February 2009, that of county contractor Handyman Maintenance Inc. (HMI)

Julian Mora, 66, and his son Julio, 19, were driving toward HMI in Phoenix when two MCSO SUVs cut them off about 100 yards from the business where Julian Mora (Julio's Dad) worked. For no reason (other than their being Brown) MCSO deputies zip-tied both father and son (like animals), transported them to the worksite and made them wait for three hours, without food or water (in zip ties). The zip-ties on Julio's wrists were so tight they left marks. At one point, Julian (the Dad), a Diabetic, needed to go the bathroom. Mr. Mora's requests and his son's, on his dad's behalf, were IGNORED until Mr. Mora finally told deputies he was about to wet himself. A deputy took Mr. Mora to the parking lot, where he was made to urinate (pee on the ground) next to a car.

When nature called on the younger Julio Mora, MCSO goons escorted him to the lavatory but refused to undo the zip tie. Handcuffed in front, as he struggled to unzip his pants, Sousa's bullyboys LAUGHED at Julio Mora, asking, "What's the matter, you can't find it?"

Arpaio and his masked volunteer goons were wrong for treating the Moras this way and the Judge agrees.

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Dee, I believe you might want to share this video with your audience, of Police brutality, on a fifteen year old girl in Phoenix.

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