Monday, April 18, 2011


MUST SEE VIDEO -- PROVES: TEA PARTY RALLIES ARE NOT ABOUT TAXES OR ECONOMY, INSTEAD THEY ARE ABOUT HATRED OF THE PRESIDENT AND HATRED OF LATINOS! In Phoenix on Friday, April 15, the Americans for Prosperty Teapartiers hosted a "Feet to the Fire" Rally in protest of Tax Day in America. The event took place on the House and Senate lawns at the Arizona Capitol. It featured a meet-and-greet with elected officials, including Joe Arpaio and Russell Pearce. While the event was "billed" as a protest against Taxes, speakers like Arpaio never even mentioned the word "tax." Instead, all Arpayaso talked about was challenging President Obama, "illeegals", his raids of Latino Neighborhoods and his torture of prisoners in Tent City. In fact, none of the speakers talked about the Economy or Taxed Enough Already! All they spoke about was their opposition (HATRED) of President Obama and "Illeegals!" Their key note speaker was Sheriff Arpaio. He bragged about: . his credentials, . spoke about his opposition to the President, . the protesters who have protested against him across the country (using very vile language), . his experience battling illeegals, making fun of the President, making fun of the latino protesters, . and he spoke about his new operation "Desert Sky" and how demonstrators wrote to the President about their opposition to this program. -- (He also spoke about his support of Russell Pearce). During Arpayo's diatribe, he made fun of the protestors protesting against him who were not allowed onto the Capital's lawn (because they were brown). They were Latinos, held at bay by his goon squad. While Arpayaso was speaking, a lone Anglo protestor rode in on his bike onto the Capital lawn. During Arpaio's long rant, the bike rider, utilizing his 1st ammendment rights, voiced his opposition to Arpaio's various abuses. The brave protester's first comment was "100 million," referencing an examination that Arpaio's office mis-spent over $100 Million in Jail Funds. Then the brave protester asked, "How many more (millions) are you going to take?" To which Arpaio responded "One hundred and One Million!" The protester, utilizing his 1st Ammendment rights, and appalled by Arpaio's arrogance said, "Thief! Liar!" Meanwhile, Arpaio's goons surrounded this very brave protester! They pushed their chests against him! Taunted him. Then, as the brave protester held up a pamphlet of the Constitution, he was dragged to the ground and assaulted by Arpaio's goons. Then arrested him, filing false charges saying the goons in plain clothing (no uniforms), arrested him! Perhaps the worst escapade of ALL was Arpaio's threat, AFTER this Brave Protester was hauled away by his goons. The fiend, Arpaio said, Just for that, I'm going down to a Latino neighborhood and "I'm going to arrest 100 more!" (EVIL!) (I ask you to view the video and see for yourselves how the heinous Arpaio vowed to arrest the innocents in Latino neighborhoods as REVENGE for this brave protester protesting Arpaio's vicious abuses!) What kind of Gestapo State do we have in Maricopa County! Shame Shame Shame - Arpayaso! They are creating a new level of Hell just for Arpaio!!


Felix Jaure said...

Renegade Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, has demonstrated once again, his commitment to challenge federal law and make A mockery out of justice.

Arpios illegal behavior has been condoned by Arizona's lynch mob politicians, Gov Brewer, Thomas Horne, and Sen. Russell Pearce, elected officials who have authorized villain Joe Arpio, to masquerade in the identity of law enforcement.

Arpio's unlawful, and uncivilized behavior, is a threat to the stability of the nation, and should be regarded as an attempt to under mind the principles (constitution) that restrain us from the dog eat dog world, that will be the fate of the nation, if we continue to allow lawless men as Sen.Russell Pearce, and Sheriff Joseph Arpio, to execute justice at their own discretion.

Should Arpios obsession to rid Arizona of illegal immigrants and Hispanics, be sufficient grounds to find him innocent of civil rights violations in a court of law, not if the justice department can help it.The sheriff should reconsider his crude methods of incarceration, and request Gov.Jan Brewer for funding to remodel tent city correctional facility, for his own benefit.

Anonymous said...

Apaio can only arrest illegal aliens. You have a problem with that being the "loyal" American that you claim to be?

BillyJ said...

Thank you, Dee.
I had not seen or heard of this event.

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