Friday, April 15, 2011

Paul Ryan's Plan OBLITERATES Medicare As We Know It! Breaks America's Promise to the Elderly!

Here is Medicare as we know it today:

Here is Paul Ryan's View of Medicare in the Future which Breaks America's Promise to the Elderly. The Elderly are FORCED to shop around for medical services with a token voucher as Doctors and Hospitals Prices Skyrocket and KNOWING they may be denied due to pre-existing conditions!


Dee said...

As shown in these illustrations, Paul Ryan LIED when he said his new Voucher Program was equivalent to Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C in the top illustration).

Dee said...

Bad Anon,
These illustrations show the FACTS. Go to I illustrated the current process from their descriptions. FACTS!

Additionally, your link goes to an op-ed. Even the links referenced in the op-ed titled "Medicare Exchanges" says in the very 1st paragraph:

Rep. Paul Ryan has released his 2012 budget proposal (PDF), and in it, he has endorsed the truly terrible idea of eliminating Medicare and replacing it with a voucher to buy more costly private insurance on an exchange

And this is true. Ryan's plan to obliterate Medicare as we know it and his plan IS just AWFUL!

Felix Jaure said...

The first political candidate was the most sub-tile of all the creatures in the garden, where he delivered his first political speech, "Thou shall not surely die." Obviously a promise he was unable to keep. If we were to closely monitor the words of
Rep.Paul Ryan, we would be able to make a definite connection.

He's sales pitch is quite similar to the serpent's, drawing the crowd under false pretenses, luring them with a hope of a new and better America. Depriving the people of the facts, as to why he's so called solutions will be ineffective in this complex society, where all men struggle for their own personal gain.

So regardless of the issues, we can all rest assured of one thing, he will set anchor on his Tea Party constituents, laying aside momentarily, the small percentage of Americans who are gifted in resources, whose voice in the end, will ultimately determine the outcome of what happens in Washington.

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